Furry: 30 Non-Human Kids Characters Reimagined As People

Cartoons; a 'trivial' medium that has long been dismissed as 'just for kids'. Talented animators and artists have been brushed aside for their 'childish' drawings and told to 'grow up'. But I say to heck with that. Animators and artists are creative, brave, and amazing. They create such wonderful works that breathe life into this crazy world.

Without animation, there would not be Saturday morning cartoons watching Sailor Moon, Johnny Bravo or Pokémon. All those cool reaction GIFs you send in the group chat would not exist. Disneyland would not be a thing and neither would Hello Kitty. Kids would not dress up as their favorite superhero or Disney princess.

Animation can tell magical stories in a way that live action pieces can't. There is a reason that Disney, Dreamworks and Cartoon Network shows are so popular all over the world; kids connect with cartoons on another level. Now with shows like Bojack Horseman and Archer, adults are clueing into it too.

Now, cartoons are pretty great, but all kids wonder what it would be like to meet their favorite animated protagonist. Not only that but, if they were an animal, what would they look like as a human? I've dug deep into the Internet to show you what your favorite kids show characters look like as people.

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30 It's A Funny World, Hobbes

via Deviantart

Artist: shannonott

Calvin and Hobbes are icons in the comic world. Even if you have not read comics before, you have probably seen these two around. They are a tiger and kid who hang out and talk about life. Hobbes is the tiger and his human counterpart is handsome in a teenage kind of way and Calvin's more realistic self-looks as cheeky as always. Both Calvin and Hobbes are beautifully drawn and look like they are having an absolute blast.

29 One Good Art Deserves Another

via deviantart

Artist: nami-nya

Rosie is a peppy villager from the Animal Crossing series. As a peppy villager, Rosie is an easy character to become friends with and is often featured on merch as she is super cute. This anime-style version of Rosie is adorable and perfectly captures her sprite's personality. She even has stars in her eyes and hair! Rosie was my best friend in Wild World, so I am happy to see a fanart of her that clearly shows a lot of care and attention.

28 True Love's First Kiss

via deviantart

Artist: mimiclothing

Bambi is arguably the most iconic Disney character next to Mickey Mouse himself. His memory spans multiple generations and is a shining jewel in the Disney canon. Bambi was an enchanting and endearing movie that has both charmed and scarred kids for decades. Here we have a recreation of Bambi and Faline's first kiss, but I cannot tell which version of this scene is cuter. Also, who else forgot that her name was Faline? Just me? Okay.

27 Power Couple Of The Century

via deviantart

Artist: Sakura Joker

Name a more iconic couple - I'll wait. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the undisputed power duo of the animation world. Their images are ingrained in our minds from a young age and are everywhere in pop culture. This amazing fanart looks so cute and sugary sweet that I can't even. They are too adorable as humans - now I know why they are mice. Also, where did Minnie get this cute dress? I need it in my life so bad.

26 You Got The Wrong Girl

via Tumblr

Artist: s0alaina

Anyone remember Disney's Bolt? In case you forgot, it is the story of a superstar canine who gets separated from his owner. On Bolt's journey, he meets Mittens, a cat who helps him find his way home. These two are cute as animals, but look at how adorable they are as people. Their facial expressions are absolutely on point and even their body structures are perfect. I love this reimagining of them and would absolutely see this movie.

25 Come On Over, Partner

Via Tumblr

Artist: emilyena

One of the most popular movies of 2016, Zootopia told a deep story about the times we live in and had something for everyone to take away. Our protagonists, Nick and Judy are seen here in a parody of one of their promotional posters. Everything about their character designs is perfect and just look at Judy's face and tell me it's not one of the best things you've seen today. Fanart is awesome and if you do not think so after seeing all of this art I don't know what to tell you.

24 Too Cool For You

via Deviantart

Artist: Sympho-Hane

From the jungles of India to the cover of a magazine, Bagheera looks amazing. This is clearly inspired by the Idris Elba promotional image of him posing with his character Bagheera. Human and panther Bagheera's eyes stand out and draw you in.

Is it hot in here?

His human form is lean, confident, and at ease, aware but not defensive. This piece is very well done and I totally see this as a real magazine cover on a shelf somewhere.

23 Cute From More Than A Reasonable Existence

Via Pinterest

Madagascar was a friendly romp about zoo animals going a long way from home and ending up in Madagascar. Melman the Giraffe is the smart hypochondriac of the group, played by David Schwimmer. This human Melman seems very sophisticated with his glasses and serious expression. The gloves are a lovely nod to both Melman's hooves and hypochondriac nature. The design of his sweater is a great way of portraying Melman's coat. I never thought I would consider Melman handsome until now.

22 Agent P Got The Doof

Via TeddiBe website

Artist: TeddiBe

Perry The Platypus is one of the best characters on Phineas and Ferb. He is hands down the coolest one, considering he is a sassy secret agent who takes down criminals. Human Perry seems just as no-nonsense as the platypus version of him. I love that Perry's color scheme remains in his snazzy suit. Dr. Doof has been a thorn in Perry's side, but here it seems Perry finally got him. Well done, Perry.

