Here Are The Nominees For This Years Streamy Awards

Streamy Awards 2019 Nominees

This year's Streamy Awards are right around the corner and the 2019 nominees have been announced. For those unfamiliar, the Streamy Awards aim to recognize the very best in all things related to online video creation. The award show will be streamed live on December 13th on YouTube, taking place at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

King Bach Streamy Awards
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The Streamy's are picking up in popularity with each successive event; They boast that "videos from the 2018 Streamy Awards received over 6.9MM views on YouTube. Views of the livestream increased 73% from the 2016 show, which also streamed on YouTube." This year will likely build on that trend with the undisputed rise of digital media consumption.

The "Creator of the Year" category is the main event, and nominees are mainly those who are known for their large YouTube presence, aside from Ninja (Mixer) and Loren Gray (Tik Tok). Check out the nominees from some of the most notable categories:

Creator of the Year

-Collins Key-David Dobrik-Emma Chamberlain-Lilly Singh-Loren Gray-MrBeast-Ninja-Safiya Nygaard-Simply Nailogical-Tana Mongeau

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-The Completionist-DashieGames-The Game Theorists-Girlfriend Reviews-PrestonPlayz

Show of the Year

-Chicken Girls-Escape the Night: Season 4-The Game Master-Good Mythical Morning-Hot Ones-The Philip DeFranco Show-REACT-Red Table Talk-Tiny Meat Gang Podcast-The Try Guys

Action or Sci-Fi

-Huluween-Mordeo • CryptTV-Sam and Colby-Super Science Friends-Weird City


-Andrei Terbea-Danny Casale-gen:LOCK-illymation-TheOdd1sOut

Breakout Creator

-Danny Gonzalez-Joana Ceddia-LARRAY-Lizzy Capri-MrBeast


-Anwar Jibawi-CalebCity-Gus Johnson-Hannah Stocking-Jack Douglass

There are some strong candidates in multiple of the categories this year; deciding between this year's Gaming picks would be a nightmare. It is also refreshing to see CalebCity among the nominees in the Comedy section, as the creator has been regularly publishing hilarious game-inspired comedy for years. Regarding the "Show of the Year" category – check out the "Hot Ones" series if you haven't already.

Poppy Streamy Awards 2018 Gimps
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A full list of nominees can be found here. To catch the live event, tune into the official Streamy's YouTube channel on December 13th. Let's just hope that no one shows up with, um, gimps this time around (thanks Poppy).

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