Nintendo's Sudden Increase In Chip Orders Hints At The Potential For A Nintendo Switch Mini Console

Macronix, Nintendo's biggest chip supplier, has just indicated that the game company has requested more chips in the past two months than was first expected, leading many to believe the rumors of a Nintendo Switch mini console are true.

Nintendo always seems to have the last laugh when it comes to console sales. While this wasn't the case with the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch is another story. Although the Switch was released close to three years after the PS4, that didn't seem to matter much, as it was recently able to surpass the total sales of the PS4 in Japan. Additionally, the Switch has been able to outsell both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in recent months, giving rise to rumors that Nintendo could be set to capitalize on their newfound success with a new and improved mini console. Although the company hasn't confirmed it directly, higher demand for chips related to the Switch seems to indicate that Nintendo is planning something.

While the Switch has certainly done well for itself, many who purchased it felt as if they were given a console that wasn't exactly the most practical thing to use on the go. Given that Nintendo's advertising at launch focused heavily on the console's portability, this disappointment is certainly understandable. If the rumors are true and the company is planning to release a miniature version of the console, it could help to bring new consumers over to Nintendo's side who were previously on the fence.

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Recent reports suggest that Macronix, a Taiwanese chip manufacturer, has run into problems in large part because Nintendo has decided to order a larger amount of chips than was first indicated. Furthermore, the company goes on to state that this sort of activity isn't normal and that, during this time of year, they are usually expecting things to slow down. In addition, a leaked email from Chinese company HonSon detailing plans to manufacture accessories for a Nintendo Switch mini-console has many within the gaming community confident that a smaller version is right around the corner.

Regardless of whether the rumors are true or not, the increase in chip demand seems to indicate that Nintendo is priming itself for the potential of better sales down the road. Given that both Microsoft and Sony have dealt with console shortages in the past, it makes sense that Nintendo would be doing everything it can to ensure that doesn't happen with the Switch.

Though this news could simply be Nintendo preparing for an increased demand for Switch consoles, it is a bit odd that they didn't come out and indicate it directly. Additionally, it makes sense given the fact that the next generation of consoles are a little over a year away, giving Nintendo plenty of time to capitalize on the growing popularity of its latest system.

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