Furry: 25 Non-Human Cartoon Characters From The 90s Reimagined As People

Ah, the 90s, full of interesting fashion choices and even more interesting animation. The 90s was a time of experimentation for cartoons and movies. In the animation world, all the boundaries were being pushed in plot, humor, animation, and scenarios. Some of these experiments paid off very well, while others went down in history for not so good reasons. But no matter what, we can all agree that the 90s were pretty memorable for cartoons and animation.

Like many cartoons, a lot of animation in the 90s had quite a few non-human characters. Having characters that were animals, monsters, or even sentient objects gives you more creative freedom. You can come up with crazier scenarios, or even just play around with a normal situation but with non-human characters. After all, anything does become more interesting when your main characters are completely different species.

But many fans can’t help but wonder what these awesome non-human characters would look like if they were actually human. What would their hair color be? Would they be tall or short? What kind of clothes would they wear? How would their facial features be different? So, how do we solve these questions? By creating fanart of course! A lot of fan artists have dedicated their time to discover what some of their favorite characters would look like if they were designed a little differently.

So here are 25 cartoon characters from the 90s that have been reimagined as humans! Think we missed some good ones? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

25 Bikini Bottom Is Looking A Little Different

Via: neomi-trix.deviantart.com

The residents of Bikini Bottom are all pretty interesting, both in personality and appearance. I mean, how many shows have the main character as a sponge? And they’ve even got a squirrel living down there in an air suit. Between fish, plankton, starfish, and even a whale, you’ve got many types of creatures living in this place and having all kinds of interesting adventures. And at the center of it all was usually SpongeBob, the eternally optimistic sponge who worked at the Krusty Krab.

It’s clever how they made human Plankton have one eye.

I really like the character designs of these human versions of Spongebob, Squidward, Sandy, Patrick, and Plankton. They all seem pretty fitting of each character’s personality. Squidward looks grumpy as usual, Patrick looks blissfully content, SpongeBob is just happy to be there, Sandy is being her usual awesome self, and Plankton definitely has dark plans. I like that the artist gave Patrick pink hair; it’s a good way to make him recognizable, and I could see the guy sporting that color of hair. And it’s clever how they made human Plankton have one eye. I wonder how this version of him lost his eye? Maybe a revenge scheme gone wrong? Or that could be one the reason he wants revenge in the first place.

Art by Neomi-Trix.

24 They’re Rivals No Matter What Species

Via: thek40.deviantart.com

Balto and Steel have a very interesting rivalry, mostly because Steel is so malicious in his actions. Seriously, I’ve never seen an animated dog radiate as much menace as Steel. I mean, he goes as far as trying to sabotage Balto from getting that life-saving medicine to Noam, all because he didn’t want Balto getting credit. Those are some messed up priorities, man. And that whole fight between him and Balto was pretty brutal; you know Steel was going for the elimination, or at least wanting to seriously maim the poor guy.

These human versions of Balto and Steel are pretty interesting. You can tell there seems to be a big class difference between the two, which is basically what happened in the movie too. Since Balto’s half wolf, he’s ostracized by the other dogs and even the humans. So, for a human Balto to be in a lower class than Steel would make sense. I also think the artist did a great job with Steel’s eyes. They still have that very cold, menacing look to them. You can tell that Steel is plotting to get rid of Balto in some way, and it’s just a matter of time before he makes his move. And Balto is looking a bit snarky, but friendly, which is very much his personality.

Art by TheK40.

23 Time For A Species Swap!

Via: chaosdestine.deviantart.com

I don’t know why Gargoyles doesn’t get more praise because it really was a good series. It was definitely different than anything Disney had ever done as far as TV goes. It was dark, it was intense, and it had some rather fascinating characters. Plus, the premise is pretty awesome. The idea of gargoyles coming to life at night and turning back into stone during the day is a fun concept, and Disney took it and ran with it, creating all these interesting characters and situations. And my favorite gargoyle would definitely be Goliath. He’s the leader of the gargoyles and he’s just awesome. He’s fair and kind, but also capable of great anger and violence. While he has every reason to hate the humans, he holds off his judgment and is willing to help them even. Plus, you can’t help but love that voice.

