23 Worst Things About Far Cry 5

Far Cry has long been one of my favorite video game series. I remember playing the remake of the first one on Xbox back in the day, and loving how much better it was than the original on PC. I was one of the few people who really enjoyed FC2 and the angle of storytelling they went with it. Malaria and weapon degradation were interesting experiments. Sadly, not a lot of people shared my opinion and the game was a flop. Thankfully though, it did manage to gain a third installment which managed to give a whole new life to the franchise and set a new precedence going forwards.

The stories of the Far Cry series became well known for their terrifyingly real villains and for protagonists way over their heads. It's strange to think how just after a single game we came to expect such things from the franchise such as wingsuits, grappling hooks, and charismatic despots.

In these, Far Cry 5 does not disappoint. Joseph Seed and his family are as charismatic and unnerving as they get, and Ubisoft has gone all out with the imagery and relevant story. It's got everything you expect from a Far Cry game, but sadly, it's not perfect, nor is it as good as expected.

Far Cry 5 is good, I'll say that right now, you should play it, it's fun. There are a lot of problems with it though and at times, despite following the formula, it doesn't even feel like a real Far Cry game.

Below are the 25 worst things about the game that we really wish they'd perfected before releasing it.

23 Too Silly To Be Useful


Far Cry used to have amazingly smart AI that reacted to you, heck it was one of the selling points of Far Cry Instincts. Sadly, it doesn't actually seem like they've made any improvements on an AI that's been around more than a decade now.

Like in the last three games, the AI is dumber than a sack of bricks. They run into things constantly, take cover in the weirdest of places, and somehow can't notice a giant bear sprint past them right before their eyes.

This leads to a bunch of immersion-breaking weird actions you'll see the Cultists take.

I've seen one guy (who spotted me), park his ATV, get off it, then get back on, then off again, then on. This repeated until I got tired of his OCD and just ended him.

At least the AI isn't as super smart as it was in FC1's PC version where you'd find yourself being ended by a boat three hundred miles away.

22 Wait... What?


Although the series has had wonderful dialogue for their villains and the latest installment is no exception to that, Far Cry 5 has some incredibly annoying NPC's.

Far Cry 5 suffers from a writing issue which I call Sitcom Syndrome.

All the men, with the exception of the Seed brothers, The Sherrif, and Pastor Jefferies, are portrayed as dumb, insane, or jerks. The women, meanwhile, are all portrayed as their keepers, watching over them and keeping their goofy shinanigans in line (again with some exceptions). It's good to see strong female characters but when you go as overboard as Far Cry 5 has, it gets a little annoying. For example, I counted at least ten female NPC's who I could only describe as "Angry Loud," and a few others as "Angry Stoic." I've already mentioned the only Male NPCs that didn't feel like they belonged in a Grand Theft Auto goofy sidequest.

It's just a little disappointing that they only focused on the villain's dialogue and left the rest of the world feeling like a sitcom.

21 With Friends Like These


It's not just the random quest givers and NPC's dotting the map that are going to leave you shaking your head. It's also the companions that you can bring with you.

They also fall victim to the Sitcom Syndrome with Grace and Jess being varying degrees of "look how cool we are." But Hurk and Sharky are... well, comedic relief where the only joke is they're dumb.

Also, your AI buddy is just as thick-headed as the enemy AI so get used to them making some pretty odd decisions or instantly perishing before you even get a chance to revive them.

The animal companions don't fare much better.

Boomer, Cheeseburger, and Peaches' novelty wears off really quickly after the first few minutes of having them around. They can't get into cars, but love standing in front of them, and don't get the advantage of being smart enough to take cover when you're fighting enemies.

20 They Had To Nerf This


This was what I was greeted too a few days ago when I noticed there'd been a patch released for FarCry 5. Apparently, they'd done a bunch of AI fixes and had decided to nerf the wild poultry that ran around Hope County.

"The Turkey Was Too Powerful"

I nearly cried with joy as I flashed back to the moment when I was exploring an alien crop circle with my Co-Op partner when we were suddenly set upon by ten of the birds. Flamethrowers and incendiary shotgun shells only seemed to make the creatures more irate as they plunged towards us flaming like a phoenix made out of wrath. They were undeterred as they pecked poor Sharky to his doom, as we could only watch in horror before attempting to flee the scene... only to run into an Eagle five seconds later that swooped down onto my poor ally and took his eyes from him.

