Obsessed 'Fan' Gets Streamer Suspended After Making Fake Accounts To Report Them

Small Twitch streamer At_Tar_Ras was suspended because a "fan" reported him on multiple fake accounts.

In another case proving why streaming is not always all fun-and-games, small Twitch streamer At_Tar_Ras was suspended because a "fan" reported him on multiple fake accounts. The fan was successful in his harassment, as Twitch banned At_Tar_Ras for 14 days despite him not violating any community guidelines.

Supposedly, At_Tar_Ras had an issue with the fan's multiple stream-sniping attempts — watching his stream and jumping into his games without permission. The fan's reasoning for mass-reporting At_Tar_Ras with fake accounts? He wanted to play with the streamer and decided to get revenge upon being denied.

Interestingly, it is not immediately clear that he was even denied at all, as the information simply suggests that he was blocked by the streamer for continually stream-sniping him. In the Tweet exposing a discord call between the two, At_Tar_Ras claimed that he already told the fan that he need only message him about playing together (rather than attempt to stream-snipe) — a reasonable request, to say the least.

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Clearly, the evidence shows that the fan was complicit in the falsification of accounts and abuse of Twitch's report system. Unfortunately, the concern does not stop there. When At_Tar_Ras requested he stop reporting him, the fan said "on one condition: you've gotta play with me." When questioned why, the fan elaborated, "because I need friends."

As the call unfolded, the streamer seemed baffled at the fan's remarks and told him, "You don't force people to be your friend like this, Laze." At_Tar_Ras brought up mental health concerns, a serious issue, and suggested that something might be wrong with him. Unfazed, the fan ignored At_Tar_Ras's remarks and immediately asked where he lived, prompting baffled laughter from the streamer.

Redditors were amazing at the ridiculousness of the situation, even finding humor at the clean confession from the perpetrator of the false reports.

With a clean admission and plenty of evidence, it seems logical that an appeal would quickly overturn the ban. However, Twitch has a growing record of bizarre and puzzling instances of how they handle bans and their appeals. With any luck, At_Tar_Ras will not be added to the list of those stricken by Twitch staff's inconsistency and unreliability.

Sources: Twitter, Reddit

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