Octopath Traveler Developers Hint At A Possible Sequel After Insane Success

Otcotpath Traveller was an insane success on the Nintendo Switch, and now, it seems like it could get a sequel.

Octopath Traveler, that delightfully retro-tinged JRPG, has been one of the highlights of Nintendo Switch’s 2018. The hybrid handheld’s many fans (and the Switch has been on fire recently, there’s no doubt) will be glad to hear that it sounds as though there’s going to be a sequel coming.

For the uninitiated, Octopath Traveler had been hyped quite heavily prior to release. It was promoted alongside some of the biggest upcoming games, back when the Switch was but a little console-baby. Its eight-way storytelling, charming visual style and creative take on the turn-based battle system was going to be something to savor, it promised.

After all, it has Square Enix at the helm, and they sure know their stuff in the RPG arena (your opinion on the current state of the Final Fantasy franchise may differ). It’s a little more niche than a Super Mario or a The Legend Of Zelda, sure, but this one was going to be big.

As it turned out, nobody could quite predict how big Octopath Traveler was going to be. Certainly not Square Enix themselves, who were left to leave floundering apologies when physical copies became super tough to come by (they helpfully reminded irate gamers that they could download it from the eShop instead, comforting nobody at all).

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So, yes. Funnily enough, companies tend to quite like making money. With all this talk of the JRPG exceeding all expectations, then, it was inevitable that thoughts would turn to a sequel. And so they have.

As Nintendo Life reports, Square Enix’s Tomoya Asano spoke to Famitsu this week. He first reiterated that there were no plans for Octopath Traveler DLC at present (as has been stated several times in the run-up to release, the team wanted to be sure that the game arrived as a complete product).

Then the conversation turned to a possible second in the series. “As for a sequel,” Asano stated, “we still cannot say anything concrete yet, but we’ve just started talks on how it ought to be.”

So, there it is. It’s not very much to go on, certainly, but the idea of a possible Octopath Traveler 2 is clearly being entertained. More than that, in fact, if something is beginning to take any kind of shape. Eager Switch owners will have to stay tuned for any more updates on that in the future.


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