14The Game Was “Banned” As A Marketing Ploy

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When Dead Space was first announced, rumors of the game's gory and brutal nature were running rampant in the gaming community. A game that focused on horror in space, with an emphasis on severing your enemies’ limbs in creative, bloody ways sounded almost too good to be true. When the

game started making the rounds to be rated for the commercial market, reports were flying in, along with some well-timed trailers showing the gruesome gameplay in action, that it has been banned in Japan, China, and Germany.

Gaming message boards and news sites went wild. So violent that it had already been banned in three countries? Well, not exactly. The timely “banned” news was fabricated by the developers to build up the already monumental hype surrounding the game. Even though Dead Space is now seen as a horror classic, it was made even more legendary by a creative marketing campaign.

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