There's Official Kirby Candy, But It's Too Adorable To Eat

Kirby has no problem feasting on the flesh of his enemies and taking on a mockery of their image in order to better slay his foes, as it's part of his day job. It seems that Bandai and Nintendo believe that the time has come for Kirby to be devoured by his fans, as candy in the shape of Kirby will soon be available in Japan.

According to FamitsuBandai Namco has an entire division devoted to selling licensed food based on their properties and they have entered an agreement with HAL Laboratory and Nintendo to release candy in the shape of Kirby.

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The Kirby candy sets will include a piece in the shape of Kirby himself and another piece in the shape of a Warp Star. The Kirby piece is made of mochi (a kind of rice cake that is sometimes used for confectionery) and has six different expressions for the customer to choose from before they eat his face, which includes angry eyes, smiling, and winking.

Kirby's round shape has made him a popular choice for merchandise, as his simple design can be easily replicated in various different mediums. It remains to be seen whether fans will want to devour Kirby, regardless of his pleasing shape, as he's generally one of the most likable Nintendo characters and his games are about as inoffensive as they come. It would make sense to want to eat someone like Bowser or the Duck Hunt dog, but Kirby? Who could bring themselves to eat Kirby, except for the people who hang out in the darker corners of DeviantArt?

Nintendo has never shied away from releasing food that featured their characters, such as the Super Mario Cereal that came with an amiibo card, or the Nintendo Cereal System that featured both Link and Mario on the cover in one of the first inter-company crossovers. It's rarer for Nintendo to be associated with food in the shape of their characters, as it would be hard to chow down on someone like Kirby.

The Kirby candy will be available in Japan from April 23, 2019.

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