19 Press F To Win


Takedowns have always been pretty fun to pull off in Far Cry. You creep up on some poor unsuspecting guy, or you managed to get behind someone who's fleeing from you and you get a neat little insta-destroy animation.

It used to be even more fun when you'd drop down from above or be scaling a mountain or building and get to do it from a new angle.

They've really gone and screwed up takedowns in Far Cry 5 though.

First, it's way to easy to pull off melee takedowns now and nearly impossible to manage anything else. The prompt seems to appear at random. I've sprinted with my trusty shovel directly at someone firing at me with a rifle and had it pop up and other times I've been dropping down right on top of someone only to have them wollop me with the end of their rifle.

I haven't even seen a takedown from below yet.

18 Why Does Nobody Have Knives


Knives in Far Cry are... well, they're a constant. You get one at the beginning of every game, it's like the first weapon you hold.

Machetes, Kukris, Tantos, Combat Knives, magical glowing tribal knives, they've all mysteriously vanished from the world.

The only knife that remains that is usable is the throwing knife. Sure you'll see a lot of knives, John and Jacob love showing off theirs, but none are usable. The only melee weapons the player is allowed are things that go "Bonk." Don't get me wrong, there's something very satisfying about whacking a cultist using a spade with a smiley face on it and the sound is incredibly enjoyable. But what happened to the days where you could run at one guy, cut his throat with a sacrificial knife, pull his gun out of his holster and then shoot his two buddies?

17 License And Registration Please


Driving has never been one of Far Cry's best mechanics but at least in the previous games, they tended to be a little forgiving about driving off cliffs by mistake. Driving in first-person in a video game is a hassle at the best of times. When the roads are so curvy, take forever to get where you need to be, and are filled with roadblocks, you're going to want to take that cultist van offroad.

Which is either going to end with you constantly stopping or starting as you careen off trees or in a flaming ball of fire at the bottom of a slightly-too-steep drop. Cars seem to be a lot less durable than in previous games.

Probably cause they're all American made now.

16 It Gets Old After The Third Time

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Although you get to customize your character, they never actually show you where they've put the "Take Me" sign you must clearly be wearing.

Eden's Gate loves intoxicating you and then taking you to their region's leader so they can monologue at you before either letting you go or you manage to escape. After the third time this happens, it starts getting questionable as to why they just haven't shot you yet.

I'm not joking either, every region you're going to get taken like it's a catch and release fishing tournament.

This just seems pretty ineffective, especially since at some point you'll have offed most of the family and the survivors still seem to think they can manipulate you.

15 He's Looking Pretty Good All Things Considered


So in the big climax of John Seed's region, he manages to escape on a plane headed for his bunker. You pursue and will wind up shooting his plane down in a really cool chase sequence followed by a tense dogfight. He'll then eject out and begin floating in a parachute down to the ground.

You're gonna try to hit him with your plane.

It's inevitable, you'll see him gently floating to the ground, helpless in midair and you, much like I did, are gonna swoop down on him with the intent of your propellers turning him into minced beef. For some reason though, although they made that capable of ending him, it's going to cause your plane to explode into a ball of flame. It turns out he's more solid than a boulder.

14 You Did Your Job Too Well


Getting locked out of story quests is awful since normally it means you'll miss out on important or interesting plot information. In most

games, this will happen if you let an important NPC perish, fail to complete an objective heliwithin time, or the enemy winds up escaping. Frustratingly enough, Far Cry 5 will have you miss out on story quests for just playing the game.

If you do too many side missions and get too many Resistance Points before doing certain things, it'll lock you out of them.

Take too long in John's region to go liberate Falls End since you're unlocking companions? They'll free themselves (so why are you even doing anything in the first place) Earn too many points in Jacob's? You'll find yourself locked out of every single story mission you haven't done yet.

It's really annoying to miss out on content because we're enjoying the game at our own pace.

13 Is This All You've Got?

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Far Cry has always offered a huge selection of guns for you to use. There's always a ton of different shotguns, rifles, SMG's, and LMG's, for you to unlock and buy in the shop. Well, in every game but this one.

