Nintendo Switch: How To Use A GameCube Controller

A quick hack and a PC adaptor could allow you to use a Gamecube controller with your Nintendo Switch.

A hack to a PC GameCube adapter allows players to use the GameCube controller on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has, historically, had a bit of a rough time when it comes to controllers. The NES Classic was a boxy thing that cut into your fingers after a while, but it can be forgiven for being modeled after 1980s technology. The N64 was a god-awful three-pronged monstrosity that didn’t make any sense, while the Wii’s nunchuck design was novel but resulted in a few busted televisions when they slipped from player’s hands.

The Nintendo Switch has likewise been criticized for having very small controls, so many would jump at the chance to use the GameCube controller in order to play their favorite Switch games (the Gamecube being Nintendo’s least-worst controller). But before you go on eBay to snag a lightly used one, there are a few things to do first.


According to a video by Youtube user Hi My Name Is Alex, to start you’ll need the Mayflash Gamecube Adapter. This adapter is originally used to play Wii U and PC games using the Gamecube controller, but it’ll be repurposed for the Switch. To do so you’ll need to download some updated firmware that tricks the Switch into believing the Gamecube controller is actually a Pokken Tournament controller. This firmware trick will only work on PC or Linux, so sorry Mac users - you’re out of luck.

via Hi, My Name Is Alex on YouTube

Now that you’ve got your mildly hacked adapter you can plug it into your Switch and turn it on, but be sure not to connect any Switch controllers first - the Switch has to recognize the Gamecube controller as player one. Once the Switch is convinced the Gamecube controller is there, then you can connect more Switch controllers.

There are several limitations to the process. First off, because the firmware emulates a Pokken controller, both the D-pad and the analog stick will function as the D-pad. Second up, and most unfortunately, Breath of the Wild isn’t playable. The C-stick doesn’t work as intended, and instead only activates the + and - buttons. Finally, any additional Gamecube controllers that are plugged into the adapter won’t work - the Switch will just read them all as player one inputs.

Still, this is certainly progress, and you can almost guarantee that due to the Switch’s popularity more knock-off Switch controllers are just around the corner.


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