Nintendo's Crazy Sales Predictions Hint At Pokémon Switch Release Date

Nintendo's lofty sales predictions for number of Switches and software sold may indicate just when we're getting that new Pokémon game.

Nintendo has been unveiling a number of financial figures today, including how many Switches have been sold to now, and how well their biggest selling games have been doing (like Super Mario Odyssey selling more than 10 million units, and Breath Of The Wild becoming the best-selling Zelda game of all time). They've also revealed how many of their Switch home console they expect to sell, and how much associated software: 20 million more Nintendo Switches this financial year, and 100 million units of software.

For reference, the current financial year ends in March, 2019.

Now, that is a massive number of systems - that will basically double the number of Switches sold in total. Those aren't the kind of numbers most consoles expect to see in their second year, once the novelty and excitement of the first few months has worn off.

Nintendo needs a system-seller, and while 2018's Smash Bros. will no doubt move units this holiday season, that game franchise tends to appeal to the people who would already own a home Nintendo console. Pokémon, on the other hand, in its primary form, has only ever appeared on Nintendo's handhelds. Pokémon fans are likely waiting for the Switch release before they pick up the console for themselves - now that will sell a lot of consoles.

Adding more fuel to this speculative fire, Nintendo has just appointed Shuntaro Furukawa as its new president, who was previously on the board of The Pokémon Company.

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Despite updating the release dates of several other big games, Nintendo continues to saddle Pokémon Switch with a nebulous "2018 or later" date. It's 0ur assumption that this game will come out sooner, rather than later - with enough time for Smash Bros. to breathe, but still enough time to give the numbers Nintendo is expecting. Our prediction? With Smash Bros. expected for a late Summer-to-holiday-season release, February, 2019 will be the best place for a Pokémon game to drop. That gives one month for Nintendo to make the sales it's predicted to make.

What do you think? Are we way off the mark here? Of course, so much of it depends on Smash Bros. release date, which we also don't know anything more about other than "2018." All eyes are on this year's E3 to, like a Flash in a dark cave, shed some light on the situation.

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