20 “Not So PG” Photos Of Nintendo Cosplayers

20 “Not So PG” Photos Of Nintendo Cosplayers

via kawaiihero91.deviantart.com

I love cosplay. As a hobby, it was an incredibly challenging but gratifying craft. As an observer, I am constantly impressed by the intricate details and hard-work it takes to create each costume and prop. As a constant of geek conventions around the work, cosplay is a medium and conduit of visual expression through mimicry and physical emulation. There are dedicated artists and admirers, globally, and is something that transcends language, borders, and political doctrines.

Cosplay is a fun thing to look at and awesome to do. As we all know, not all cosplay is family-friendly. Some might be for the older crowd and some might get people in trouble. Remember when Jessica Nigri got kicked out of PAX East? Sometimes you can take the hobby too far. One thing we cannot deny is that cosplay has an incredible presence at conventions, but especially on the internet where people share works through social media and online forums.

Nintendo has created some of the most memorable characters in the world. It is no surprise that their characters have found life beyond just the games themselves. Rather, each successful and popular character has developed its own personality through various media and merchandising. Most important of all, the fans have created art and cosplay to expand Nintendo properties, also.

Though Nintendo has family-friendly entertainment, some of their fans believe otherwise. The internet is filled with cosplayers willing to deviate from Nintendo’s agenda. Here are 20 not so PG cosplay of Nintendo’s finest characters, without Nintendo’s consent of course.

20. Hiiragi Mayon

via livedoor.jp

Hiiragi Mayon didn’t find fame outside of her native Japan until photographs of her Mario and Luigi cosplay made their rounds on the internet. If you are looking for cosplay accuracy, Hiiragi’s Luigi won’t be something that will impress you. Her outfit consists of a green swimsuit, overalls, a novelty Luigi hat, and an adorable face. Yet, this little coordinate made her more popular than most cosplayers who spend endless hours working on their outfits. In case you think that she is just another lazy cosplayer fishing for attention through her assets, Hiiragi has done a fair share of outfits that required a lot of extra elbow grease and sleepless nights.

19. Amy Fantasy

via pinterest.com

Amy Fantasy is a Puerto Rican cosplayer who lives in Portland, Oregon. Yet, her days are anything but gloomy and rainy, as this lovely lady is all sunshine (and a little bit of moonshine). Which is great because her cosplay of Lillie of Pokémon features the character primed and ready for the beach for the summer months. So, if you want to have your cosplay fix, especially ones of the deviant disposition, Amy Fantasy is an excellent provider. Her cosplays are always known to be a little “grown up. Be warned, though, if you want to search for her cosplay works, as many of them are for an adult audience. Though she might be a little too risque for general consumption, Amy still has plenty of fans around the world.

18. Tetra TriForce

via deviantart (tetra-triforce)

With this next cosplay, we travel back to the Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64, one of the best Zelda titles to date. Tetra Triforce, also known as Lora Wulf is an avid fine artist and cosplayer. Her cosplayer of the Great Fairy is one of the very few done of the character. Besides her lovely cosplay of the Great Fairy, Tetra Triforce has also created several notable outfits including a spot-on April O’Neil in her original animated series appearance and an incredibly done Misty from the Pokémon series. Hopefully, we continue to see many of her works, both drawings and cosplays, in the near future. She definitely has a lot more to offer.

17. Holly Wolf

via pinterest

Not many people can say they are a geek and a Playboy model, but Holly Wolf is one of them. This gorgeous lady has been Playmate of the Year for the Czech edition and the cover girl for the Slovakia and Philippines editions of the magazine. Besides that, she has been featured on Geek Fantasy and FHM. When she isn’t doing mainstream glamour work, Holly Wolf also loves video games and working on her cosplay. Her interpretation of Samus’s alternate costume in Super Smash Bros. shows off this European beauty at her best. Like they always say, you can’t judge a book by its jaw-dropping cover. Here’s to many more cosplay from this super star.

16. Liz Katz

via pinterest.com

There aren’t many female cosplayers who could dethrone Jessica Nigri as the face of sexy cosplays — and Liz Katz is one of them. With ample skills and a wonderful canvas to work with, Liz Katz cannot create enough of her outfits to please the insatiable appetite of the geeky internet faithful. She found her true popularity when a photograph of her as Tifa Lockhart made its internet circulation. Since then, no one has seemed to capture the imagination of fans more than Liz. Her incredibly steamy interpretation of Mario’s resident Princess Peach has seemingly hit the popularity of her Tifa cosplay. It has gotten to a point where she cannot post some her photos on social media, because many are deemed to risque. Therefore, she created a fan club called the Gritty Kitty Club through her official website.

