Nintendo Thanks 'Our Friends At Microsoft' For Helping Bring Cuphead To The Switch

Today, as part of Nintendo's Nindies Showcase, it was announced that Cuphead will be making its way to Nintendo Switch in April. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Cuphead was originally released on Xbox One and PC in 2017. It was an instant success, garnering acclaim for its challenging level design and unique 1930s cartoon-inspired art style. The gameplay features run-and-gun platforming, and lots of boss encounters. It has won numerous awards. Although Cuphead was created as a Microsoft lifetime exclusive, things have clearly changed, as Nintendo and Microsoft have been working together these days. This is a perfect example of the cooperation happening between the companies. Microsoft also confirmed that it will be implementing Xbox Live features for Cuphead on Switch, post-release.

Via youtube.com - Nintendo

Although Cuphead was arguably the biggest announcement, there were still some notable teasers and reveals. Blaster Master Zero II was not only unveiled, but it also launches today. Fans of the first Blaster Master Zero should have a lot to look forward to. The teaser promises new gameplay additions and explosive boss encounters. Meanwhile, the Stranger Things 3 game now has a release date. Like the season it's based on, the game will launch on July 4th.

Super Crate Box, the hit arcade-like game for PC from 2010, is coming to the Switch next month. It will feature an exclusive multiplayer feature. Katana ZERO, the upcoming side-scrolling action title from DeveloperDigital, will be releasing on Switch (as well as PC) April 18th. A new story-driven title is The Red Lantern, is releasing for Switch later this year. A title called, Creature in the Well, is combining action and adventure with pinball. All this is just the beginning, as Nintendo also announced other unique titles for the Switch, such as Neo Cab and My Friend Pedro.

Via youtube.com - Nintendo

Cuphead's arrival on Switch will be a big discussion topic for a long time. Although the game is readily available on Steam, this will be many players' first foray into the frenetic shooting title. It was something of a phenomenon when it released, and now it should get even bigger. It's a perfect title for the Switch's on-the-go nature.

Cuphead will hit the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 18th. You can pre-purchase the game now for $19.99.

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