Far Cry 5's selection of guns is incredibly lacking.

There's not a lot of diversity here, there are only a few types of each gun and they all feel pretty much the same. The basic assault rifle overpowers everything and with ammo so easy to find and silencers so inexpensive why would you ever need a bow?

Or a slingshot for that matter which I still haven't managed to find a practical purpose for apart from being able to throw a rock at a further distance.

12 EA Business Model


So, when DLC started being a thing, everyone hated it but we ended up stuck with it. Same with pre-orders. Now, it's microtransactions and loot boxes we're in danger of being stuck with.

Thankfully, Far Cry 5 doesn't have loot boxes yet, but it does have the dumbest microtransaction model ever.

There's an in-game currency called Silver Bars which essentially lets you buy things from the shop faster than you could otherwise if you wanna spend real money. Here's the thing though, there's no point to do that. Money is easy to find in the game and they even have a few Silver Bars scattered around the map. Nothing is locked to only being able to get through Silver Bars either, so why even put them in the game?

It just seems like it was thrown in there because a business exec told them to.

11 My Wrist!


With fishing being added, we finally have a way to get aquatic wildlife for crafting materials easily, as opposed to needing to swim around a river waiting for fish to attack you.

The only problem is they've removed the need to hunt from the game.

Skinning animals or catching fish net you nothing but money, unless there's a specific quest requiring you to get those skins. As mentioned before though, it's really easy to find money in the game, so there's no point in stopping to fish.

That said, the minigame for it isn't bad, but if you're like me and playing on PC with mouse and keyboard, you're gonna be flinging that mouse everywhere while trying to tire out that Rock Bass you need to catch to set an in-game record. I suspect a rise in Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

10 Bethesda Called, They Want Their Glitches Back


The new interface is great for FarCry 5. It looks like an Elder Scrolls or Fallout Game, with the compass at the top and health bar and armor in the bottom right. This was a good thing to mimic from Bethesda and honestly, it looks really slick.

You didn't need to mimic their tendency on releasing unfinished games, though.

FarCry 5 is buggier than a picnic with a spilled bowl of sugar. Enemies clip around, cars randomly explode and fly through buildings, dialogue gets cut off and doesn't return, or that NPC you're talking to is suddenly gonna panic and run away because they somehow detected a skunk on the other side of the forest.

It can be funny once or twice, but eventually, you're gonna tear your hair out as you have to restart a cutscene or miss out on whatever happened thanks to a bug.

9 Not So Witty Banter


Much like Dragon Age, when you bring multiple companions around Hope County with you, they'll hold conversations. The first time you hear Grace and Jess try to out-cool each other you're gonna roll your eyes.

The 30th time in five minutes, you're gonna wanna shoot both of them.

Unlike Dragon Age, which was filled with interesting conversations your allies would have or endless witty banter, FarCry 5 has about three conversations that your friends will repeat constantly to one another. None of it is well written either and suffers even more from sitcom syndrome or is just straight up worrying.

I actually found Jess Black to be an interesting character before I learned that all she wants to do is end cultists.

"I gotta at least thank the Peggies. They helped me find my purpose"

Well that doesn't sound at all like a future serial criminal, does it Jess?

8 Hurk Is The Worst For This


"Hurk, you should breathe quieter"

"HUFF HUFF HUFF, What? Oh, no can do I'm like a jet engine taking in fuel."

Haha, classic Hurk, what will he say next.

"HUFF HUFF HUFF, What? Oh, no can do I'm like a jet engine taking in fuel."

Oh, I guess he wasn't finished before Jess cut him off to yell about there being Peggies to our right so now he's gonna start over.


"HUFF HUFF HUFF, Wha----------?"

Oh God please don't tell me it's glitched.

"HUFF HUFF HUFF, Wha----------?"

He continued to do this for the entire helicopter ride. The dialogue between all your companions sucks, constantly repeats and will not only drown out but sometimes actually prevent NPC's from telling you important information.

