Watch: Nukazooka Video Imagines PUBG Players Trapped In A Fortnite World

The latest video from Youtube channel Nukazooka imagines PUBG players trapped in a Fortnite world.

It’s almost impossible not to compare the two great Battle Royale games of the moment, and Nukazooka, a Youtube channel of about 1.4 million subscribers, doesn’t try to avoid it. In fact, their latest video shows how the two games are actually very much the same and yet also very different.

Let’s start with the premise. We find the six-minute film’s heroes in a pretty typical place in their PUBG world: killing some fools in an attic. Although neither player has a helmet we can forgive them under the assumption that the game has only recently started.

via Nukazooka on YouTube

After gunning someone down, the pair descends to be caught in a standoff, with one dude blasting away with a shotgun while the nameless hero fires back with his M4 assault rifle. With neither side making headway, the stalemate ends with a PUBG staple: pan dueling.

The pan duel is rudely interrupted by the somewhat shaggier nameless protagonist blasting the pan-toting foe in the back.


“You stole my kill!” Hero one gripes. “I’m sorry,” his friend replies. “I thought I was helping.”

Having sufficiently looted the home, the pair leaves to see something nobody has ever witnessed in a game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Towers climb into the sky, men and women ride around standing on the backs of rocket-propelled grenades, and mad costumes seem to be standard attire for all the denizens of this world.

Actually, PUBG also has some wild costumes.

But PUBG doesn’t have Boogie Bombs, instant brick walls, impulse grenades. It does however have connection and crash issues as well as tons of people accusing everyone else of hacking. And with the rampant cheating found on PUBG, they’re probably right.

Eventually, a big villain we’ll just call Fortnite Ninja shows up to give our heroes something to fight. It’s tough a tough battle, and not everyone makes it out alive. To see who wins you’ll just have to see the video we’ve helpfully placed below this paragraph. Aren’t we nice?

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