25 Not Ok Thoughts And Feelings From Disney Employees

Disney is MAGIC. Disneyland exists to allow folks to clear their minds and recapture their innocence. As a cultural icon, Mickey Mouse scurried his way into our collective conscious and continues to be adored by people of all ages. When it comes to their movies, where do we even begin? The phrase "timeless classic" should be solely reserved for flicks created by the Mouse's company and Studio Ghibli, who are also linked to Disney.

What we are trying to say is that Disney is life and love. For thousands of people, Disney is also a paycheck. Working at Disneyland might seem like a lifetime pass to wonderland, but spending too much time in paradise could dull one's senses to Disney's magical touch. As one of the biggest enterprises in the developed world, the Walt Disney Company largely avoids being subjected to negative press, but Mickey Mouse cannot control the internet.

whisper.sh is the perfect platform for disgruntled employees to share their frustrations with the galaxy. Is Disneyland not Heaven on Earth? Such claims can be found on this site. Anonymity can be hard to achieve, but Whisper confessions are the equivalent of shouting in the dark while stuck in a crowd. Disney is REGULARLY a topic of discourse.

Time to ruin the magic! Here are 25 Whisper confessions from Disney employees!

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25 Disneyland Turns Children Into Grumpy Adults

Via whisper.sh

Heavy. We are not trying to be sarcastic, as the whisperer's frustration is crystal clear for the entire world to see. Pushing Disney to the side for a moment, magic tends to last only when the strings are hidden. Magicians make a living out of pulling the wool over people's eyes, and while some might try to figure out the trick, most prefer to be left in the dark. Magic does not exist and there is an explanation for everything. Suspending disbelief is the only way to properly experience something beyond logic, so peaking behind the curtain adds reality to fiction. Working at Disney World must be a similar experience. There is no surer way to ruin the magic than becoming part of the act. Suddenly, Disney is real. The commenter seems to be hinting at bigger issues than disillusionment, but writing anything more would just be speculation.

24 Star Wars Vs Marvel (There Is Only One Winner)

Via whisper.sh

Really? The internet paints a different story. Just ensure there are no misunderstandings; as a whole, fandoms are pretty awesome. It is a delight to see passionate strangers discuss a topic that is dear to them. These interactions can lead to insightful revelations and theories, but rotten apples exist in every batch.

Get it? A ROTTEN apple in a DISNEY article...We will see ourselves out...

Anyway, this is not about the internet but the whisperer's direct interaction with both parties. In this case, Star Wars supporters left a much more positive impression than their comic-book counterparts. We are going to hazard a guess and assume this whisper was written before The Last Jedi. Hopefully, the fanbases decide to see who can out nice the other. That is a title worth achieving.

23 Hey - Even Disney Princesses Need To Pay Their Bills

Via whisper.sh

Whether this actually happened or not is up for debate. When it comes to their cast members, Disney is RIDICULOUSLY strict. There are rules that cannot be broken and there are always countless of young women who would be aching for the job. We doubt the company would forgive any serious indiscretions, as they have no reason to give their employees a second chance. There will never be a shortage of girls who dream of working as a Disney Princess.

On the other hand...

Fanart suggests that audiences do not outgrow Disney after a certain age. The studio has built an empire on fueling children's imaginations; so, in due time, that emotion might return to its source. Everyone has their favorite Disney Princess, and what better way to honor your childhood than a visit to Disneyland?

22 The Future Is (Not) Now

Via whisper.sh

Ron Clements and John Musker, who directed Disney's Moana, recently implied the Mouse might be contemplating on allowing the option of introducing a non-traditional Princess.

Maybe. Someday. 

At times, Disney struggles to change with society. The company largely focuses on classical fairytales, which tend to be a lot more conventional in nature. Just to be fair, in the last couple of decades, they have diversified the cast. MulanThe Princess and the Frog, and Aladdin introduced non-white Princesses, so it should be only a matter of time before Disney takes the next logical step. While the attempt was half-hearted, the Beauty of the Beast remake felt like the studio was testing the waters. Disney should just hold their breath and plunge into the deep end.

21 Dude, Disney Employees Have Feelings Too...

Via whisper.sh

Hopefully, this girl learns manners from her mother. A job is a job. While ambition is a good thing, there is no reason to look down on someone else's life. Disney is a massive company and landing any type of paying job is challenging. Whenever a position is made available, there is bound to be dozens, if not hundreds, of applicants. Acing the selection process deserves its own celebration.

