20 Mods That Are Unbelievably Expressive

Video games are often considered very vanilla. They display worlds made of vibrant colors, heroes and villains, a certain degree of fighting, and maybe some romance. But it all stays very clean. The most hardcore mainstream games, such as Grand Theft Auto, are known for their controversies, and yet, when it comes to grown-up times… They don’t go far up that road. For the developers, it seems like this trail must never be traveled, even if gory violence is alright.

However, the gaming communities around these games like to take things into their own hands and fill this need, this thirst, for content that is above the "general" rating. Sometimes, the results are creepy, and sometimes they are incredible. It depends on your tastes, and on the game being modded. In this list, we will cover mods that I find are amazing, and others that made me shake my head and try to forget what I had just seen. But Shrek is now burned into my retina forever.

From Minecraft to The Sims, adult mods are either a plague or a triumph from the players themselves. Some of these mods will make you say “Damn, I’m going to try this right now!” and others will leave you feeling like you’ve been scarred just by reading this list.

Though I advocate against objectification, there’s a lot of this in here. It’s important to see both sides of the medal, and admit that it’s not alright to treat people as objects, but these mods still exist and are being used not with the intention to hate on half of the humanity.

This said, I hope you’ll discover a few interesting things by reading this list, as these 20 mods are sure to make you feel hot under the collar! ;)


20 What Balls Are We Referring To?

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All the Dead or Alive games are known to be a bit creepy and objectifying their characters. Like, who even buy these games for anything else? Ok, the gameplay is interesting and these games are certainly entertaining. However, this mix between exposed characters and good gameplay is never enough for the modding community.

In Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volley, it was possible to mod the game on Xbox to play your characters in their birthday suits. The player had to install a patch to make the swimming suits transparent, and then another one to make the girls anatomically correct. This had to be done by uploading patches from your computer to your console, which is a lot of hard work. If you consider how easily accessible this kind of content is on the Internet, it’s impressive people worked so hard on this mod!

19 Catwoman For Display Only

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Catwoman is a female character who accompanies Batman in his adventures, in the comics, video games, and movies. She’s cool, and wears a leathery body-suit and stilettos, which look terribly uncomfortable (but that’s another story). Speaking of video games and being uncomfortable, Catwoman is a character in Batman: Arkham City, and despite her already revealing outfit, modders gave her more enticing ones. Most of them are shockingly revealing, which seems like more trouble than its worth given how tight her attire is to begin with. Still, fans of the comics will take any opportunity to see this character in new ways — she's still a favorite across the board.

18 What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen

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Fallout 3 is one of the most modded game ever, as we discussed in another entry. However, there is a game that dominates when it comes to modified content, and that is Skyrim. We know it, the players can do so many things in this game, it’s crazy. However, it lacked something when it came to the adult-side of its content, and therefore modders filled that hole. No puns intended.

In Skyrim, you can change people's attire, add more illicit substances than the usual Skooma, give private parts to horses, pay for some NPC quality services, etc. Of course, all of these creepy mods are animated, so you have the privilege of seeing what’s happening to your character, instead of having to imagine it. What a world to live in!

17 Alyx Vance Wild

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I don’t know about you, but I never thought that Half-Life 2 would fit well with "hot under the collar" mods. That may be because this game’s plot doesn’t leave space to think about this, or maybe because Alyx is a cool female character who was developed to actually be something more than an eye-candy. But hey, why not paint her in this light, I guess!

Being the tough-as-nails character that she is, the modding community decided she could give her a lighter outfit. A lot lighter. As in, with absolutely nothing on. With nothing but a belt on, it’s no wonder she looks cold!

16 Can It Get Dirtier? Yes!

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You’d believe that a game which lets you wield a massive adult-toy as a weapon was mature enough already. But you are so very wrong! Saints Row 4 pushed everything far enough by itself, it didn’t need to be modded... Or did it? Though there are many requests by players to have animated interactions possible, much like in Skyrim, the modding community doesn’t seem to have gotten there yet.

You can already romance characters and get down to business in Saints Row 4, but now you can spend your whole play session in your birthday suit. It’s realistic, anatomically correct, and overall quite nice to look at. Beyond the naughtiness of it, this mod is truly majestic!

15 HDoom

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What happens when you mix Doom with animated "H" material...? HDoom.

Doom is a first-person shooter that we all know, whether we’ve played it or not. It features the first 3D to have been created for video games, and is all about shooting monstrous aliens. However, this action-packed game wasn’t enough. It had to be modded with anime characters doing the deed.

