The Artist Of One-Punch Man Has Created A Line Of Pokémon Merchandise

The artist of One-Punch Man took his dynamic sensibilities to Pokémon, creating a line of merch depicting a legendary battle scene.

A new line of Pokémon merchandise will soon be released that uses artwork created specifically for the project by the artist of the One-Punch Man manga.

Yusuke Murata is best-known as the artist on Eyeshield 21 and for the serialized adaptation of One-Punch Man, which is based on a webcomic created by ONE. Murata's version of One-Punch Man has been praised by fans across the world for its incredible artwork and the kinetic pacing of its battle scenes. Murata is also known for the amazing speed at which he can churn out new chapters of One-Punch Man, to the point where many fans believe he has inhuman abilities on the same level as any of the characters from his manga.

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It seems that Murata isn't busy enough with his work on One-Punch Man, as he has created Pokémon-themed artwork that will be sold on various items as part of a new collection of merchandise.


The artwork shows the male protagonist of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire teaming up with the female protagonist from Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 to take on Ultra Necrozma alongside a huge team of Pokémon, which include the likes of Charizard, Pikachu, Blaziken, Lucario, and Metagross. The artwork includes a selection of comic panels depicting the battle, as well as a poster-sized image of a single moment of the battle at its peak.

The merchandise will include the artwork displayed on things like bags, hoodies, badges, pencil cases, t-shirts, and wallets. The items that are part of Murata's collection can be purchased within Pokémon Centers across Japan.

Pokémon is not the only series that Murata has created artwork for, as his official Twitter page is filled with drawings from other franchises, including the likes of Spider-Man and Mario Kart. Murata has shown a particular affection towards Spider-Gwen from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and he has drawn numerous pieces of fanart of her.

The Pokémon merchandise based on Murata's artwork will be available to purchase in Japan from May 25, 2019. The second season of the One-Punch Man anime is being broadcast right now.

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