Nippon Ichi Software Is Counting Down To Something, Probably Disgaea 6

A mysterious countdown clock has appeared on Nippon Ichi Software's website. There's no indication on what the clock is counting down to, but there's lots of speculation that the Japanese developer may be adding another title to its most famous IP.

Many fans of Nippon Ichi are theorizing that the enigmatic clock is counting down to the release of Disgaea 6, which the game developer confirmed it was working on back in September of 2018. The countdown also started at 6 days, which seems like a bit more than a coincidence.

Finally, the URL of the clock's web page contains the phrase "new title", which indicates the clock is counting down to a new game release rather than an event or a sale.

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The countdown also lines up with the first day of PAX East. Nippon Ichi Software won't be hosting their own panel at the convention, but a large gathering of gamers would make a good place to build hype for a new release. Then again, PAX typically focuses more on the American market (besides Japanese gaming giant Nintendo), so it's possible the synchronicity is just a coincidence.

via Nippon Ichi Software

The Disgaea series has generally been well received in the West, and Nippon Ichi's President Sohei Niikawa has said the developer plans to continue releasing titles for the IP into the foreseeable future. Disgaea titles generally earn favorable critic reviews, and the series is famous among fans of JRPGs and strategic RPGs for its complex battle system, steep learning curve, genuinely funny character dialogue, and ridiculously high maximum stat levels.

The only Disgaea title released since Disgaea 5 in 2015 was a PC port of the Disgaea 1 remake for PSP. Considering it's been almost five years since anything new has come to the IP, fans of the series are very excited at the possibility of a new installment.

However, President Niikawa has also mentioned in the past that Nippon Ichi is interested in expanding the Disgaea IP outside of the strategic RPG genre. While this would bring the name to more fans who have different interests, the developer might risk alienating older fans by taking the series away from its tactical roots.

JRPG and Disgaea fans can look forward to either hype or bitter disappointment in about five days.

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