One Piece: World Seeker Cuts Steamy Scene From North American Consoles And PC

The One Piece manga has never shied away from fanservice, but it seems that the same cannot be said for the video games, as a mission involving hot springs has been cut from the North American version of One Piece: World Seeker, as well as worldwide in the PC version of the game.  

The people who pre-ordered One Piece: World Seeker in Japan were given access to a mission called Phantom Remedy, which involved a cutscene showing Nami, Robin, and Tashigi relaxing in a hot springs while wearing bikinis. The entire mission is about as tame as they come, yet it's not available in the North American version of the game. (via. One Angry Gamer)

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It's possible to unlock the Phantom Remedy mission in other regions through the EP!C Rewards Club offered by Bandai Namco, but there is no page for the mission on the North American version of the store. The European page for the Phantom Remedy mission has a line stating that it is "Restricted to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East" which confirms that it won't be made available in other regions for the time being.

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It seems that the Phantom Remedy mission has been cut from the PC version of the game in every region, as you can only unlock the mission on the EP!C Rewards Store for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game and it's not listed among the pre-order bonus bundles on the game's Microsoft or Steam pages.

It's strange that a mission showing characters in bikinis was cut from a T-rated game, especially as the character of Nami has been sporting a bikini top as her main outfit since the time skip in One Piece. The anime & manga of One Piece has featured numerous scenes showing characters in beachwear, as the series is set on the high seas and features a lot of tropical locations, and the Phantom Remedy mission is no more explicit than the early scene from One Piece Film: Strong World showing Nami in a swimming pool, yet it was still cut from the North American version of the game.

Sony has started to enforce stricter censorship rules in its games, with Dead or Alive Xtreme Scarlet 3 actually being more censored on the PlayStation 4 than the Nintendo Switch, so it makes sense for One Piece: World Seeker to have the Phantom Remedy mission cut, but this still doesn't explain why the mission was removed from the PC version of the game.

One Piece: World Seeker is available now for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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