UPDATE: Official Japanese Pokémon Twitter Account Really Wants You To Get Excited For Some Furret News

One of the official Pokémon Twitter accounts teased news about Furret, a very long ferret Pokémon that usually goes unnoticed.

Update: you can buy a massive Furret body pillow.

Furret has never been the most exciting Pokémon in the world, as it's essentially just a really long ferret, but that could be about to change very soon.

The Pokémon Information Bureau Twitter account is one of the official Japanese Pokémon accounts and it's often used to promote upcoming events, games, and products. An update has gone up on the Pokémon Information Bureau that promises some news involving Furret on February 15th.

The translation of the Twitter post makes comments about Furret's huge tail and asks the fans to be patient until an announcement on the 15th. The picture used in the Twitter post shows a Furret plushie, which may be the source of the news, as a huge Furret plushie that matches the size of the massive Snorlax plushies that you can sit on may be in development.

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It's also possible that there may be some kind of Furret event coming up for Pokémon Go, which would presumably allow you to catch lots of Shiny Furrets.

The misleading size of the sprites & 3D models used in the Pokémon games might give you the impression that Furret is the size of a dog, but the Pokédex claims that the average Furret is almost six-foot tall and its body is as long as its height. If the announcement is that a giant Furret plushie is coming, then you will need to move some furniture around in order to make room for it.

Furret debuted in Pokémon Gold & Silver as the evolution to Sentret, which meant that a lot of players ignored it during their journey through Johto, as Sentret was one of the junk Pokémon that you would find in the area around the first town. The lack of support of Normal-type Pokémon in the older games (bar a few specific examples, such as Chansey and Snorlax) also meant that most players would rather choose a Pokémon with a more interesting type than a Sentret or Furret. It's possible that this announcement might finally make Furret more interesting to the fans who may have skipped it in Pokémon Gold & Silver. 

The mysterious news concerning Furret is due to arrive on February 15th, 2019.

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