Goliath has been turned into a human in a couple of episodes, but fans have also come up with their own ideas on what a human Goliath would look like. And this artist decided to do a species swap between Goliath and Elisa. I didn’t expect to like Goliath with short hair, but it does look pretty good on him. Considering Goliath’s body type was pretty humanoid in shape, it makes sense that his body wouldn’t change too much if he were human.

Art by ChaosDestine.

22 Let’s Get Dangerous!

Via: joyreactor.cc (CandyStrike)

Darkwing Duck is basically a duck version of Batman and it’s amazing. Drake Mallard is a mild suburban dad by day, but by night, he’s the dreaded Darkwing Duck, out to stop crime and save the day. What I liked about this series was that not only was our main character dealing with the issues of being a superhero, but he was also dealing with the ordinary problems of suburbia. And sometimes the two would clash in hilarious ways. Add Launchpad in there, and you’ve got some great comedic moments. It was a show that made you laugh and hold your breath.

I never pictured human Launchpad with freckles, but they look fantastic on him.

These human versions of Drake, Gosalyn, and Launchpad, all look fantastic. Human Drake with white hair is absolutely perfect, and I love that they kept Gosalyn in her pigtails and oversized sports shirt. Also, I never pictured human Launchpad with freckles, but they look fantastic on him. You can also see their different personalities so clearly in the character designs and body language. Drake and Launchpad obviously had some sort of argument, and you know it’s bad when Launchpad is angry. And it looks like Gosalyn may have to interfere because we know these two are too stubborn to make the first attempt at an apology.

21 Looks Like A Great Day To Fly

Via: kudoshido.deviantart.com

Talespin was a very interesting series since it took a few characters from The Jungle Book and decided to throw them into a show. The idea that Baloo is this cargo pilot is a funny concept, but I could see him doing that. Also, the fact that Louie the orangutan is the owner of Baloo’s favorite bar is hilarious and surprisingly fitting. One of the biggest sources of comedy for this series was the interactions between Baloo and Rebecca. They’re the classic case of the serious businesswoman and the more relaxed business owner. The fact that Rebecca bought out Baloo’s business was probably a sore point for him, but they also work together surprisingly well.

I like this artist’s interpretation of a human Baloo and Rebecca. Baloo would definitely be a bigger guy, and they got his charming and mischievous grin down perfectly. Rebecca looks both serious and classy, and you can tell she’s been in the corporate business for a while. She’s the no-nonsense type, but there’s still a warmth to her that you don’t see very often. And I like the little smirk she has going on, which is saying she’s not stupid and she can see through your lies any day.

Art by KudoShido.

20 It's The Land... After Time?

Via: averylilith.deviantart.com

Since its first movie, The Land Before Time turned into quite the phenomena with several sequels coming out throughout the 90s and even a TV series. (Though many fans thought these movies and show weren’t nearly as good as the first movie.) What made this franchise so popular was the variety of characters. You had several types of young dinosaurs with distinct personalities and quirks, making them both entertaining and sympathetic. You wanted to root for these young dinosaurs as they went on these adventures and faced all kinds of dangers.

So, what would these characters look like as humans? According to this artist, pretty cute! I love Cera’s curly red hair, and Littlefoot having darker skin looks awesome! And I love the fact that Spike has food in his hands because, of course he does. (That guy is always thinking with his stomach.) And Petrie and Ducky are just adorable. This artist decided to go a more chibi anime look for these characters, which I think works really well. It would be interesting to see these characters in a human setting. Maybe they’d be living in a large city, or they all ended up moving to a small town. But you know that these guys will be friends forever.

Art by Averylilith.

19 He's One Spooked Little Human

Via: cookiejo1.deviantart.com, killer-white-rose.deviantart.com

What’s interesting about Courage is that while he’s dubbed a coward, he really is anything but one. Yes, the little dog gets freaked out by all the strange happenings in Nowhere, Kansas, but can you blame him? There’s some freaky stuff going on there. And while he’s terrified out of his mind, this dog will still do what it takes to protect his owners from these monsters. Courage may be frightened easily, but he usually manages to swallow that fear and rise up against the new threat to his family. That’s a pretty brave little dog. Good job, Courage!

