Furry: 25 Non-Human Cartoon Animals Reimagined As People

Cartoons: even today they still have an impact. We all grew up with them and have more than a few favorites, whether you like older or newer ones. Here’s one thing that's not as popular as it was back then, though: cartoons starring talking animals. Aside from a handful of shows and one or two films, there isn’t much on that spectrum that’s really popular. Nothing against the cartoons today, but there’s a lack of nostalgic cartoons starring animals that left a huge impact.

From The Secret of NIMH and An American Tail to Courage the Cowardly Dog, they all left an impact on a lot of people. In the world of fandom, one of the most popular trends in fan art is to have characters re-imagined as something else. Whether it be a different gender, a different role, or even a different species, no character is safe. One of the more popular things for artists to do is to have non-human characters designed as people.

It doesn’t matter what kind of animal they could be, there’s always at least one human rendition of them. These days characters like Jake the Dog and the Zootopia characters have seen their share of fan art, along with other new characters. However, there are also some on-the-nose works for some older cartoons as well. With different styles and spot-on looks, here are some cartoon animals that look rather fetching as people.

25 Just Imagine The Story Change

via: neon-lady.deviantart.com

Do you still remember Home on the Range? That old Disney film about a trio of cows who set out to capture a fugitive in order to get the reward the money to save their farm? Just the concept alone brought on quite a few laughs, especially when the three of them beat the villain. Interesting as it was to see three cows on an adventure story, don’t you think it would be fun to see a tale of three women travelling together to capture a convict? Honestly, though, if they were humans and had this design by Neon-Lady the most interesting thing is the possibility of a romance subplot. There are three men in the film… What? Don’t tell me you didn’t think of it too.

24 An Old School Unexpected Romance

via: chaccko.deviantart.com

Every few years, Disney dishes out one or two rather unconventional pairings. Back then, one of these pairings was Tito and Georgette from Oliver and Company. While today the pair would be rather cliche, with her being the vain socialite and him being the fiery and street smart troublemaker, back then this kind of pair was rather popular.

In addition to this, she was a poodle and he was a chihuahua.

That factor alone made for a rather dynamic pair. Just imagine how interesting they would look together as people! From this design by chacckco, they would look like an even more unexpected pair. With her looking like a starlet and him a bandit, there’s a whole lot of story that could be pulled from this.

23 A Real Beast Man

via: metallovecake.deviantart.com

Out of all the characters that have been placed on this list, Rajah is pretty much the most unexplored of the lot. The only real thing we know about this character is that he’s Jasmine’s companion and highly protective of her. If you think about it, though, if he was human and had this design by Metallovecake, he would make an ideal guard for Jasmine. Given the chiselled looks and the way that the artist cleverly turned his black and white patches into a stylish look (and made those golden eyes), I think any princess would be happy to have this obviously sculpted man protecting them. Okay, while there isn’t a body shown, can you really see this character as anything but a mountain of a man? And that grin is captivating.

22 He’d Be Nicknamed The Kraken Or Something Similar

via: memq4.deviantart.com

Hank, by far, is one of the most well-animated animals Pixar has ever graced the screen with. Who knew that so many creative things could be done with a cartoon octopus? Well, it makes sense, given he’s a boneless animal.

But how exactly would he turn out as a human?

For one thing, he’d be a heck of a grizzly type with his attitude. MemQ4 shows that in place of his versatile tentacles would be a more-than-fabulous beard. Just look at all that majestic hair! More than the possibly sentient hair he’s sporting here, he has the perfect look for a sailor or pirate, don’t you think? That, or maybe an old veteran, given his character is missing a leg. Either way works.

21 All That’s Missing Is A Bounty

via: jingleko.deviantart.com

He’s suave, he’s skilled with the sword, and he can make the cutest eyes. Puss in Boots just makes for a fun and adorable sidekick! Adorable as he may be as a cat, though, how different would it be if he were human? One’s thing for sure: he won’t be able to work the cute face the same way. But jingleko shows that he would make an amazing-looking mercenary from an older period. And given that he’s pretty much the parody of Zorro, the Spanish looks and goatee make sense. The fact that he has a clawed glove here to replace his claws makes this even more clever. Just imagine him arriving over a horizon and taking out his opponents with a few flicks of his sword, and a well-placed use of his claws.

