Old School RuneScape Is Available For Android - Here's Some Tips To Get Started

Old School RuneScape has made its way onto Androids via a limited Beta. Read on to find out what quests to take and which monsters to fight first.

With Pokémon going back to Kanto and Shaq Fu getting a sequel, it seems like 2018 is the year of nostalgia. It's appropriate, then, that RuneScape, the old RuneScape, is now available for Android.

Old School RuneScape, as it is officially called, is based on the 2007 iteration of the game that took middle school computer labs by storm. The game was later given a huge modern overhaul, one that developer Jagex says will eventually make its way to phones as well. But for now, only Old School is available as a public beta on Android. Apple devices will be getting it "later in the summer" reports Eurogamer.

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There are some conditions. The first is that only people with a RuneScape membership can take part in this beta. Also, Jagex is putting a cap on how many people can download Old School RuneScape onto their phones. Since the game is still technically in the testing phase, Jagex doesn't want to be overloaded by what is sure to be a wave of nostalgic and curious gamers all downloading at once.

"As our confidence in the build grows, we will continue to increase the number of installs available," said Jagex. That increase could happen as early as next week if all goes well. From there, the number of players will continue to rise in increments.

Apple users, meanwhile, seem to be left out due to stability issues with the iOS build. Jagex noted that a "continuous, uninterrupted service" is currently being worked on for the platform. The official word is that "our solution for this is still undergoing development, and we expect this to be in place later in the Summer."

If you are one the lucky few Android users about to embark on an old-school style adventure, here are a few tips to get you started.

Don't Be Afraid To Embrace Your Feminine Side

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Perhaps one of the most annoying things about any RPG is grinding. With so many skills, all rooted in individual levels, Old School RuneScape can be one of the grindiest games out there. So the first piece of advice I have is to find ways to avoid the grind whenever you can. The first way to do that is to make your character female. Female characters get an exclusive quest right from the start, on Tutorial Island. This quest, called "Recruitment Drive," will give you an early boost that mitigates grinding. And if you really want to play as a male character, you can change genders later by paying gold.

Take The Easy Way Out

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On the topic of avoiding grinding, there are several easy quests available early on that give huge stat boosts as rewards. The "Waterfall Quest" is among the more well known in the community. Completing this quest will give you enough Attack and Strength XP to advance 30 levels. It can be found at the Baxtorian Falls. "The Knight's Sword" is another easy quest with a great prize. Completing it only requires 10 mining, but gives enough XP to reach level 29 in Smithing. Other quests like these can be found listed here.

Be A Bully

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If you don't want to spend your time doing fetch quests for XP, then here's a monster for you! The Rock Crab is located north of Rellekka on this barren beach area. These little guys have a lot of HP but don't really put up a fight. This makes it so you can continually bash them to raise your combat levels without any risk to your own life.

These three tips will get you started on a solid foundation. When you've sufficiently buffed up your stats and destroyed plenty of Rock Crabs, check out this video for ideas on how to tackle more challenging areas and make money. Happy questing!

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