You Can Now Buy An Official Statue Of The Witcher Geralt As A Samurai

CD Projekt Red now has an online store, and the flagship item is a detailed statue of The Witcher's Geralt as a Japanese ronin.

CD Projekt Red is often hailed as one of the last great game developers because they don't do microtransactions. They also create fantastic games that feel complete, most notably those set in The Witcher's world. While Geralt of Rivia might not be an original creation of CD Projekt Red, that hasn't stopped fans from embracing the studio's take on the character. Now these fans can show their loyalty by buying official merch from CD Projekt Red, including a statue that reimagines Geralt in feudal Japan.

The statue is just one of the many items available in the new CD Projekt Red store. There's also the standard t-shirts, bags, mugs and the like. Themed after The Witcher, they include pictures of Geralt, the game's logo, and even Shupe the Troll. If the fantasy setting isn't your thing, there's also merch based on Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red's upcoming sci-fi game.

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However, the Geralt samurai statue is clearly the flagship item. Technically, it's called the "Geralt Ronin Figure." The word "ronin" refers to swordsman that for some reason don't have a master. Samurai was actually a title of sorts, like being knighted, so a warrior who didn't serve a master didn't have a right to be called that. Ronins were equally as skilled as samurai, but wandered and acted on their own. Naturally, the ronin life suits Geralt more than being a samurai.

The official description elaborates on why Geralt is a ronin, saying:

"Though Slavic by birth, Geralt is an archetypal hero who appears in many cultures. A monster hunter for hire and wandering swordsmaster in search of a greater purpose."

Essentially, Geralt is more of a legendary figure than a specific person. Why couldn't a Japanese equivalent exist?

Unfortunately for US fans, the CD Projekt Red store currently only ships to the European Union. It does say it will eventually expand to the US and Canada, but no date is given. That's probably for the best, as this statue costs about $250 US dollars.

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