Courage with pink hair is super cute and it's fitting for him.

And human Courage is adorable! A lot of artists will either give human Courage a hoodie with ears to make him recognizable, and some will even make Courage a human/dog hybrid, giving him a human body, but having him keep the ears and tail. And most artists will give him pink hair. Either method works and I think Courage with pink hair is super cute and it's fitting for him. I wonder if human Courage would be born with pink hair or he chooses to dye it. Though I don’t know how he would become a part of Eustace and Muriel’s family. Maybe Muriel found him as a baby and decided to adopt him like in the series.

Art by CookieJo1 and Killer-White-Rose.

18 Watch Out For These Pirates

Via: the-piratequeen.deviantart.com

Where there are planes, boats, and coastal towns, there will also be pirates apparently. The Air Pirates are one of the main antagonists in Talespin and they do cause a lot of trouble for Baloo and Rebecca and their business, Higher for Hire. This group of thugs, led by Don Karnage, are constantly trying to pillage Cape Suzette, but they never succeed. (Fun fact: did you know Jim Cummings voices Don Karnage? That guy is everywhere!) They’re a great source of comedy and they do provide some interesting conflict for our main heroes (though these baddies not very competent). But let’s take a look at three pirates in particular: Dumptruck, Mad Dog, and Gibber.

I love the human versions of these guys. It’s awesome that they kept Mad Dog’s stringy mustache since it just adds to his whole look. Dumptruck is looking great with his hat and handkerchief. And I like that Gibber is so much shorter than the other two since that would happen if these guys were human. I think it’s smart that the artist kept these three in their original outfits since that makes them much more recognizable. You don’t want to run into these guys on a dark night. They may not be the smartest bunch, but they will mess you up.

Art by The-Piratequeen.

17 They’re Zany To The Max

Via: xpotatogrlx813.deviantart.com

Who doesn’t love Yakko, Wakko, and Dot? These three crazy characters changed everything for cartoons, and they caused chaos and headaches wherever they went. Their adventures as they ran around the movie lot and escaped security were always hilarious. And the episodes where they’d show up in random points of history and interact with historical figures were always just golden. They mastered the art of pushing every single one of your buttons and making you want to hit your head against the wall. But you couldn’t help but laugh at them and love them anyway. (The episode where they’re playing the Grim Reaper in a game of checkers is one of my favorites.)

Even though we don’t know exactly what they are (the creators just called them cartoons), quite a few fans have had fun imagining what the Warner Siblings would look like as human kids. And this artist decides to put them in some cowboy outfits, and they look awesome! Considering all of the outfits these siblings have worn, I could see them putting on outfits like this. (I’m pretty sure they have at some point.) We know Dot would be rocking the fringe, Wacko would have so much fun with his hat, and once again, Yakko seems uninterested in wearing a shirt.

Art by xPotatoGrlx813.

16 These Two Brothers Are Relentless

Via: darqx.deviantart.com

Angry Beavers was definitely one of Nickelodeon’s stranger shows. (Though to be fair, Nickelodeon had a lot of weird shows going on in the 90s. They definitely weren’t afraid to take some crazy risks. And I’m pretty sure the sensors were sleeping when they greenlight some of those shows.) But the designs of Daggett and Norbert were pretty fun, even though they constantly looked like they were having a bad hair day. And let’s not forget that one of their friends was a sentient sequoia stump (did they ever explain that?). But the show did pretty well, running a total of 63 episodes. But what do these two brothers look like as humans?

The fact that Norbet is being his usual pestering self is just perfect.

Quite a few artists have imagined these two as humans. I really like the style of this particular artist because the brothers look pretty distinctive as humans. And the fact that Norbert is being his usual pestering self is just perfect. I also like that Daggett’s skin is a little darker, which matches his darker fur in the show. I wonder how the premise would change if these characters were human. Would Daggett and Norbert move to some city? What would their friends look like? These are the questions that need answers, people!

