Old Spice Creates New 'Gentleman' Class For Dungeons & Dragons (And Pathfinder!)

In another bizarre yet effective marketing move, Old Spice has created its own unique hero for Dungeons & Dragons. A recent post on the official Old Spice Twitter account declares the creation of the "Gentleman" class for the popular roleplaying game, as well as a version for Pathfinder. Accompanying the post is a detailed set of rules that describe the Gentleman's abilities. Players willing to try this class will find themselves with abilities such as proposing marriage to an enemy monster, instantly summoning a horse with a catchphrase, and, of course, smelling fantastic.

Old Spice has always been known for its random television ads that depict a man who can seemingly bend reality at will to sell his product, summoning horses out of thin air and turning tickets into diamonds. The Gentleman class translates these abilities into the tabletop gaming format. The result is a silly character with many head-scratching skills.

via: twitter.com/OldSpice

For instance, the Pleasurable Smells ability allows the Gentleman to heal an ally with a pleasing aroma that emanates from his body. It will heal for 1D6 and can only be used once per day plus the Gentleman's level. The designer didn't forget to give the Gentleman flaws, however. He must maintain a special code of conduct. Should he abandon his etiquette, he will be stripped of his powers and can only gain them back by performing a gentlemanly act.

The Gentleman's abilities, while odd, do have varying levels of usefulness in areas such as combat and negotiating with NPCs. They have their dice requirements, as well as environmental factors that require a GM to weigh in on. Even summoning a horse is only a temporary act, more fit for escape than anything else. Despite being a joke class, the Gentleman doesn't seem to be wildly overpowered.


Like any corporation, however, Old Spice can only be so aware. Responses to the Twitter post questioned the sensitivity of the Gentleman class. Why can't it be a Lady? Others found fault in the fact that the Gentleman's skills often pertain to members of the opposite sex. What if a player wants to charm members of the same sex? Fortunately, Old Spice has taken it in stride, clarifying ability rules and apologizing to those who felt left out. If Old Spice has its way, we will all be the Gentleman (and Ladies) we aspire to be.

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