15. Aktrez

via nocookie

Becky Young, who goes by her cosplay pseudonym of Aktrez, has been an active cosplayer since 2006. Such dedication netted her numerous cosplay-related awards and even led to her being featured on SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay. Her very suggestive cosplay of Zero Suit Samus is sure to impress even the most judgmental cosplay nerds. Besides cosplay, she continued with her other two passions in life: acting and being a dedicated nerd. Featured on several shows such as Attack of the Show and The Loop, Aktrez still finds time to be the creator of her own company and acting as a marketing coordinator for Mythic Entertainment. Currently, she goes by the stage name of Rebecca Denise.

14. Shantel Knight

via tumblr.com

Yet, another Not Safe For Work cosplay personality, Shantal Knight loves to blur the lines between merely steamy, and into a provocative place. Shantal Knight covers a lot of gaming ground, putting on cosplay from Nintendo series, like Earthbound and (of course) Super Mario Bros., as well as some comics and movies. The model has a career that has taken her from modeling to Twitch streaming, and we’re always excited to see more. This particular Princess Peach costume really is the definition of “not so PG.” You can find a mountain of her work on her instagram: right here.

13. Gina B Cosplay

via pinterest

There aren’t too many notable things to come out of Long Island, but Gina B Cosplay is one of the few special entities from this city in New York. Besides making her own outfits and props, she also is an excellent designer of custom-made jean jackets. She might sell them to you if you ask nicely and give her enough financial compensation through her Etsy shop. A few years removed from winning the Best Video Game Cosplay award from Geekie Awards, Gina is still making excellent costumes. Though, she is not attending as many events and conventions during this stage in her career, Gina’s Officer Jenny will likely be preserved on the internet until the end of time.

12. Jennifer Deku

via pinterest

Don’t let those bikinis and tattoos fool you, Jennifer Deku is the lovely nerd next door. On top of blowing up her personal Instagram with her overly “physical” selfies and glamour shoots, Jennifer enjoys cosplaying as some of the most famous fictional characters in the world, of course, with her own personal, alternative spin. Her very curvy rendition of Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty might be one of the most stunning displays ofa  tank top and suspenders there has even been. To respond to Team Rocket James’s snotty comment about Misty’s bust line, it appears that Jennifer Deku is the gym leader all grown up. If you fine with your Pokémon trainers with tattoos, then Jennifer Deku certainly all of that and more.

11. Katta Ramos

via sosyalmedyada.net

Greetings from Chile. The cosplay community in Chile isn’t the biggest or most elaborate, but it has contributed a bounty of wonderful cosplay over the years — and it shows no signs of stopping. Katta Ramos, who goes by Umi Kani and Zettai, would have never expected her cosplay of Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy would be featured on online communities around the world and one of the most talked-about Nintendo cosplays in recent memory. Though Rosalina is a relatively new character, she is one of the more popular figures in the current generation of Mario games. Like Rosalina, Katta’s cosplay should certainly be considered out of this world. Is it a little cliché to write that? Hope to see more of her works soon.

10. Leaping Lizard

via allthatsepic

There might not be many things all too special about Little Mac’s design, but that didn’t stop Leaping Lizard from nailing her Punch-Out! cosplay. Not just that, but this is to nail this gender-bending cosplay of the small boxing protagonist. Now, I know there is nothing complicated about dressing up as Little Mac. All you need to do is to wear a black tank top, green trunks, black boxing boots, and green boxing gloves. Yet, for some reason, Leaping Lizard does it so well. Though it is not the most innovative cosplay, she perfectly puts her own stunning spin on an otherwise vanilla type of character. Of course, Little Mac is supposed to be us, so that’s why he is so generic. But would it kill them to give him a little more pizazz in his subsequent appearances in Super Smash Bros.?

9. Micro Kitty

via pinterest

During her decade-long passion to cosplaying, Micro Kitty has dressed up as some of the most powerful women in fiction, all capable of saving the world or destroying the evilest of creatures without batting an eyelid. Yet, it is the one of her portraying one of Nintendo’s most overused damsel-in-distress that netted her the most internet popularity. Her interesting cosplay of a captured Princess Peach might be one of her most eye-catching photoshoots and outfits to date. This Princess cosplay hits 11 on the hotness scale — there’s nothing else quite like it. Looking at this photo, I finally figured out why Bowser kept kidnapping her — and I’m sure you can figure out why as well.

8. Molecular Agatha

via allthatsepic.com

Though not considered the most famous cosplayer in the world, Molecular Agatha, at the very least, has the best cosplay pseudonym and a highly-decorated resume. Molecular Agatha, a graphic designer from Costa Rica, has been creating cosplayer for nearly 11 years. During that time, she has attended many conventions in Central and South America as a guest and cosplay judge, while winning over a dozen cosplay-related awards. She has also been featured on IGN, Kotaku, Playboy, and COSMODE, just to name a few. If you have never heard of her, you’d be in the minority. Though her Steampunk Link from Zelda garnered her notoriety, it is her beach-ready Princess Peach that is too steamy for children. Don’t worry. Children won’t appreciate this stuff, anyway.