20 Make Way For A Cool And Mysterious Punk

via: tetraorb.tumblr.com

It’s no secret that the Ducktales reboot was more than just a success. As a reboot, there are a few new characters to be expected, and one character made quite the impact. Lena Le Strange is quite the character, don’t you think? Only two appearances and she had the fandom buzzing.

Now, there have been all kinds of human designs for the duck crew, so why not have a human design for the newest character for the franchise?

With tetraorb’s design here, she pretty much looks like a punk with secrets, in comparison to her cool and mysterious vibe in the cartoon. The pink dye, the ripped tights, and the little details like the piercings and how sharp her face and makeup bring some solid ideas for her character.

19 Are We Looking At Official Art Here?

via: human-penguins.tumblr.com

By far one of the most enjoyable factors of the Madagascar films were the agent team that was the Penguins. Cute yet agile, this was a group that worked better than a well-oiled machine and gave more than a few chuckles for the audience with their antics. When it comes to art of them as humans, there's no small amount of different styles. This design shared by POM comes pretty close in having the group looking like actual DreamWorks characters. From the designs of their suits to even the proportions of the bodies and the details of their faces, there’s no need for an original picture to know who’s who here. Really, though, it’s hard to believe this is not official art with the details placed here.

18 It’s Grandpa Oogway

via: yuramec.deviantart.com

We all knew in a way that Master Oogway was a character that wasn’t going to last long, but wasn’t he just a fun character? He was the typical old wise man character at first, but then as the movies progressed we got this funny and interesting character who has learned and gone through so much, not just for himself but for others, as well.

How would he look like as human?

Well, yuramec shows that more than a monk, he looks like a cheerful and fun grandpa who gets a kick out of surprising people. The way he smiles here just makes you want to hug the man. And the fact that he still looks like a turtle/tortoise with his features and wrinkles is a plus.

17 A True Rugged Cop

via: twitter.com

There have been all kinds of fan art of Nick and Judy as humans, but what about the other characters? True, there’s a few here and there, but having different styles like this one shared by waenaglarie would be nice. Admit it, though, if it wasn’t for the name, you wouldn’t believe that this was the chief. Well, to be fair, a human version of him would seem more the dark skinned with facial hair type. This here, though, takes on his more serious side of wanting to be a good cop. Besides, you've got to admit that this look also fits the character what with the pepper hair and muscles. Yeah, pure ruggedness here.

16 Little Details Go A Long Way

via: eldensa.deviantart.com

While there wasn’t much shown of Roxanne outside of her being Max’s love interest, what was shown was that she was a pretty great character. She was a pretty nice gal who didn’t judge Max and still liked him even before his whole performance, so as a female love interest, she worked. The thing with the Goofy films, though, is that a lot of the characters are pretty humanoid looking already, and Roxanne is one of them. As shown by Eldensa here, there isn’t much difference to be found between the human and original version, and that’s pretty awesome. Honestly, though, the way her lips are here make for a more mature look for her. Just the way she’s designed here is pretty much an updated version of herself.

15 He’s More A Snake Than A Rat Here

via: rosynose.deviantart.com

Great Mouse Detective is pretty much the mouse version of Sherlock Holmes. While Basil is a marginally tamer version of Sherlock, along with Ratigan as Moriarty, there’s no mistaking their dynamic. As interesting as Basil is, though, Ratigan makes for a rather diverse villain, though his plot is not all that much. Given his design and the animal that he is, it’s easy to see how he would make for an intimidating, albeit highly intelligent tyrant. Rosynose, however, shows that him as a human makes for a huge difference.

Oh, sure, there’s no doubt that he’s the villain here, but his design brings out something different.

That crooked nose, that broad face, and even the hair shows that he’d make for a solid sleazy noble with charm and high intelligence, mixed with shady connections to back him up should he ever get suspected.

14 It’s A Western Story Waiting To Happen

via: kyashiann.deviantart.com

Okay, so there are some mixed opinions on this sequel of the beautiful animated film that is American Tail, but can we all just agree that the film was at least fun? For one thing, Tanya did get an interesting spotlight here. What’s more, she got a villain to fall in love with her voice. While it was pretty obvious how things would turn out, given that they are a cat and mouse, how would have things turned out if they had all been human? Kyashiann presents a solid transformation, with Tanya as a lovely and blooming lady, Miss Kitty as a curvaceous and tough beauty, and a possible romance. Now, this is a story that has more going for it: drama, action, and a romance that involves a girl becoming a singer at a salon. How much more western can this get?