Art by Darqx.

15 It’s An Odd Group

Via: sasukee23loveeer.deviantart.com

I really want to know what fever dream inspired the concept behind CatDog, because there’s no way that idea came about through normal inspiration. Seriously, the idea of a cat and a dog being stuck together is weird and borderline disturbing (especially since some of the anatomy doesn’t really work out). And there were quite a few elements in this show that were kind of messed up. But the show did have four seasons, so as crazy as the idea was, it seemed to work pretty well. And while our main two characters were the stars of weirdness, this show had its fair amount of unique characters. But what would happen if they looked a little different?

What’s interesting about this artist’s interpretation as that the characters are still human/animal hybrids. And while that is a little strange, it seems pretty fitting of the show. It does help the characters be a bit more recognizable as humans, so I think it works. What’s also interesting is that human Cat and Dog seem to be conjoined twins in this version, which would make sense. (It makes more sense than CatDog’s origins at least.) That would be a very fascinating show: two human conjoined twins living in the city.

Art by Sasukee23Loveeer.

14 Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Via: cruad828.deviantart.com

Even if you’ve never played the games or watched the TV series, you probably know at least a little about Pokémon, or can at least recognize a few Pokémon. This franchise has gotten insanely popular, and it’s become pretty iconic over the years. Between all the games, TV series, movies, and merchandise, it’s guaranteed you’re not going to forget about Pokémon anytime soon. And with all the different types of Pokémon that have been created over the years, you’ll never run out of interesting character designs. But what would these interesting creatures look like if they were human? That’s what many artists decided to find out.

What I like about this version is that each humanized Pokémon has a smaller version of their original form. That makes it easier to recognize them and to help you see the comparison between the two designs. Plus, it’s super cute! I think my favorite is human Vulpix. He looks so relaxed and his design is pretty awesome. It also looks like these human versions still of the powers that their Pokémon counterparts have. That would’ve been an interesting episode where the Pokémon are turned into humans. Can you imagine the chaos? I don’t think the world could handle it.

Art by Cruad828.

13 They Make A Cute Family

Via: ezstrongs.deviantart.com

Did you know Earthworm Jim had a TV series? If you didn’t, don’t feel bad. A lot of people are only familiar with the video games Earthworm Jim was in. But a cartoon series aired between 1995 and 1996. It only had two seasons, but it did gain a bit of a following. I’ll admit the concept of a humanoid earthworm in a robotic suit going out and fighting evil in space is a strange one, but probably not the strangest thing we’ve seen in animation. And even some of the original characters created for the series ended up making an appearance in later games, which is pretty awesome.

It’s cool that Jim kept his different colored eyes.

This artist decided to reimagine Earthworm Jim and his allies as humans and I think they all look great! It’s cool that Jim kept his different colored eyes, and Peter looks just adorable. This little family does look pretty cute. And it’s a nice touch that Jim has all these random band-aids all over his body since the guy was always putting himself in dangerous situations. I wonder if the story would be any different if these guys were human. Would they still be saving the galaxy from evil? Would Jim still have that robotic suit? I guess we’ll never know.

Art by EZStrongs.

12 They’re Surprisingly Cute

Via: kat-1900.deviantart.com

I will be honest, I’m not a big fan of The Ren & Stimpy Show. It’s one of those shows that got dark and disturbing with their humor really fast (which isn’t really my thing). How the censors let this show get aired is kind of a mystery. But it did gain quite a following and has gone down in history as a rather bizarre and disturbing cartoon. I’m pretty sure the whole point of the show was just to make you uncomfortable. Nickelodeon, you have done some crazy stuff, but this show may be your craziest yet. The two title characters have a pretty dysfunctional relationship and the show follows their adventures as they go about their daily lives. I feel like any redesign of them would be an improvement.

I do like this version of human Ren and Stimpy, though they look pretty innocent considering the cartoon they’re coming from. And it’s another case of the characters being a human/animal hybrid. I also like that they’re each carrying their animal counterpart as a plushie. These two are surprisingly cute in this form, which is something I couldn’t say about their original designs. Good job on making these guys cute!