7. Jessica Nigri

via pinterest

If there is a cosplay article without the name Jessica Nigri, is it really a proper one? One thing that is always a guaranteed attention-grabber is more of her cosplays. For this list of Nintendo-related cosplays, I was spoiled for choice as Nigri has done as many Pokémon outfits (as well as actual Pokémon). Still, the one that impressed me was her hyper stunning version of Nintendo’s most famous fox pilot, Star Fox. Since playing the original Star Fox on the SNES, it has always been one of my favorite series. Thus, when I found out that Nigri created this cosplay of the lead character, it was a guaranteed lock for this list. Thanks, Jessica. Nobody does this stuff better than you. Please don’t retire.

6. NintendoNat

via taringa.net

This is a lady that needs no introduction. NintendoNat found her internet stardom with her cosplays of exclusively Nintendo properties. To not include her in this article and list would be criminal. For those who aren’t familiar with her, NintendoNat used to be a cosplayer with very Not Safe For Work photoshoots with well-placed props obscuring her more personal parts from the gazes of the netizens, worldwide. Though she is longer an active cosplayer, her works will be immortalized on hard drives and servers everywhere. Not bad for a cosplayer who’s Donkey Kong outfit consisted of a DK tie and a hand of bananas.

5. Pamela Horton

via segabits

Contrary to popular opinion, Playboy Playmate Pamela Horton was actually a geeky gamer before being discovered as a glamour model. She doesn’t like dressing up and would rather spend her paycheck buying games at Gamestop. Her true love is World of Warcraft. How serious and obsessed is she for WoW? Planned raids are prioritized over Playboy Mansion parties. Nothing disappointed her more than not being able to connect to WoW and League of Legends servers while working in Iceland. Keeping all of that in mind, there is no better model to dress up as the black outfitted vixen, Bayonetta. If you have time, be sure to check the rest of her photoshoot to promote the sequel.

4. Raychul Moore

via pinterest

Gamer. Cosplayer. Youtuber. Legend. Raychul Moore began her career as a video game journalist for Gamepro and Editor-in-Chief for their sister site, Gamegirl. To us writers here at TheGamer, she is the person we look up to. When she isn’t creating new content for her Youtube channel or hosting other forms of gaming-related shows, Raychul also cosplays on a regular basis. Since being her craft nearly a decade ago, she created an adorable and feminine cosplay of Mario in Super Mario Kart. Though, it seems that she might have accidentally flipped her go-kart over by accident due to a rogue Koopa shell. Raychul looks rather peeved at her situation, but I am sure she has the wherewithal to remedy her rather difficult predicament.

3. Termina

We all can’t be heroes, but someone like Termina makes cosplaying as the villainous Cia look so good. This Boudoir version of Hyrule Warriors’ antagonist, Cia, is the single most eye-catching and share-worthy cosplay from this Indiana crafter. Of course, it helps that it’s decidedly hot. This interpretation of Cia is —ridiculously— lacking in the “clothing” department, but the props and body paint is spot-on. Thankfully, this is as blue as this photoshoot would go. As a cosplayer, Termina has won several cosplay awards from conventions in the Midwest such as the Cincinnati Comic Con to Indy Pop Con. So, she’s a credible cosplayer. The model doesn’t do very many “mature” cosplay in this vein, but we are all glad she decided to bravely put all of her on display for the sake of the art.

2. Tiffany Jo

via kawaiihero91.deviantart.com

Tiffany Jo works for Charisma Plus 2 as a model for solely video game-related cosplay. If I dreamed of a real life version of Zelda, it would probably look exactly like this. Though it is not part of the canon, the slave version of Zelda appears to be a popular choice among female cosplayers. But Tiffany’s one is probably the most notable one. It is easy to imagine why that is. This rather not so PG interpretation of the famous Zelda is somewhat like a parody of the slave outfitted Leia from Star Wars. That being said, Tiffany does a fantastic job. In addition to her cosplay, you can find Tiffany Jo on Twitch with the screen name, Th3WanderingArtist.

1. Gabrielle Cooke

via twitter/pinterest.com

Gabrielle Cooke and her well-endowed bust has led her down a path to create some of the most eye-catching cosplays on the internet, today. There are many reasons why she is so well-loved. Not surprisingly, Gabrielle has a lot of Instagram followers and plenty of financial supporters on her Patreon. She might make more money as a cosplayer than some people do at their day job. If her ‘steamy’  Zelda has gotten you eager for more, she has plenty of other cosplays and photoshoots for you to ogle — many of which are much more “blue” than the couple we’ve showcased here. Cooke does an incredible job with her craft, and we’re lucky to have such a talented person working in the space.

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