Frankly, this father should know better. Even if he wanted to teach his daughter this particular lesson; at least, wait until the employee is not within earshot. This young girl just learned there is no need to treat customer service agents with any respect as they are less than human.

20 The (Not So) Shocking Truth

Via whisper.sh

Sadly, we doubt anyone would struggle to believe her claim. With customers constantly flowing through Disney's gate, there will always be a couple who take things way too far. Cast members have it rough. It cannot be easy entertaining hundreds of people every day, and inappropriate behavior should not be tolerated. Otherwise, they will ruin the fun for everyone. The reply does a great job of illustrating the worst possible way someone could react to this type of news.

Par for the course.

No, it is not. Nobody should be forced to quit their job because a couple of customers are acting like immature children. The reply normalizes this behavior, which is far from the case.

19 Judging A Book By Its Cover

Via whisper.sh

Come on, this is Disney! If there is one lesson they repeatedly hammer into their audience, it would be to not judge a person by appearances. A common maid could easily transform into a princess and outsiders are the perfect candidates for a hero's journey.

It's a small world...

The whisperer is rightfully disappointed for not being greeted with the same fanfare as the cast members. This inconsistent behavior is justifiable in young kids, as they genuinely believe in Disneyland's magic. Adults see a guy dressed as Mickey Mouse, while a five-year-old shook hands with their idol. Moving away from Disney, no matter the situation or profession, employees should always be shown respect. Anything less is only going to make the experience worse for everyone involved.

18 Is Disney Really That Amazing?

Via whisper.sh

Duh! Working at Disney is hardly the same as going there on vacation. Heck, if someone can enjoy visiting the same place for ten times, they must clearly be doing something right. Disneyland can be overwhelming: the lines are endless, everything costs an arm and a leg, and Donald Duck refuses to sign our Looney Tunes shirt. Frankly, there is barely anything to enjoy at the "happiest place on Earth."

Okay, the whisperer deserves the benefit of the doubt, but they should realize that employees and visitors do not see Disneyland in the same light. Their experiences could not be further apart. The latter is there to have fun, while the former is going through the exact opposite. Sure, work can be enjoyable, but it is rarely fun. Otherwise, it would not be called work.

17 Fuel For The Soul

Via whisper.sh

Someone could be rich beyond words or possess the greatest support system imaginable, they will NOT always be happy. It is impossible. Satisfaction is maintainable over an extended period, but joy is a powerful and draining emotion. Anger might leave a longer lasting impression, but unbridled happiness tends to dissipate quickly.

Whether happy or sad, remember to SMILE.

Disney World is fantasy. It exists in a bubble and part of an employee's job description is to safeguard the myth surrounding Mickey Mouse. They might look like they are having fun, but that is part of the job. Pretending to be happy is exhausting and, sometimes, workers need a bit of help to get through the day. It is not always healthy but there is no escaping reality.

16 Lend A Disney Princess A Bed

Via whisper.sh

Kids, we do not recommend trying this at home. Sending out an anonymous request for a sleepover feels dangerous. Unless the name is preceded by "Bates," a motel seems like a safer option. While this might be worse when working for Disney, as the company's big resorts tend to be ALWAYS busy, anyone who has held a retail position should relate to this whisperer's experience. There is nothing worse than crashing into bed after a 12-hour shift knowing you have to wake up in five hours to repeat the feat. At that point, it would be better to just sleep at the office. At least, you would be able to cut the commute and sleep for an extra hour. Sleep deprivation might not be magical, but it is part of most jobs. Disney is no exception.

15 (Disney) Mind Games

Via whisper.sh

As they say, one man's garbage is another's treasure. As someone stuck listening to the Billboard charts, the possibility of spending a couple of hours with Disney as a soundtrack sounds delightful. Safe for work? Time to crack open Spotify and blast Circle Of Life over the speakers. For the foreseeable future, Rihanna and Lil Yachty can take a nap.

The breaking point.

Most things have an expiration date. Disney songs are catchy and whimsical, but months of listening to them on repeat are likely to grate on one's nerves. It should be noted that the resorts play altered versions of the hit songs, which are usually looped endlessly. Depending on the attraction, the employees hear only a couple of related tracks. Anyone required to endlessly listen to It's A Small World After All deserves our sympathy.