Art by Kat-1900.

11 These Kids Are Extreme

Via: annogueras.deviantart.com

Remember that Goofy and Pete are both fathers? Seeing Goofy and Pete in a rather suburban setting is definitely a surreal experience, but that’s what the series Goof Troop is all about. It’s fun to see these families living out pretty normal lives (with some crazy cartoon physics thrown in, usually when Goofy is having a clumsy moment). In fact, this series got popular enough that it inspired A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie. Seeing Max with his friends and being a typical teenager is also pretty fun. But how would these teens look if they were a little different?

Well, this artist does a great job of making these three kids into some pretty believable human teens. Bobby would totally have gages, and of course, he’s keeping his classic glasses. Pete Jr. is would definitely be a more built kid, and this artist just made him adorable. I like that human Max has a gap in his teeth, which is a nice nod to his and his dad’s buck teeth. And of course, he’s still a skater. I also love that everyone is wearing fingerless gloves; that’s a great reference to the fact that these guys were always wearing gloves (Bobby even mentioned it in the 2nd movie). Looking good, guys!

Art by Annogueras.

10 They Make A Beautiful Couple

Via: ameru.deviantart.com, cherrychan94.deviantart.com

You’d think a romance between a skeleton and a Frankenstein-like lady would be a little strange, but Jack and Sally are a seriously cute couple. I’m pretty sure all the fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas were rooting for them from the very beginning. Though Sally had to be pretty patient with Jack since he was super focused on understanding and recreating Christmas. That guy seriously has a one-track mind. But in the end, he does wise up and notices how much Sally means to him. That last scene with the two embracing and kissing in the moonlight has become pretty iconic among fans.

Maybe these two were lovers in a previous life before they perished.

And these two look just as amazing as humans. I like that in both of these versions, human Jack is still pretty pale; it suits him. And giving him white hair is a fun idea. Of course, Sally would still have her red hair. She wouldn’t look too different since she was probably the most human-looking character in the movie. But in these versions, she just looks a little more alive. Maybe these two were lovers in a previous life before they perished. Now that would be an interesting story. And it would be fascinating to learn exactly how Jack and Sally did pass.

Art by Ameru and CherryChan94.

9 They’re All A Little Looney

Via: atariboy2600.deviantart.com

If you thought the Looney Tunes characters were crazy, imagine their tiny counterparts. Tiny Toons was basically what the Looney Tunes would likely be like as kids. The whole premise had the next generation of Toons learning how to be funny. And while they weren’t necessarily the same characters, they were similar enough that you could get the point. The best way to describe the show is zany. It has a lot of the same humor Animaniacs did, with lots of funny references and some great slapstick and off-the-wall humor that kids love. And the three main characters we saw pretty often were Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny (no relation), and Plucky Duck.

I like this version of the human Tiny Toons because they still look so much like their characters. You can tell that the girl in the pink pigtails is totally Babs, the boy with the blue hair is definitely Buster, and the little boy with the green hair has to be Plucky. (It does help that they’re wearing the same outfits the original characters are wearing.) This human design is simple, but it looks great! It feels like these characters would fit right in with the rest of the Tiny Toons. I’m surprised there wasn’t an episode where the Tiny Toons got turned into humans. That would’ve been interesting.

Art by AtariBoy2600.

8 He’s Something Else

Via: maza-aka-maza.deviantart.com

Drake Mallard, also known as Darkwing Duck, is an interesting mix of contradictions. He’s a crime-fighting superhero that’s dedicated to helping the citizens of St. Canard, but he’s also incredibly arrogant and has the biggest ego I’ve seen in a cartoon character. And these traits often clash within him, which does create a pretty interesting character. It helps that he has an adopted daughter who helps keep him more grounded. It’s been proven that without her, Darkwing Duck likely would’ve gone off the deep end a long time ago. But despite his flaws, you can tell that this duck is doing his best to stop crime and save his city. He does care; it just gets lost under his arrogance.

