Nintendo Promises More Unannounced Games Coming To The Switch In 2018

Nintendo has games in development for 2018 that weren't shown during E3, and they still predict selling 20 million consoles.

The presentation that Nintendo showed at E3 was incredible... if you were a Super Smash Bros. fan. If you aren't a fan of Nintendo's famous crossover brawler, then you wouldn't find much to excite you during the last E3, unless you happened to be a huge Mario Party fan.

The lack of upcoming new content for the Nintendo Switch during its second year didn't go unnoticed, as Nintendo's stock value dropping by 7% following E3. It was felt that the barren schedule for new first-party titles during the second year of the Switch was going to kill the momentum that the system had fought so hard to earn.

It seems that the higher-ups at Nintendo have been forced to respond, as statements made during a recent meeting of shareholders seem to be acting as damage control following E3.

via: twitter.com/nintendoswitchc

A transcript of the shareholders meeting (translated by Dual Shockers) confirms that Nintendo has games in development that weren't shown during E3. These games include titles that will be released during the upcoming holiday period, which have yet to be revealed to the gaming public.

Nintendo is also sticking to the system sales target that they promised earlier this year and still intend to ship over twenty million Switch consoles by the end of the fiscal year. This statement was brought on by fears concerning the ability to produce that many consoles, due to issues with acquiring all of the hardware necessary for production.

Nintendo does not take the E3 conference as seriously as their rivals in the industry, which is partly due to the fact that they hold regular promotional updates of their own (in the form of Directs) where they do not have to share the spotlight. It seems that this may have come to bite them over the past few weeks, especially in the face of Microsoft's game-changing conference.

It seems that Nintendo has been planning on basing its 2018 lineup on the upcoming Pokémon Let's Go games and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with a host of minor games and third-party titles filling out the rest of the year.

The sky-high expectations set by E3 left many fans and journalists wondering whether Nintendo was planning on sitting out 2018 until the holiday season, as the schedule during the second year has been barren in terms of brand new first-party titles. E3 was the time to impress everyone

The Switch has become the ideal machine for indie titles and has seen some amazing third-party titles and ports, but many of these games can be found on other systems. The scintillating first-party lineup of the Switch's first year set expectations for more content that has yet to be filled.

The question we have to ask ourselves is how genuine Nintendo is being with these statements? The halfway point of the year is already over and the two main holiday games for the Switch are already being heavily promoted. If some amazing first-party titles were in development, then they surely would have been announced by now.

We will likely find out the answer if Nintendo announces an upcoming Direct soon, even though E3 was only a few weeks ago. If they have some big unannounced plans for 2018, then they better hurry up and tell the fans.

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