14 Freedom Never Tasted So Sweet

Via whisper.sh

Oh, those last couple of hours have a habit of feeling like an eternity. Freedom is within touching distance. The final day before venturing forth to greener pastures can be an emotional rollercoaster. Many have cried at the thought of throwing on their uniform for the last time before meeting their soon to be ex-coworkers. It is the end of a chapter and there is no rule that requires a somber conclusion. When it comes to this whisper, the commenter obviously cannot wait to stick Disney in the rearview mirror. Putting aside the background photo, the whisperer did not specify exactly where they worked, but the experience seemed to have left something to desire. Good luck with the future, hopefully, their next job will bring back the magic.

13 Rainbows Are Accompanied By Thunderstorms

Via whisper.sh

Customer service jobs require the retail person to pretend they are happy to be dealing with the client. Whether they are having a good or bad day is irrelevant, as the customer should not be burdened with the employee's unrelated frustrations. Now, imagine having to keep up that charade while working at the happiest place on the planet!

Why are there tears covering your smile?

This whisper paints a pretty realistic picture of an employee's typical day. Any job comes with positives and negatives, but the outside world is privy only to the former. We can imagine that new Disney employee might feel disillusioned, as there is a massive difference between vacationing and working in Disneyland. In the latter situation, you cannot simply ignore the annoying customers. No, they are part of your day and there is no way out.

12 Moana's Dilemma

Via whisper.sh

We are going out on a limb and say no. Cultural appropriation is an important topic that should be taken seriously, but there needs to be a limit to everything. Frankly, we are more bothered by Disney breaking the illusion by not sticking true to their character's origin. From the studio's catalog of animated heroines, Moana's personality is the most closely tied to her heritage. In this case, casting someone who does not fit Moana's description would take away from the experience. The issue is less about cultural appropriation and more that children might struggle to believe they are meeting the real character. The girl dressed as Moana is merely doing her job; so, hopefully, nobody gave her a hard time.

11 Mickey Summons The Power Of Disney

Via whisper.sh

Well, there is safety in numbers. With thousands of people visiting Disney's resorts per day, any security risk should be taken extremely seriously. While nobody enjoys being left in the dark, sometimes information just breeds panic, especially when large crowds are thrown into the mix.

Ignorance is bliss.

In this situation, should employees be informed? Maybe? It is hard to say. Rumors spread like wildfire, so keeping a tight lid on things might be the best course of action. At the very least, when dealing with security measures, Disney does not seem to believe in taking half-measures. Preventive action is not always possible, but companies should try to get ahead of any potential incidents.

10 Mother Nature Holds No Control Over Disney

Via whisper.sh

Disney did close their theme parks for Hurricane Irma, although they were criticized for delaying the decision. By the 8th of September, it was only a matter of time before the storm hit the parks, but the company toughed it out for another day. The whisperer might be referring to this particular incident, but there is no way to be sure. As part of the customer service business, unfortunately, employees have to follow the orders of the company. If the higher-ups believe they can work, then work they shall. Despite the impending arrival of Mother Nature's wrath, Disney World was packed with customers. It could be raining cats and dogs, but crowds will continue to gather at the Magical Kingdom. When the world finally stops turning, Disney will be the last to fall.

9 Banished From The Magical Kingdom

Via whisper.sh

Post-Disney depression is universal. Children are more susceptible, but adults are not completely immune to its effects. Exposure to the symptoms helps build resistance, which reduces the impact of future incidents. It does get easier. Unless someone is completely immune to Disney's charms, the majority of visitors cannot help but fight back tears as they drive away from the Magical Kingdom.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

During a day trip, people have time to emotionally prepare for their eventual heartbreak. While there is no stopping the pain, it can be dulled. We cannot imagine what the whisperer is experiencing. As they worked at Disney World, they must have believed that it was going to last forever and ever. Sadly, life's surprises are rarely welcome.

8 After The Smile Fades

Via whisper.sh

Unless the whisperer's smile is a work of art, the customers should be fine. The employee is so preoccupied with smiling, they actually seem terrified of getting it wrong. It is said that everything has a time and place, but this cliché does not extend to Disney and happiness. When working at the Mouse's house, it is either his rules or the highway. Outside of the Magical Kingdom, do these employees struggle to smile? While at home, an office worker who spends their day starring at a computer might prefer to stay as far away from a screen as possible. Is it the same for Disney employees? You know, just with smiling instead of computers. After a long day's work, there is nothing more relaxing than a frown.

7 I Am, Therefore I Disney...Wait, Somethings Feels Off...

Via whisper.sh

Without context, this whisper might come across as strange. Typing "Disneyland" in Whisper.sh's search engine results in tons of ads from people asking for an employee to get them into the Magical Kingdom.