So how would a human Darkwing Duck look? According to this artist, pretty fantastic! I love the smirk he has in this picture because it’s just so him. The costume is basically unchanged, which is a good thing, and you can tell that this guy is still the “terror that flaps in the night.” Though he would have to change his name if he were human. “Darkwing Duck” doesn’t work so well when the guy isn’t actually a duck. (Or maybe he’d keep it to confuse his enemies.)

Art by Maza-Aka-Maza.

7 They’re Friends No Matter What

Via: neomi-trix.deviantart.com

Rocko’s Modern Life is another one of those cartoons that I’m not sure how it got greenlit by Nickelodeon. This network is known for doing some pretty risky stuff, but I think this series takes the cake. There are so many blatant grown-up jokes throughout the series that you wonder how they got past the censors. (I’m pretty sure they were sleeping when this show was airing. That’s the only explanation I can think of.) But it did last for four seasons, so apparently somebody liked it. At the center of this show was Rocko and his friends Heffer and Filbert. Normally Rocko is a wallaby, Heffer is a cow, and Filbert is a turtle. So how would a human version of these guys look?

It was interesting to make Rocko’s skin a tad bit darker than the other two.

This artist does a pretty good job on these three as humans. I like how they kept the outfits the same, which makes them pretty easy to recognize. It was interesting to make Rocko’s skin a tad bit darker than the other two, but considering his fur was a different color, it does make sense. I also like that the artist kept the bit of green in Heffer’s hair, since that does make him stand out, and it’s a pretty distinctive hairstyle.

Art by Neomi-Trix.

6 They’re Just Too Sweet!

Via: fckyoufolks.deviantart.com

Max and Roxanne make a seriously cute couple, especially since they’re both pretty awkward when it comes to dating and romance. It’s obvious they both like each other a lot, but they’re also pretty shy about it. And the scene where Max pretends to be Powerline and “sings” at Roxanne is both adorable and hilarious. Seeing Max get out of his comfort zone and flirting with Roxanne was so fun to see. You know that most fans of Goof Troop and A Goofy Movie were totally rooting for these two to get together.

So how would this adorable couple look like if they were human? This artist made them look pretty good! I like Max with long shaggy hair; it suits him really well. And that little smirk he’s got is seriously adorable. Roxanne is still rocking her gorgeous long, red hair, and she looks fabulous. Since these two were pretty humanoid in the first place, not much had to be changed with them to make them look human. But this artist did a good job of making them human and recognizable. I bet if these two were human, this is what they would look like. Keep smiling, you two!

Artist can be found here.

5 They Make An Odd Pair

Via: jwolf-97.deviantart.com

Who would’ve thought that the concept of two laboratory mice trying to take over the world would bring such hilarious situations? It probably helps that while Brain is a bonafide genius, Pinky is... less so. And while Brain does have interesting ideas, he can be a bit shortsighted at times. There’s also the fact that Pinky’s incompetence is usually what causes Brain’s plans to fail. Either way, it’s pretty entertaining to watch. In fact, Pinky and the Brain got so popular in Animaniacs that they got their own spin-off series. And they still never managed to take over the world. I wonder what would happen if Brain was actually successful? Maybe it’s best it never happened.

These human versions of Pinky and the Brain look pretty awesome. Brain still would be quite a bit shorter than Pinky, and his hairstyle would be very simple and serious. You know Pinky would be that guy that likes to take selfies. Of course, his hair would be all over the place. Maybe in this version, the two are scientists and Brain is often on the verge of a breakthrough but keeps getting distracted by Pinky’s antics. That would be pretty funny to see, though I’m not sure how Pinky would become a scientist.

Art by Jwolf-97.

4 Don’t Mess With These Baddies

Via: c2ndy2c1.deviantart.com

Courage the Cowardly Dog has a lot of characters, especially in the creepy variety. Courage is constantly dealing with all kinds of supernatural creatures; some are friendly, while others are incredibly hostile. This poor, easily frightened dog has to step up to protect his owners from these crazy creatures and things can get scary really fast. A few notable antagonists are the sadistic cat Katz, the con artist duck Le Quack, and the hungry cook The Cajun Fox. While The Cajun Fox is a minor villain and only shows up once, the other two are pretty constant thorns in Courage’s side.

