Nutaku.net's "Aphrodisiac" Hot Sauce Outsells Hot Ones' Last Dab In Its First Hour

Nutaku's hot sauce that enhances gaming abilities and other skills sold very well in its first hour, surprising Nutaku's management.

Hentai Hot Sauce

Nutaku’s Hentai Hot Sauce is back in stock after selling 2,500 bottles in just a single hour.

Last May, we were able to get our hands on a bottle of Hentai Hot Sauce. We were intrigued not just due to the risque art on the bottle, but also by the sauce’s marketing. Maker Nutaku promised that Hentai Hot Sauce could serve as both a natural gaming enhancement as well as an aphrodisiac, which is a combination that might appeal to various audiences.

The basis of these claims is that Hentai Hot Sauce is full of capsaicin, the spicy chemical found in chilis. Moreover, it contains a considerable amount of capsaicin, due to the two main ingredients of Ghost Peppers and Carolina Reapers—two of the hottest chili peppers in existence.

Hot sauce aficionados sometimes report an adrenaline rush from devouring extremely spicy food. Adrenaline can do a lot of things to the body: it increases blood flow to the muscles, spikes your heart rate, and dilates your pupils. All these things were said to make you a better gamer.

In extreme doses, adrenaline will also increase blood flow to the groin and cause a certain stiffness to occur. Thus, this leads to the aphrodisiac claim.

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Our editorial staff got their hands on a bottle and we’re sorry to report there was no appreciable enhancement to either Mortal Kombat 11 or other implied activities by the hot sauce's marketing. That said, they liked the sauce and said they’d love to get their hands on a second bottle.

“We didn’t realize how popular Hentai Hot Sauce would be; the limited-edition hot sauce sold out in minutes after launching in early May,” said Julie Hall, the Communications Manager at Nutaku. “Texas seemed to be the most hyped about Hentai Hot Sauce, having purchased 640 bottles, followed by California at 620 bottles, and Illinois at 270 bottles. We really didn’t anticipate it would be this popular, but we’re excited to announce that it’s now back in stock for our fans.”

In the first hour, Nutaku sold 2,500 units and even outsold Hot Ones’ legendary Last Dab Reduxx. A month later, Nutaku now has a new batch of Hentai Hot Sauce in stock and available for purchase on their website for $14.99 per bottle.

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