For those of you who don’t know what the "H" stands for (that’d be surprising), they are Japanese cartoons that engage in adult acts. So, HDoom, is the combination of these two things. It transforms the monsters into demonic and animated females that Doomguy can interact with. Despite the pixels, the animations are quite… vivid. There is also the possibility of playing it as a bit of a dating sim, and have dialogue options with some demon girls. This mod is… something.

14 Do The Deed And Then Give Birth

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I remember when Second Life came out. People went crazy because they firmly believed that this meant the end of our real social life, and kids would completely become immersed in this virtual reality, forever. Happily, that’s now how it went, and I’m positive that most people of my generation weren’t broken by this game.

However, Second Life became a modder’s heaven very quickly. Being an open-world MMORPG, it gave all the space and the power to the community. Many adult mods are available for this game, however, I think that nothing really compares to the birthing mod. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can enjoy someone's "company" Second Life, get pregnant, and give birth to your offspring. But not easily as in The Sims, oh no. This mod is very accurate with how it portrays actual human birth! It’s impressive to witness it!


13 The Minecraft Community Is Wild

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I don’t consider Minecraft to be childish, not at all. When you’re alone, unequipped, and digging into a cavern to find resources and there’s a zombie moaning nearby, this sandbox game suddenly turns into Resident Evil. I’m way too often terrified when I play this game, honestly. This said, there are tons of mods for Minecraft, assuming you’re not playing in a realm. And when there are mods, there are adult-oriented ones!

A few things got me really weirded out while researching this list, but I think this one wins. You can mod Minecraft so you have to build some long gold statue. Once you activate it, a female NPC appears, she’s not wearing much (with the same graphics as the rest of the game), and you can… "enjoy" her. There is nothing as creepy as Minecraft "activities," I guarantee this to you. Go watch a video (or don’t).

12 Don’t Wear This To Church

There are games that don’t really need to be modded to display this kind of content. The Mass Effect trilogy is a good example. It’s known for having the best romance interactions and intimate scenes in the video game industry — without mods. However, like with every other game ever, some players wanted to push things a little farther.

The modding community didn’t modify the Mass Effect games too much, because as stated above, it’s already damn good. But what they did was fixing glitches during romance scenes that caused immersion to break, along with creating new outfits for female characters. Nothing much, you know, the usual. And all kinds of new options underneath the usual gear characters wear.

11 Zombies And ... Yuck

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I’m a huge Resident Evil fan. It’s one of my favorite series of all time, and I’m still trying to get over Albert Wesker’s tragic tale. RE6 introduced his son, Jake Muller, whose partner is the cute Sherry Birkin from RE2 who has since turned into a gorgeous young woman. That said, RE6 is either the best game or the worse game ever, it depends on how you see it. One thing that is for sure, though: it is terribly entertaining.

Explosions, Chris and Leon knife fighting, and a never-dying giant fly monster weren’t enough for the modders. Along with the zombies, they wanted booty. Helena, Sherry, and Ada were given new outfits by the community. They range from Catwoman-ish to completely revealed. Because that’s how you fight the end of the word: in your birthday suit. In any case, it sure is distracting when your partner runs around with nothing on… Good luck Leon!

10 Lara Croft Must Be Cold

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What do you do when a video game proposes you a strong female character who owns her sexuality and kicks butts? You destroy her clothing through a mod. I mean I love these mods, I’m just seeing somewhat of a terrible pattern here. This said, Lara Croft is either the most empowered female character in video game history, or the greatest girl-toy ever. In the recent Tom Raider games, Lara’s clothing were modded, because why not.

The most popular mods out there are those enlarging Lara’s breasts, giving her a wet t-shirt, making her naked, and another one where the cloth over her breasts and crotch has been ripped off. Given the fact that she is an adventurer and goes to all kind of places, sometimes cold one, she’s clearly gonna catch a cold, if not more.

9 Depravity 101: The Sims 3

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In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing in this list or in the modding world that can beat what can be done with The Sims. Being a life simulator, this series has given birth to hilarious scenarios and memes all over the Internet since the early 2000s. However, this franchise has seen mods that turned it into a very trashy and dirty world.

The "women of the night" industry in Sims 3 can be very real. You can sell your services by enrolling yourself as an escort, you can order illicit substances, you can propose yourself to strangers on the street, etc. You can also (disgustingly) allow for "family-fun," and for teens to start intimate relationships. You can do everything. You can even catch diseases and die from it. It's wild.

8 Left 4 Dead 2 Is Not So Scary Anymore

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When it comes to the grown-u content, it’s a bit obvious that the mods are oriented towards role-playing games, mostly because it fits with the genre. However, some of these mods also target other genres, and some are surprising. Left 4 Dead 2 is a survival-horror game. And it has been modded.