Pretty please with sprinkles on top.

The vast majority of whispers related to the resorts are these type of comments. Apparently, a perk of working for the Mouse is free tickets to the amusement parks. "Free" does not mean a neverending supply of tickets, just the employees are rewarded for their hard work with a couple of passes, presumably to be distributed to their family or close friends. The poster is clearly sick of having to turn down requests and answer questions related to Disney, so they found a way to release some tension.

6 Escape Is Futile

Via whisper.sh

Sir or Madam, that is a solid question! Visiting your place of work as a customer can be rather weird. Cities are packed with things to visit and do, so why waste your free time at the place that sucks up every other waking hour of your life? Would a fast food employee eat at the same restaurant on their off day? While this is a good question, Disneyland feels somewhat different from other workstations. Adults are unlikely to visit the park on their own, so they might have to accompany their children. In those situations, it makes sense to take advantage of the perks that came with the job. Also, they must enjoy knowing they do not have to deal with any of the customers.

"Oh, that kid is throwing garbage all over the floor and making a fuss? Good luck with that, we'll be at Space Mountain."

5 Pushing The Right Button

Via whisper.sh

Apparently, Disney might not be the greatest place to pick up one-liners. The security guard's opening number comes across as really cheesy and try hard, especially since he probably repeats it multiple times a day. Speaking honestly, the rest of the whisper left us in a state of bewilderment. Is the security guard asking the "button" question? Or, is that the customer? Smile and button hardly sound identical, so we cannot imagine she misheard him? The only logical explanation is that the button itself was the smile. Was that the case? Did the accessory have a huge grin slapped across its face? If this were true, suddenly, their interaction seems rather wholesome. As none of the other entries can make such a claim, let us try to enjoy this one.

4 Goodbye And Good Riddance

Via whisper.sh

As a teenager or child, the weekend is a marvelous time that takes forever to arrive and disappears before anyone can finish saying "LAN party at my house!" At the drop of a hat, it is Monday morning and the school bus is impatiently knocking at the door.

Breakfast can wait.

Adult life does not always distinguish between Sunday and Tuesday. Certain professions run throughout the week, so there is rarely much of a reason to get excited about the weekend. For those who work from Monday to Friday, the rest of the time tends to be dedicated to chores or taking care of the kids. It takes something truly special to revive that youthful excitement associated with the end of the week. Apparently, quitting Disney is one of those special moments.

3 Hey, I Just Met You And This is Crazy...

Via whisper.sh

Love blooms in the most unlikely of places. It can happen at the supermarket, cinema, or the DMV. Disney is synonymous with dreams and wonder; so, is there a more fitting place for two individual to share a magical moment? Frankly, we would be shocked if Disneyland does not witness a couple of proposals per day. Walt Disney's films tend to push the concept of "love at first sight" and "true love." Working in such a setting might push someone to constantly feel inspired or gripped with passion. Also, people vacationing at Disney World are likely to be at their absolute best. The resort's overbearing happiness is infectious, and the employees are obliged to constantly smile. Around every single corner, there is the potential for a life-changing moment.

2 Disney Before Pleasure

Via whisper.sh

Well, this commenter seems to have a good head on their shoulders. After years of studying and hard work, graduation is the perfect way to celebrate the achievements of the student body. It was a long road but we made it! At the same time, employment should take precedent. If for some reason, a rest day is not on the cards, then it is probably better to go to work than ditch it for graduation.

In the long run, memories matter more than a job.

While an argument can definitely be made for the above, good times are unlikely to pay the bills. Disney offers that peace of mind. The commenter does not state they are working at Disneyland or one of the other resorts, so they could very well have landed an internship at their animation studios. At the end of the day, work experience is worth more than graduation. Still, it is easy to empathize with their frustration.

1 The Disney Ultimatum

Via whisper.sh

After reading through these entries, that seems to be the gist of it. Disney's resorts, films, and characters might bring joy to millions of people, but working for the Mouse is a whole different beast. The Magical Kingdom loses its luster after someone cleans its toilets or rinses puke from the seats of a roller coaster. Whisper.sh is hardly the ideal place to bring up some of the more serious problems faced by the workforce, so this employee's declaration will have to suffice. In order to paint a fair picture, there are whisperers who enjoyed their time at Disney; as with most things in life, experiences vary depending on the person. Someone's dream job could be excruciating for their closest friend.

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