7 Why Do You Keep Leaving Me!

greg bryk

US Marshall Burke is a jerk. The Sherrif and his deputies (which includes you) try to warn him constantly that arresting Joseph Seed with anything less than a full army is foolish and he just doesn't listen. Burke sets off the cult and is pretty much the entire reason that everything goes straight to heck. You're, in the end, tasked to escape from the cult as everything starts blowing up around you with only Burke to rely on.

He immediately ditches you. Twice.

The first time is in a helicopter that is on fire and about to explode, rather than help you get free of your seatbelt, he just books it. About ten minutes later when you've found him again and your car ends up sinking into the river he manages to kick the windshield out and swim to safety.... leaving you behind.

He's the main reason I did Faith's Region last, I just didn't want to go and save him at that point.

6 Well, That Escalated Quickly


Joseph Seed is a charismatic villain with a huge following of people who think they're doing the right thing. At several times in the story, you're made to feel and believe that maybe he's not entirely wrong, maybe he's not crazy, and then there's a horrible monologue about how he ended his own baby's life.

What was once a charming, silver-tongued and maybe even a little sympathetic villain is immediately ruined by this one monologue.

No longer is Joseph Seed identifiable, no longer can you wonder if maybe there's more to what's happening. Now you just see him as a monster who hurts children. This kinda ruined my expectations of him as a villain for me, since it seemed Far Cry was going to try and have a sympathetic bad guy for once instead of the insane evil despots they'd previously had.

5 Two Can Be As Bad As One


For a game that marketed itself as an amazing Co-Op experience with a story to match, the Co-Op is actually pretty terrible. Never do you see your partner in any cutscenes, nor do they ever get addressed.

If you try to have one of you on a plane and the other on the ground, one of you is just gonna wind up being teleported for being too far away.

Even the stunt trials, which are supposed to be breakneck vehicle challenges you can do with a friend, feel like they were meant to be single-player. Only one of you is required to actually complete the course while the other one flails at their steering wheel.

In addition, your story progress doesn't save, so you'll need to repeat missions in your friends game or in your own eventually.

4 Accessories!


Since the weapon selection is so sub-par, you'd think they'd have put more effort into customizing what you do have. Each weapon can only get a few add-ons and what they do get are all the same. Silencers, bigger mags, scopes, and maybe a color swap.

Where are the undermounted grenade launchers? The shotgun add-ons, grips and speedloaders.

It's incredibly disappointing, even the collector's edition weapons are just re-skins of already existing guns. Some of the add-ons you can get for certain weapons don't make any sense either, why can I buy a tactical scope for a magnum? Why can I put a suppressor on this light machine gun and why use anything else when I have?

3 Fuzzy Dice


Cars suffer from the same problem as the guns, there's no actual customization for them. We're given a garage and told we can change paint jobs and add bobbleheads to the dashboards, but that's only on one or two cars that don't even start off that great.

You can't change suspensions, steering wheels, or add guns to vehicles, like they made it seem you could.

It's a massive let down for those of us who wanted to try and stomach the awful driving in exchange for having an eighteen-wheeler painted in full camo who's horn played the Flight of The Valkyries and could fire mortars from the back.

I'm not asking for much here Ubisoft!

2 No Need To Say Yes


The illusion of choice isn't handled very well in this game. It's cool to see that in John's region you get a lot of chances to give in to his demands by saying "yes," in order to save other characters. When my Co-Op partner and I played through the missions again, this time in his game and taking the opposite actions as we did previously... nothing changed.

Nothing you do matters.

When you're being Hunted, Blessed, or Marked. It doesn't matter what you do, they're going to catch you. If you try to resist in the cutscenes, they wind up playing out the exact same and you end up doing the exact same things. After ending several of his siblings, Joseph Seed reacts to you the same way, as if you were meeting him in those cutscenes for the first time.

1 Be Yourself


Another feature which was spoken about as if it were the answer to all your problems was character customization. For the first time, you'd be able to make your own protagonist and change clothing based on tastes. The options for face, hair, and body type, though, are pathetic. My Co-Op partner and I found out we'd accidentally picked the same options since everything else was pretty terrible looking.

He offered to go and change when he came back I found he was now rocking a black mullet.

I'm not certain which I preferred more.

The clothing options are equally as disappointing, with most of them being the worst color combinations imaginable or just being ugly. Maybe in the future more will be added, but on launch day it was kind of sad to see.

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