NZXT's Black Friday Sale Makes This The Year To Build A Gaming PC

NZXT's Black Friday sale includes deals on options for building your own gaming PC.

For many gamers, the secret item on their holiday wish list is a new gaming PC. It's a secret because such machines are usually pretty expensive. Parents might happily spend that much on their kids, but for an adult it's a hard ask. There's just too many practical things we need (did you ever think you would be grateful to get socks?) to justify asking for a $1000+ leisure item. Fortunately, NZXT is here to help. The company's Black Friday sale is centered around custom gaming PCs.

NZXT is known mostly for its PC cases and branded cooling fans. But it also has a service on its website called BLD. The platform allows customers to select specific games they want to play and how well they want their prospective machine to run them. During its Black Friday special, which starts Thanksgiving morning and ends Friday night, NZXT is offering 10% off all orders created on BLD. When it comes to $1000 PCs, that's a big deal.

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There is a chance that a buyer could be surprising someone with this PC gift, and doesn't know enough to use BLD. For that scenario, NZXT offers pre-built PCs with certain users in mind. There's a lower-budget starter PC, for instance, as well as one that has the power to livestream. When it comes to those, NZXT is offering something for its "Cyber Weekend Deal." Starting on Saturday and ending Cyber Monday, customers will get $100 off of a $1000 or more purchase.

Finally, NZXT has something for those who would rather build their own gaming PCs piece-by-piece. All of their other products (minus the new audio line) will be 10% off all weekend. Sales will also be run on Amazon and Newegg that cover various NZXT-branded PC cases and fans. Just search for the H-series cases and Kraken lines.

PC gaming is an expensive hobby. Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer sales that can help cut down the entry price. The NZXT discounts might not be as tantalizing as some of the doorbusters you're bound to see at big stores, but the equipment is likely to be better. If you can spring for a powerful machine, NZXT can help you build it at a discount.

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