Adding barely dressed characters is a norm in the modding community, and Left 4 Dead 2 is not shielded from this tendency. There’s also a weird thing going on about replacing your flashlight beam with other adult things for this game. Best of all, however, you can also replace it with Nicolas Cage’s face — which is hilarious. It’s also possible to have degrading outfits for your characters, and transform some of the monsters into more appealing creatures. In the end, Left 4 Dead 2 may not be so scary anymore…

7 Wanna Grab A Coffee?

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Grand Theft Auto is a series everyone heard about, and that is if they haven’t played the heck out of each game. It’s known for so many controversies, I can’t pinpoint one in particular. However, in San Andreas, modders pushed the gameplay further, finding a secret hidden interaction in the game. This particular exploit was such a big deal that politicians got involved, and it even forced the game off store shelves (temporarily).

If you’ve been feeling lonely in the game, you can do something about! You can seduce NPC women, and invite them on a coffee date. After that, if everything went well, you can bring them home, and ... you guessed it!

6 Shrek Starring In A "Film"

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In another entry, I mentioned that Second Life is a modder’s heaven. And if that's true, then Garry’s Mod is Paradise. This game is all about mods, so the community did whatever they wanted, which gave birth to the weirdest things I’ve seen while researching for this list. Basically, anything you can imagine can be done with Garry’s Mod.

Of course, modders’ gotta mod, and they’ve got to do so by adding creepy content to games. What’s nice about this one, though, is that you can create your very own ... entertaining... movies through Garry’s Mod mod And some people pushed it far. Too far for me. You see, the Internet has a weird obsession with Shrek, because he is love and he is life. To prove this, he ended up starring in very "loving" movie through Garry’s Mod.

These people need Jesus.

5 Postal 2

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Writing this list made me realize that there are so many devious games on the market that do not need mods to be qualified as “depraved.” Though I’ve been weirded out a bit by Shrek, I wonder if vanilla Postal 2 is worse than any other modded game, ever?

So, in a game in which you can shove your shotgun up a cat to use it as a silencer, there was still room for “improvements.” There are the usual "birthday suit" mods, of course. However, there are also ones that double down on the brutality. Because who needs anything more or better than that, honestly?

4 Unidirectional "Suits"

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The most popular MMORPG of all time is, and will probably remain, World of Warcraft. With over 10 million players around the world, you wouldn’t be surprised that a bunch of them are modders. And as we’d said before: modders’ gotta mod!

What’s cool (or not) about World of Warcraft mods is that they are installed locally. This means that you can be as gross you always dreamed, but remain anonymous to the other players! The most popular (raunchy) mods out there for WoW are those involving riske characters. Surprised? There’s a mod that makes your character run around exposed, and there’s another one that makes everyone except your character run around in their birthday suits. If you’re into cute-ish orcs, elves, and dwarves going around their day without clothes on, I guess these mods are for you!

3 Post-Apocalyptic Fun

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Oh boy, there are a lot of mods for Fallout 3. In case you didn’t know, this is one of the most modified game ever. It has terribly good and terribly bad mods, but those that make the adult-mods lovers thrive are pretty amazing.

Ok, so besides the traditional “everyone in their birthday suit” mods, there are plenty that actually effect the gameplay and offer new possibilities to the player. You can make every interior spaces into a grown-club, make NPCs sell their goods (if you know what I mean), make your companion have conversations with you about creepy stuff, or even have quests about seducing NPCs. You can then take things a step further by add buildings that are specific to your primal needs, and related to the new merchants mentioned above. The possibilities are just infinite!

2 Borderlands 2 Is Now Rated Up

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One of the best shooter series ever has got to be Borderlands. These games are terribly funny, entertaining, and have a striking visual design. I love playing online with my friends, and end up in ridiculous and surprising situations! The characters are totally cool, also! So cool, that the modding community decided to make them even nicer. If we may say so.

There are, of course, mods to make Maya more "grown-up" for Borderlands 2. But that is not all, my dear readers! The most interesting mods are probably those that change some game textures and replace it with adult materials in the visual style of the game! That’s awesome, really, and it just adds a little something to a game that is already about depravity, pushing it a little farther in the right (or wrong) direction.

1 No More WooHoo

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Up until recently, I was certain that Sims 3 would never be beaten. And then Wicked Whims arrived and changed Sims 4 into something incredibly deviant. This mod by Turbodriver allows you to choose positions, and even adapts to whatever surfaces you want to use for your "deeds." You need to download animations made by a plethora of creators, and you’ve got endless possibilities. Moreoever, some of the mods at in new whole other careers, including "cam" relations, and even more corrupted activites. They've really turned The Sims 4 into something wild you never would have expected. If you haven't already, fans of these dark mods need to see this one in action.


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