Olimar's Pikmin Can KO Him In Newly Discovered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Glitch

A new glitch has been discovered in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that can cause the Pikmin to turn on Olimar and lead to his demise whenever he faces a character with a reflecting shield.

The regular shield possessed by every character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate blocks damage from oncoming attacks (except for throws), but there are a few characters who possess a special blocking move that can reflect attacks back against their user. The characters with reflecting moves include the Reflector used by the Star Fox cast, Joker's Makarakarn spell (which he can only use when Arsene is present), and Palutena's Reflect Barrier.

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The reflecting shields work as normal when a Pikmin is thrown at them, but a glitch will occur if there is still another Pikmin in the queue and Olimar is able to get his shield up on time. The reflected Pikmin will destroy the other one in the queue and will return to Olimar's side, but it will maintain its reflected damage status. If Olimar tries to attack again, then the attack will instantly be reflected back. (via. GameXplain)

It's even possible for Olimar to spike himself using this glitch.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been host to numerous bugs since the game was released, but most of them haven't affected the competitive status of the game in any way. There were some glitches that cause the game to crash under certain circumstances, like if Duck Hunt Duo and a Mii Swordfighter used specific moves against each other, but they weren't likely to show up during most games.

The Reflecting Pikmin glitch is actually a cause for concern, as Olimar has been made considerably stronger in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and his usage in the tournament scene has increased to match his newfound status. The abundance of characters with reflection abilities means that this glitch could potentially appear in a tournament scenario, so Nintendo needs to fix it as soon as possible in order to prevent any Olimar players from having victory stolen from them by their traitorous Pikmin.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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