21 Welcome Back, Mayor!

Via Deviantart

Artist: french-teapot

Animal Crossing: Wild World was my first Animal Crossing game and it is my favorite to this day (though I do like Amiibo Festival too - fight me). I never got to play New Leaf, but I do want to, especially after seeing this adorable picture. Every character's human design is spot on for their sprite and they look so cute. I love Reese and Cyrus' designs in particular. I may well get into New Leaf to tide me over til Animal Crossing comes onto the Switch.

20 The World's Greatest Criminal Mind

via Deviantart

Artist: rinkusu001

Professor Ratigan, one of the most underrated Disney villains of all time. Played by Vincent Price, Ratigan is the main antagonist in Basil The Great Mouse Detective. He is the story's version of Moriarty and has at least two big crimes under his belt. Ratigan is a charismatic, flamboyant, and delightfully devilish rat who is out to be the world's greatest criminal mind. This image seems to be heavily based on Vincent Price himself and he looks as fancy as always.

19 Orisa Is Here To Assist You

via pinterest

Artist: chohunki

I love playing Orisa in Overwatch. She is funny, endearing and very useful to have on your side in battle (when she eventually gets there). This version of Orisa is genuinely stunning. You can still see elements of Orisa's weapons and outfit blended with a practical outfit. she is still strong and takes up space - I love that she has a thicker build. Also her hair! I just love everything about this portrayal of Orisa - she looks like an actual queen.

18 It's Winston's Time To Shine

via know your meme

A huge fan of peanut butter and bananas, Winston is one of the smartest characters in the world of Overwatch. He is a gorilla (excuse me, scientist) who was raised on Horizon Lunar Colony and named himself after his carer. Turning a gorilla to a human is arguably easy since we share many similarities, but do not take away from this good art. I love the proportions of human Winston's body as they match his in character body - except for the hair. His face and sweater show how kind and friendly he usually is. Also 6'2? Jeez, that's huge.

17 Toothless And Co Are Up To Something

via rotbtd wiki

Toothless is one of the best parts of the How To Train Your Dragon series. He is adorable, funny and multi-faceted, which is wonderful to see. His bond with Hiccup is a delight to watch unfold and their interactions are always interesting.

Look out, everyone!

But what if Toothless was human. Man, I would not want to be near all of these guys. Just look at their faces - they are up to something, probably a prank.

16 Perfection Isn't Easy, But It's This

via deskgram

Cosplayer: msmajorsam

Now we are taking a little departure from art to photography. This is a fabulous human version of Georgia from Disney's Oliver and Company. Georgia was the Sharpay Evans of the eighties and boy does she own it. Self-indulgent, confident and more than a little snobby, Georgia is often forgotten by Disney fans, but msmajorsam brought her to life so amazingly it will be hard to forget her. The costume, her expression, her hair - perfect is not easy, but it's her.

15 Balto Charms His Way Into My Heart

Artist: get-Seth

Balto is a forgotten classic movie from 1995 about a half-wolf dog who saves an Alaskan town from a deadly epidemic. Balto is a little sweetheart who just wants to help out and you can totally see that in his human self as well. Balto's human form looks like a young Jim Hawkins and I am pretty into it. The red bandana is a lovely reference to the one Jenna gives Balto in the movie. If you have not heard of Balto I hope this awesome fanart gets you to watch it.

14 Eeyore And Tigger, But Not As You Know Them

via pinterest

Winnie The Pooh and its characters are icons of pop culture. Known across the world, the residents of the One Hundred Acre Wood bring fond memories of childhood whenever we see them. This fanart shows my two favorite characters, Eeyore and Tigger, in a whole new light. These anime-style versions of the two look like they should be k-pop stars in a music video and I am here for it.

13 The Moomins Are Back

via deviantart

Artist: PoppyCharm

We are heading to Finland for the next entry. The Moomins or Mumin in Finnish, are characters from a comic strip by Tove Jansson. The Moomins are a family of trolls who mess around and enjoy life in Moominvalley. In this art, you can clearly see the Scandi influence in the clothing style and faces. This art is very thoughtful and definitely makes me want to check out The Moomins for myself. I have seen them around my whole life, but have never had to the chance to look into them.

12  Secret Forms Of Pets

via Instagram

Artist: astkhikart

The Secret Life Of Pets was a creative exploration of what pets do when we leave the house every day. We see that they go on adventures, hang out with their friends and blast out some interesting music choices. Here we see Chloe the cat about to chow down on a delicious roast chicken. I relate to this not only because her name is also Chloe, but I also make this face when I open a full fridge.

11 Here Comes Trouble!

via Tumblr

I sometimes forget that Bowser has kid minions. We all know Bowser Jr., but you may be wondering who on Earth the others are. Let me fill you in; they are known as the Koopalings and are Roy, Wendy, Ludwig, Lemmy, Iggy, Morton, and Larry respectively. They have appeared in various Mario Bros games and Mario Kart 8. They look as cute and mischievous as people as they do as koopas. We're watching you, kids - and get off my lawn!

