10 Nintendo Franchise We Want Them To Give To Other Developers (And Who Should Get Them)

Cadence of Hyrule was a crazy idea. How can The Legend of Zelda formula be integrated into not only a roguelike, but also one with a heavy rhythm based mechanic? Thankfully this odd hybrid turned into one of the best spinoffs this series has ever seen. Not only that, but it still could be a Game of the Year contender for 2019. We love it that much! So this got us thinking. What other indie, or AAA studio could make a good Nintendo game? We have some ideas needless to say.

10 The Legend Of Zelda: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has already partnered with Nintendo for two of their biggest characters: Star Fox and Mario. They have proven themselves worthy of making their own Nintendo experience so based on that, we want them to try and tackle The Legend of Zelda next.

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Their open worlds mixed with RPG mechanics are second to none. Other RPG giants like CD Projekt Red, or Bethesda would also be good picks, but with those developers we would be worried they would want to make this franchise more mature. We aren’t into the idea of Link and Zelda really hooking up.

9 Donkey Kong: Insomniac

Yes, sadly Insomniac is now owned by Sony, which means they won’t be able to make a game for another non-Sony platform ever again. Probably, but never say never. This is now a world where Microsoft and Nintendo are shaking hands so who is to say Sony can’t lend a hand either? Anyway our idea would be to have this game be a mix between Spider-Man and Ratchet and Clank. Give the Donkey Kong family crazy weapons and let them swing through a giant open world jungle. Crazy? Don’t forget that Diddy Kong has a peanut gun in Super Smash Bros.

8 Mario And Luigi RPG: Square Enix

Square Enix would be a good fit for any of Nintendo’s RPG franchises, but we had to set our eyes on Mario and Luigi for two reasons. One, they helped make the first RPG Mario game on SNES so it is about time they come back and try again. However, we don’t want him, or Luigi as the stars. We want to get crazy. Make this a weird RPG starring Wario and Waluigi. They deserve it!

7 Pokémon: Koei Tecmo

The only reason we nominated Koei Tecmo to make a Pokémon game is because we desperately want to see a sequel to Pokémon Conquest. That game launched on the DS in 2012! We think seven years is a long enough wait for what is easily the best spinoff this franchise has ever seen. With the power of the Switch they can make it an even bigger sequel, which can take better advantage of both franchises. Imagine a feudal Japan war zone populated by Pokémon. Drooling yet?

6 Star Fox: DICE

As we said earlier Ubisoft did a good job at handling Star Fox as an exclusive character for their Starlink game. He was a good fit, but we want him to return in full force with his own game and we think there is no better company to do that then DICE.

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The air battles were some of the best parts about the Star Wars Battlefront reboot. The unfortunate part about this fusion stems from the fact EA would then be involved on some level, which could prove fatal.

5 Metroid: Thomas Happ Games

For those that don’t recognize the name, that company is run by Thomas Happ, obviously, who made Axiom Verge. First of all we couldn’t be more excited for whatever he is making next along with whatever Metroid Prime 4 turns out to be. Both projects will assuredly wow us, but that doesn’t stop us from also wishing what could be after that. Based on what we’ve played with Axiom Verge, we think Happ would make one heck of a proper 2D Metroid game.

4 Mother: Toby Fox

Toby Fox is another self-named company after the creator of Undertale. That game is swimming with Mother, or EarthBound references. There are even theories thinking Fox tried to connect both series unofficially. There is some pretty solid evidence too. Fox is such a fan that his first game was a rom hack of EarthBound. If anyone deserves to revive the franchise, he is the one. First we want him to finish Deltarune though because that demo he released was just not enough.

3 Fire Emblem: Sega

Since we already took Square Enix off the table we are going to have to have Sega step up. This could involve either their Atlus branch, or the team that makes Valkyria Chronicles. Both studios would make an excellent game with the former hopefully creating a stronger narrative with companions that isn’t as clunky, or crowded as Three Houses.

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Let’s be real. That game is great, but there are simply too many people to form true valuable bonds with everyone. With the latter choice we can see this series stepping into a similar tactical action hybrid.

2 Kid Icarus: SCE Japan Studio

We know this is another impossible scenario since that is a Sony owned studio. Why are we so gung-ho about nominating them for this project? Gravity Rush is the best example of a game that featured action combat on the ground with flying mechanics. Admittedly a runner up would have been DICE, but we already did that for Star Fox and we aren’t really sure they could make on ground combat as good as their flying stuff.

1 Animal Crossing: Rockstar

We saved the best, or more like the strangest idea for last. With this pick we aren’t thinking of rebooting the series with a gruff outlook. No, quite the contrary. Rockstar is capable of making good games that don’t adhere to the Grand Theft Auto, open world idea. That is to say we don’t want to see Tom Nook gunned down, or want to be able to steal cars. We don’t know what we want other than something actually new for this franchise. Maybe it can be like Bully. That too was crass, but it’s a good example as any.

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