13 They’re Siblings, Alright

via: thefishboy.deviantart.com

We all know that these three have gotten into their fair share of adventures together. There are all kinds of photos of each of them, including them as humans. This piece here, by thefishboy, pretty much captures their dynamic as kids.

Seriously, even if you’re not a fan of the show, their human designs here give a solid image.

There's the smart and sly Anais with the clever split ponytail to imitate her ears, the cheerful Darwin with his orange hair and green shoes, and the unlucky Gumball with his messy blue hair looking like he could have cat ears. Clearly, they’re the type of siblings who more than like to mess with each other, but that’s what makes this so fun.

12 An Ideal Protagonist

via: aliencake.deviantart.com

You know what we need? More protagonists like Mrs. Brisby. Seriously, a mother who starts off as a small and demure thing, transforming into a strong and brave woman for the sake of her family? We need more female characters like her! And the fact that she’s a mouse makes it even better. Now, as amazing as she is as a mouse, can you just imagine her as a person? Well, aliencake gives a pretty solid idea. Just look at this: everything about this look matches with the character. From the hair to how she was given a fitting demure dress and sensible shoes, it all works. Seriously; while there are some amazing female cartoon characters today, there should be more moms as protagonists like her, don’t you think?

11 Ship Bait Alert

via: kyotemeru-arts.tumblr.com

For such a small series, Bee and Puppycat left a far bigger impact than expected and got itself quite the fandom. Given that there is a pretty huge mystery involving Puppycat and him possibly being the Space Outlaw from his story, it’s no surprise.

And when the image of the Space Outlaw was placed as Puppycat’s reflection, there was no doubt that fans would jump on that.

While there were pieces that adapted from that, there were others that took a bit from the reflection and created something different like kyotemeru-arts a.k.a. RootBeer-Queen did here. The way that his look here holds Puppycat’s primary colors really adds to the space outfit. Aside from the clever outfit and cute hairstyle, the fact that he’s holding a rose to Bee here is teasing all kinds of possibilities.

10 She’s Still A Tough Girl

via: twitter.com

Okay, raise your hand if you thought Terk was actually a boy when you first watched the film, only to learn he was actually a she later. Terk was one of the first non-conventional female characters to be dished out by Disney. While she’s basically one of the guys, the moment that scene of her in Jane’s dress came up, her feminine side came through. Being a gorilla, there is a natural wildness to her, but can you just imagine her as a human? From what JohannaTheMad’s work is showing here, there’s a whole bunch of sassiness waiting to happen. Just look at her style and that smirk here, she looks every bit of a mischievous gal who would get her and Tarzan into trouble and have a big voice to her.

9 Presenting: A Cinnamon Roll

via: madithefreckled.tumblr.com

Anybody here know A Monster In Paris? It’s a sweet little French film about a flea ending up human-sized with a beautiful singing voice and the friendship he forms with a female singer. Sounds weird? Yes, but it was weird in a good way. Besides, look at Francoeur here as a human by AranDill.

Just the hair alone makes this work more than it should.

Madithefreckled pretty much shared an even sweeter cinnamon roll version of the character. Seriously, that little smile and wave after he realizes someone is watching him is too precious. And those red eyes! Usually red eyes on a character with black hair either means they’re broody/angst ridden types or straight out bad guys… this sweet boy here? I don’t think so.

8 And Cue The Romantic Music

via: polararts.tumblr.com

If you think about it, Cats Don’t Dance is pretty much a different version of Zootopia, just with a different story and more music. While Nick and Judy made for a ship-worthy pair, Sawyer and Danny, on the other hand, were just an adorable pair of felines with an old-style romance. Even this human redesign of a scene from the film by polararts looks like something for a classic film. The way that the little face details here look, such as Sawyer’s makeup and Danny’s freckles, just adds more to how the two were styled with their hair and everything. It’s also fun that the artist’s redesign of Danny makes for the perfect country boy while Sawyer looks like she would make for a sultry performer.