10 The Alley Cat And The Aristocat

Via Deviantart

Artist: s0alaina

The Aristocats is slept on these days and I will not stand for it. The story of Duchess and her kittens trying to get back home after being abandoned is both funny and adorable.

Does this guy look like a philanderer to you?

Here we have the charming Thomas O'Malley having a cheeky little flirt with Duchess. They both look so cute and the art style is lovely. Thomas is a nice stocky build like his feline counterpart, which is great to see depicted.

9 Blaziken Torches The Opposition

Via Tumblr

Artist: tamtandi

I freaking love Blaziken - he is the best Pokémon for me and here is why. Torchic was my starter in Omega Ruby, which was the first Pokémon game I ever played. McNugget was the MVP of my team and I loved him. When we battled Brendon together in one final battle he even held on and did not faint because he wanted to make me proud. I would be just as proud to have this version of McNugget by my side in battle. Blaziken rules - fight me.

8 Teenage Mutant Ninja...Humans?

Via Deviantart

Artist: RazPerm

It's hard to imagine anyone not knowing who these guys are. Even if you did not watch the show or read the comics, you have definitely seen them before. Here we have our boys Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael just chilling, but also kind of looking like they are posing for a magazine cover. Are they a band now? They look like they are going to drop the sickest album of 2018. Look out Drake, Twenty One Pilots, and Travis Scott, the boys are coming for you - and your pizza.

7 No Lion Around Here

Via Deviantart

Artist: smirking sir

Steven Universe is one of the best kids TV shows being created right now. It has excellent lessons regarding love, gender, family, and self-care that need to be heard by both children and adults alike. Here, we have Steven and a now human Lion discussing Lion Lickers and Cookie Cats, two of their favorite foods. Lion looks freaking handsome in this, and I love the tattoo of the rose on his shoulder. One of the best fanart interpretations I have ever seen.

6 Spots on, Claws Out, and Let's Pounce!

via Tumblr

Artist: Leechee Doodles

These cuties are from Miraculous: The Tales Of Ladybug And Chat Noir, a show about teen superheroes who protect Paris from the evil Hawkmoth. This show is amazing and I am happy to watch its popularity grow. The fandom often talks about Marinette and Adrien, but I want more talk about their kwamis, who look fabulous in their human forms. Without their Tikki, Plagg, and Trixx, our favorite supers would not be able to transform. They're so cute here, I can't even.

5 Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen, At Your Service

Via Deviantart

Artist: minsunwolf

Funky name, right? The Baron is from The Cat Returns, a movie about a girl who gets sucked into the Cat Kingdom after saving a cat-prince. The Baron is one of the cats who helps her escape the evil King's clutches. Charming and elegant, The Baron is a gentlemanly font of wisdom who is a voice of reason in the chaos of the movie. A lovely fanart for a lovely movie. If you have not watched The Cat Returns, you should check it out.

4 Hakuna Matata, Everyone

Via Pinterest

Artist: chacckco

If you did not sing the rest of the chorus in your head after reading that title you can leave this article right now. This good art encapsulates not only the entire song but also these characters' personalities and relationships. We know them so well and love them as they are, but it is refreshing to see this new take on our childhood friends.  The clothes are so creative and Simba still has that majestic mane of hair. Timone's pose, in particular, is pretty dang spot on.

3 A Meeting Of Old Friends

Via Tumblr

Artist: yaeln

The Muppets are internationally praised for the lessons they teach kids. A long-standing pillar of kids' TV, it is hard to imagine a world without The Muppets. Here we have some of the main crew meeting up for a quick catch up, maybe for a coffee.

Long time, no see.

It is such a peaceful little moment. Miss Piggy is my personal favorite here, she looks so close to her piggy self and is still fabulous, darling. Kermit is strange to see like a human, but it works. His sweater is a good touch.

2 Ooh De-Lally, Golly What An Art

via deviantart

Artist: chacckco

Another slept on movie, Disney's Robin Hood was a beautiful rendition of Robin Hood's legacy. One of the more underrated characters is Alan-A-Dale, the Cockrel minstrel and narrator of the tale. To this day I know all the words to 'Ooh De-Lally, Golly What A Day' because of his fabulous voice. His human version is very handsome and I love that his tunic has a feather bustle to mimic his giant tail. He seems just as laid back as his in-movie counterpart.

1 The Tooth Fairy Is In The House

Artist: thebigfour-Hogwarts

Toothiana is the beautiful and lovely Tooth Fairy from Rise of The Guardians. The Guardian of Memories is wonderfully designed in her fairy form with her vivid feathers but she is positively regal here. The attention to detail here is incredible: her color scheme is the same from the movie and her eye color is in her hair - there are even feathers in her jewelry. Even Baby Tooth gets a cute human form with adorable gold feather jewelry.

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