Obsidian Teases An Alpha Protocol Remaster That Nobody Wants

There was once a game so ambitious, yet so flawed, that it divided gamers even years after its release. Okay, that describes a lot of games, but I'm talking particularly about Alpha Protocol. In a time when Mass Effect was just starting to build its massive fandom and choice-based games were the hot thing, Obsidian Entertainment decided to make an RPG based around super spies. The resulting game, rough as it was, gained a cult following, and now it might be coming back.

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Alpha Protocol casts the player as a black ops agent who is betrayed by his agency. Forced into going rogue, he uncovers a conspiracy that takes him around the world. The game gives the player a decent amount of freedom. You could be a dashing Bond type, a guns-blazing soldier, or a stealthy assassin. You could even go the whole game using tranquilizers and never take a life. The astounding depth of player choice available, and the ways the game reacted accordingly, entranced many gamers. However, the janky shooting mechanics and subpar presentation values earned it just as many haters.

Now it seems the game will be making a comeback.

The original tweet came from Douglas Bogart, the co-founder of Limited Run Games. The company is known for releasing short runs of hard-to-find games in physical format. His tweet seems to be innocently asking gamers if they would be down for a remaster of Alpha Protocol. What makes it newsworthy is that Obsidian itself responded.

It's too early to say if Limited Run is in league with Obsidian, or if Bogart just made a random tweet that Obsidian took notice of. Either way, the possibility of a remastered Alpha Protocol is now on the table.

And look, I'm supposed to tell you not to care about it (I mean look at the headline). But the game was actually pretty fun. Granted I got it for a Black Friday price, so it was easier to digest its flaws. But if Obsidian could fine-tune the combat and give the graphics a true polish for the remaster, then the game could actually achieve greatness. At the very least, it'd be great let's play fodder.

Chandra Nissa
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