7 He’d Be The Fastest Hunter

via: mabychan.tumblr.com

Aster Bunnymund. Now, this is a character that had a whole lot of fans going! At the time that Rise of the Guardians was at its peak, there were more than a few admirers of this Australian-accented character, next to a certain winter spirit, and way more that shipped the two than expected. Aside from the many, MANY, drawings of them shipped together, however, there were more than a few human re-imagination drawings of this alien bunny. Some were wild, some left a steamy impression, and a few pretty much hit the mark, like mabychan’s work here. With his gruff attitude and skill with the boomerang, it’s easy to see him as a tribal type of person with the markings and everything. What really makes this clever, though, is how the artist integrated the Easter-themed weaponry: colorful but deadly.

6 A Lady Who’s More Than Fabulous

via: pinterest.com

As Melman stated in the second film of the Madagascar film series, Gloria is pretty much a queen in her own right. More than being a queen, she’s got her own sense of grace. With all of that in mind, just imagine how much more fabulous she would look as a human. Crazy Tom gives us this dark skinned beauty as an idea. There’s no doubt that Gloria would make for a lovely and curvaceous woman, but what makes this photo work even better is how she’s rocking that outfit and hair. Now, just imagine a human version of Melman next to her and the two of them just having a walk in a park or something other, the two really make for a cute pair.

5 Don’t Let This Sweet Face Fool You

via: pinterest.com

Who didn’t fall in love with this adorable ball of fluff the moment she appeared on screen? Sweet and earnest, she made for a bouncy character. And then we get introduced to her rather aggressive side. Really, the fact that she subdued a hawk alone makes her one of the best characters of the film. Seeing how cute she is as a dog, it would only make sense that she would make for a rather adorable teen. Crazy Tom shows just how suitable curly white hair can be on a person. Seriously, though, while we know that as chic as she looks in that coat and skirt, she’s a gal who knows how to hold her own and take down someone with ease. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she’s sporting some stylish Converse or sharp but sensible heels.

4 Someone Protect This Sweet Child

via: fwips.tumblr.com

When it comes to truly innocent characters, one of the first to pop into your mind is CatBug. Even if you know nothing of the Bravest Warriors series, just the image of the character either makes you think of a truly adorable and sweet character, or someone with a hidden dark side to them. Seriously, though, a blue cat and a ladybug combo should not be so cute. And yet, fwips manages to make him look even cuter as a human child. Well, he is 10, so it makes sense. Still, just look at those cute little boots! His wings look like some sort of cape on him. Add in that smile, and you can already see the team doing everything to keep him safe.

3 He’s Silent But Smooth

via: nightmaremiku.deviantart.com

Cake, being the opposite of Jake, is pretty much what you would call a sassy mom. Well, technically, she’s meant to be Fionna’s sister. But the idea is pretty the same, given how protective she is of Fionna. As a human, NightmareMiku pretty much embodied her personality. From what was shown of her in the series, she’s a no-nonsense lady who’s cheeky and not afraid to speak her mind. Though, clearly, there is one person who can render her speechless. While there wasn’t much shown on Monochromicorn in the show, the human version of him pretty much presents a character who isn’t afraid to turn the up the charm for his lady. He’s literally a tall, dark, and handsome man. Really, though, snapping fingers to replace the stomping hooves? Now, that’s just clever.

2 Real Men Rock Pink

via: sir-scandalous.deviantart.com

Lion is a mysterious and cute character who has captured the hearts of many Steven Universe fans. What’s more he was pretty much the key to half of Rose’s mystery and made for a great battle stead. Now, just imagine if he had a human form like this one here by Sir-Scandalous. Not only does he look like an uncle/older brother figure, but the way he’s rocking that hair, that beard, and most of all that tattoo just adds all kinds of layers to his personality. And just look at that smile! You can already see the ladies pretty much losing it if this character same to life. Honestly, it’s because of this series that pink men became an attractive look. Well, that, and the way Lion is sporting that crop top helps.

1 Not Much Difference Here

via: tumblr.com

Courage the Cowardly Dog was a series that managed to combine humor and horror in the best ways and was one of, if not the creepiest show to be dished out by Cartoon Network. In the series, one of the most formidable foes that Courage has to go against is Katz, which makes sense. Each time they face off, it ends with Courage outsmarting the cat. If the two were human, aside from most likely looking like c2ndy2c1d’s design here, there wouldn’t be much of a change, if you think about it. Still, the way that the artists replaced Katz’s ears for a unique hairstyle and gave the two some stylish outfits make for an amazing design of a possible remake of the cartoon.

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