Oh, Right, They're Still Making Star Citizen - Here's A Goofy New Trailer

A Free Fly event in Star Citizen is allowing anybody with an interest in the title to try it for free with access to all of the game's many vehicles.

While the Star Citizen saga is too long and complex to even summarize in any reasonable amount of time, the game is still inching toward an eventual release. Currently, a "Free Fly" event is allowing anybody with an interest in the title to try it for free with access to all of the game's many vehicles. The event, similar to one held last year, includes an in-game ship show called the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, which is featured in a series of trailers, just like last year's, parodying the popular BBC show Top Gear.

Each trailer focuses on one or a few of the various in-game vehicle brands. In total, 12 different brands will be featured throughout the event, with each day focusing on a different manufacturer and allowing access to its vehicles. Hosting these videos is fictional character Jax McCleary, a man with distinct similarities to Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson in both profession and name.

The event began on November 25 and will run until December 5, during which time Star Citizen will be open to crowdfunding contributors and new players alike. December 1 is the last day featuring a specific ship brand, Origin Jumpworks, while the remaining days of the event give players access to a "Best In Show" selection of ships as voted by the game's community.

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Likely due to the new players the event has brought to the game, both the number of in-game registered users and the total amount of money funded through its crowdfunding campaign have increased significantly. The crowdfunding total has reached over $250,500,000, which includes more than $700,000 pledged in a single day. The total number of players is currently sitting at around 2,500,000, though that includes those who simply played the game to try out the ships, without necessarily paying for the game.

Cloud Imperium has released a few new gameplay trailers this past month as well. In short, there's a lot going on in the world of Star Citizen. That said, as always, a release date has yet to be announced.

Source: Twinfinite

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