The Oculus Quest Could Be The Future Of VR (If It Can Fix Some Issues)

Many think that VR gaming is the way the industry will go in the future. While traditional video games will probably always be around the VR side of things will continue to have a large impact on the video game industry as a whole. A lot of games are going for immersion. They want the gamers to feel like they are part of the story and get the most immersive experience possible. VR gaming takes this to another level by actually allowing the player to be in the virtual world. It has been a process of evolution in VR gaming but Oculus hoped to revolutionize the way we play our VR games with the introduction of their new Oculus: Quest.

Portable and Immersive

The concept of the Oculus Quest is revolutionary and the next logical step in the evolution of VR gaming. The Quest is designed to be as immersive as possible why still allowing you the freedom and ease of portability. You aren't tethered to a high-powered computer and there are no actually wires needed when playing the game. This allows the user a full range of motion and movement without the chance of getting tripped up with wires breaking the illusion of VR. The Oculus Go was a first step in this process while the Quest expanded upon that and was fully immersive. True VR gaming was possible on the Quest with the six degrees of freedom commonly associated with the higher end VR sets such as the Rift.

Unclear Direction

Sometimes there is an unclear direction with where the Oculus Quest is going and this is the most prevalent with the game store itself. Silence for weeks is the name of the games with the Oculus Quest and there are scant updates on the games already on the headset. The Quest was promised a plethora of games to be added this year alone, but that just hasn't been the case.

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Charging Issues

A common issue that has been occurring for quite a few Quest users is a charging problem. With the vast amounts of reddit threads and confusion on the issue, it seems to be a community wide problem where more people are experiencing charging issues than should be. It isn't just a few faulty headsets. Users are having problems with even getting their Quests to charge and if they do, it takes hours to charge even a tiny fraction a full 100%. Oculus is presumably working on the issue, but there hasn't been an actual solution at the moment.

Lacking Those Originals

The most important aspect of gaming is well... the games themselves. They can make or break a console or a system like the Oculus Quest. While the Quest has some really great ports, the original games for it seem to be lacking at the moment. The Quest should be looking to expand on exclusive and original games. Ports are great and a proven way to help gain a consumer base, but adding originals will only help to expand the goodwill of the Oculus Quest. People want to be wowed by new games and the Quest has the chance to do that.

Reaching Its Potential

Despite these issues the Oculus Quest is an amazing piece of hardware and a revolution for the VR gaming industry. The crazy thing is that it hasn't even reached its potential yet. To help reach that potential, Oculus should focus on better communication with its consumers. They can't go silent for weeks when people are wondering if a new update or new games will be coming. They should have a solid roadmap for where they want to go for the Quest and how they will work to get there. Another important thing Oculus needs to work on is quicker fixes for hardware issues such as the community-wide charging problems.

If the Oculus Quest can fix these issues, there is no telling where this machine can go. The Quest is an exciting addition to the ever-expanding world of VR gaming and an important part of its evolution. Oculus has set the bar for what true portable and fully immersive VR gaming could be and they have the opportunity to raise it with some tweaks here and there. Once they do, The Quest can actually be the future of VR gaming.

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