These villains look just as sinister in their human forms.

These villains look just as sinister in their human forms, according to this artist. Human Katz looks pretty awesome with his red vest and purple clothes. Le Quack is still rocking his mustache and looks very dapper. And The Cajun Fox looks very casual in his shorts, which offsets the butcher knife he’s carrying. I also like that the artist included the original characters along with the human versions so we could compare them. It would be interesting if these guys were human in the show, though maybe they’d lose some of their creepiness. Well, however they look, we know that Courage can take them.

Art by C2ndy2c1.

3 They’re All About Hakuna Matata

Via: nandomendonssa.deviantart.com

While Timon and Pumba may be known for being a bit silly and "the comedic relief," we have to give them credit for taking care of Simba for most of his childhood. And it’s thanks to them that he didn’t perish out in the desert. And when it comes down to it, in a fight, these two are no slouches. (You really don’t want to make Pumba mad.) It’s fun to see Timon and Pumba interact since you can tell they’ve been friends for a long time. They joke with each other, poke fun at each other, and are just happy to be together. They’re truly a team and one Simba could count on when it mattered the most.

I love this artist’s version of human Timon and Pumba. I think this is totally how a modern-day human version of these guys would look. Pumba would totally be a big guy who’s super friendly. And his big mustache looks awesome. And Timon would be this super skinny guy with baggy pants. Timon definitely looks like that sneaky guy who would be a sleazy cars salesman; he’s even got the shady grin down. I also like how Timon’s shirt matches the markings he would have on his fur.

Art by Nandomendonssa.

2 These Two Have An Interesting Relationship

Via: suzamuri.deviantart.com

One of the more interesting elements in SpongeBob Squarepants was the dynamic between Mr. Krabs and his grumpy employee Squidward. Let’s be honest, Squidward is basically us at our jobs most of the time. We’re pretty much there for the paycheck and everything else is just suffering. (Also, did you know Squidward’s last name is Tentacles?) It doesn’t help that Mr. Krabs is notoriously cheap and pretty much obsessed with getting more money, so it’s understandable that Squidward doesn’t have a lot of patience for him. But you do get moments where Mr. Krabs does show he cares at least a little. And the two have a fairly decent working relationship since they have been working together for a long time. But what would these two look like as humans?

This version of human Squidward and Mr. Krabs seems pretty accurate. Since it’s canon that Squidward has been working at the Krusty Krab for a long time, it would make sense that he would be an older, balding human who’s just 100% done with everything. And of course, Mr. Krabs would be a portly middle-aged man. I like that the artist gave him curly head of hair and a mustache; that seems to fit him rather well.

Art by Suzamuri.

1 These Guys Look Great!

Via: whitefangkakashi300.deviantart.com

James and the Giant Peach managed to do the impossible and got us attached to a group of bugs. The designs of James’ new friends in the peach are done rather well, making them look friendly enough, but not shying away from the fact that they are bugs, insects, arachnids, etc. And the result is this group of characters that are an interesting mix of endearing and unnerving. It probably helps that they’re all pretty friendly and well spoken. It’s thanks to them that James has a much better life and manages to get away from his horrible aunts.

I can imagine in this story, James runs away from his aunts and comes across this group of outcasts who gladly take him in.

The human versions of these characters all look pretty amazing! You can immediately tell who’s who thanks to the artist keeping their clothes and some of their more distinctive characteristics. Human Mr. Centipede is still sporting that big cigar, Mr. Grasshopper has his monocle, Mr. Earthworm is wearing his shades, and Miss Spider is in her classy outfit. Even their body designs are still pretty familiar. (It does help that these characters were originally more humanoid in shape.) And little James is just adorable, surrounded by his new friends. I can imagine in this story, James runs away from his aunts and comes across this group of outcasts who gladly take him in. That would be an interesting story, though I don’t know where the giant peach would come in.

Art by WhiteFangKakashi300.

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