Nobody Asked For This: Leisure Suit Larry Is Making A Comeback

Leisure Suit Larry is a venerable point-and-click adventure game series best left in the past, and yet it's 'Coming In The 21st Century.'

Of all the gaming characters of the bygone point-and-click adventure era, Leisure Suit Larry is probably the last one people wanted making a comeback. And yet Larry will officially return later this year. That’s right, Leisure Suit Larry will be seducing his way onto PC in Fall 2018 in Wet Dreams Don’t Dry.

The game, which randomly references Xbox adventure game D4 with its title, will be a point-and-click game in the style of Larry’s original adventures. However, series creator Al Lowe is not involved in this new game. Instead, developing duties fall to German studio CrazyBunch, whose work seems to consist mostly of VR games and mobile puzzle games.

As for the story, the Steam page describes it as Larry “coming in the 21st century – and no, there’s no word missing here.” It seems like Larry Laffer will be taking his ‘80s sensibilities (and fashion choices) and trying them out in the modern dating scene. This naturally involves using a dating app, called Timber, to meet women. In an odd take on the process, Larry will have to “pick up points” for his Timber profile in order to score higher-caliber dates. Because that’s totally how dating apps work.

The art style does look pretty neat, with a hand-drawn, somewhat cartoony take on Larry’s world. If nothing else, the backgrounds are drawn in great detail and will hopefully make those randomly crucial items easier to spot than they were back in the day.

via: store.steampowered.com

Of course, the decision to bring Leisure Suit Larry back is not without its critics. Fans of the series are already expressing disappointment over the lack of involvement from Al Lowe or any of the original Larry team. And that’s to say nothing of the many people in the current social climate who would love to tear a game like this to pieces simply for its subject matter. With so many people against Leisure Suit Larry’s return in its current form, it’s hard to say who this game is for exactly. Then again, if Larry is known for anything, it’s his persistence. He might just worm his way onto our PCs just like he's wormed his way into many a bedroom.

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