Nintendo Switch Owner Sent Console For Repairs, Only Charger Made It Back

After sending a Nintendo Switch to be repaired, one gamer says they only got the charger back.

It all started during the holiday season when Reddit user NintendoLostMySwitch (editor's note: that's an incredible coincidence) experienced some issues with their hybrid home console. Like many of us have done before, they contacted the House of Mario and sent the console out for repair. After a few weeks, they got a response but it only mentioned their charger. Concerned, they reached out to an agent who told him no console was recorded when the package arrived.

It’s every gamer’s nightmare— and one that still hasn’t been resolved for this player. Over the past month and a half, NintendoLostMySwitch says they've been in contact with The Big N's repair services, but just recently discovered they won’t get a replacement Switch.

“Today I received an email from Nintendo customer support saying that they will not be providing me with a replacement as they cannot prove that the switch was sent,” writes the frustrated gamer. “I have no idea what to do now, The postage was prepaid for the parcel I sent it in so I don't actually have solid evidence that the console was sent.”


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It’s an unfortunate situation, but not one that has an easy solution. Since it’s a lighter parcel, the post office didn’t weigh it, according to this story, and if Nintendo is recording no such console upon delivery, there really isn’t much they can do either. If the story is true, something went wrong — though it’s difficult to point fingers at a specific party here. It’s unlikely that Nintendo would receive a package that was open and not make note of it. It’s even more unlikely that a whole Switch would be stolen, but the charger left alone. We do know Nintendo received something, though, so there’s a chance there was an error when the package was accounted for.

Unsurprisingly, most of the Reddit thread was filled with skepticism, but some advice. One user actually pointed out that getting enough attention on Reddit could get enough eyes from the games media which would in turn pressure Nintendo to do something. So, phase one complete, I guess. Still, the original post author created a new account to tell the story, and there’s not a whole lot of information to go on, so it’s hard to really tell what’s true and what’s fake. Though, we can confirm there has been contact with Nintendo repair services and the post office, as screenshots of live chats were provided.

If you’re ever sending products out like this, it’s important to keep track of every piece of information given. Though it’s easy to say the parcel should have been weighed in hindsight, it does seem like a pretty big misstep on the delivery service’s side, too, so maybe it's something the Switch player should have pushed for. Still, that's one costly way to learn a lesson.


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