No Man's Sky's Massive Update Will Finally Let The Three People Left Playing The Game Interact

No Man’s Sky is about to get a huge update that will finally bring multiplayer support to the game.

When No Man’s Sky released way back in 2016, it was considered the biggest disappointment in gaming, ever. Since then there’s been update after update, and now two years later the game will finally get the multiplayer support that it so richly deserved upon release.

For those still playing, No Man’s Sky can seem like a lonely universe that’s filled with pretty distractions and not much else. Socializing can take place with a few NPCs, but there was nary another player to be seen.

That’s set to change with the cleverly coined NEXT update, set to hit both PC and PlayStation 4 on July 24th. Also, No Man’s Sky’s exclusive contract with Sony must have expired since the game is finally being released on Xbox One on July 24th as well, and it will include the new update.


We got a preview of what we’re in store for back in May. Basically, the walls surrounding No Man’s Sky are set to fall, allowing players to form small bands of roving space explorers to see all there is to see. Or they can turn into a roving pirate gang to take down other small bands of roaming explorers.

Single-player encounters will also happen as the game will randomly throw people onto the same procedurally generated planet. Suddenly, the lonely world of No Man’s Sky is a little less lonely.

In addition to the big multiplayer enhancement, the game’s trailer seems to indicate a host of other upgrades. Enhanced textures, water effects, lighting, and atmospheric effects all seem to be coming with the NEXT update. Better space visuals and more intricate ship textures are also on the way, and even the flora and fauna are getting a boost.

It looks like No Man’s Sky is also set to step on Subnautica’s toes by adding underwater base building, while the Hello Games press release also promises unlimited base building and the ability to control multiple freighters from a single ship.

It all sounds very interesting. It’s just too bad they couldn’t have included all these features two years ago. Maybe then they’d have less of a cult following and more of a massive player-base.


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No Man's Sky's Massive Update Will Finally Let The Three People Left Playing The Game Interact