20 Open-World Console Games Coming In 2019 (And 10 That Could Be)

2018 was a massive year for video game fans. Dozens of exciting titles were released over the past 12 months receiving rave reviews from critics, in particularly open-world titles. We were fortunately blessed by the big game companies releasing some of the greatest open-world games we've ever played.

Rockstar Games finally released the much anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 and it lived up to everyone's expectations. God Of War delivered an action-adventure experience like no other with an absorbing plot to match. Spider-Man found the web-slinger starring in an original game set in New York that didn't take away from the character's iconic legacy. The list of games is endless, but with 2018 done and dusted it's now time to look forward to all the awesome open-world games set to be released this year.

2019 is offering gamers a delectable selection of titles to keep you busy for hours one end. Whether you after a challenging single-player campaign or looking to join some friends on a multiplayer mode, there's something for everyone. Sequels such as Dying Light 2, Tom Clancy's The Division 2, and The Surge 2 are all high on many gamers lists, while new titles like Ghosts Of Tsushima and Skull And Bones are garnering excitement. Then there are games like The Last Of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 that have been announced with no solid release date. Fingers crossed they are coming sooner than later.

To help you in your search for the best new open-world games, here are our picks for the 20 best along with 10 we hope hit shelves sometime this year.

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30 Coming: Anthem

via: au.ign.com

If you're all about online multiplayer games then Anthem will be high on your list of games to play this year. This massive open-world first-person shooter finds you taking control of a Freelancer, a character who wears a special fully customizable exosuits called a Javelin.

Along with three other players, you must explore the uncharted planet you find yourself on, encountering all manner of creatures and environments. As you traverse the unknown you will rely on the special powers your Javelin suit provides to complete missions. This one looks great and is set to be full of action with awesome science fiction elements.

29 Coming: Crackdown 3

via: youtube.com

Fans of Terry Crews will be pumped to know the star of Brooklyn 911 is a huge part of the third game in the Crackdown series. Not only does Crews appear as Commander Jaxon in the game, but her's a playable character, meaning you can create all kinds of mayhem as the popular actor.

The game is set a decade after the previous release and finds The Agency on the hunt for a criminal group known as Terra Nova, who have killed the power across the world. Along with being able to play as Crews all the environments in the game can be destroyed, so expect plenty of action in this one.

28 Rumored: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

via: techspot.com

Fingers crossed this game is coming but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. This original story is set shortly after Revenge Of The Sith and is believed to tell the story of a Padawan who escaped Order 66 and is trying to survive as one of the last Jedi.

It sounds pretty dark and is set to include all manner of callbacks to the films, sure to keep Star Wars fans happy. Apart from that, all we know is it's not a multiplayer game like the terrible Star Wars Battlefront 2, so things are looking up already.

27 Coming: Dying Light 2

via: pcgamer.com

The first Dying Light is a fantastic horror-survival experience and the sequel looks to up the ante with even more zombies and challenges to keep you entertained. The gameplay is said to be similar to the original but you will face more zombies during the evening than the day.

Every action in the game has a reaction, so depending on how you treat the non-playing characters in the game could determine the final outcome of the story. Personally, I'm really excited about this one and can't wait to face hordes of zombies on a post-apocalyptic earth.

26 Coming: Gears 5

via: iamag.co

The sixth installment in the Gears Of War series is shaping up as the best yet if screenshots are to go by. Very much like the shortened title, Gears 5 appears to not only be sharper looking but with another intriguing storyline, this time focusing on Kait Diaz, an Outsider of Locust descent.

As Diaz you must discover the origins of the Locust and your family, with help from Gears Of War 4 characters JD Fenix, Delmont Walker, and JD's father Marcus Fenix. I'm hoping for another action-packed third-person shooter.

25 Rumored: Starfield

via: polygon.com

Gaming behemoth Bethesda Game Studios are reeling from the poor reaction to Fallout 76 so I've no doubt they will be taking their time to make sure Starfield lives up to the hype. Details are scarce surrounding the title but we do know it's set in space with science fiction elements attached to the plot.

Rumors about the game state you will play as a human character in an unknown galaxy where you can interact with alien beings. There's also talk of four different planets you can explore, but until more concrete information is released we'll just have to wait with bated breath.

24 Coming: Kingdom Hearts III

via: wccftech.com

Hitting the shelves anytime now, Kingdom Hearts III is the latest in this action RPG series from Square Enix. The final chapter in the Dark Seeker saga finds the main protagonist Sora return with help from her cohorts Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, and Riku as they search for the seven Guardians of Light to bring down Xehanort's plan to bring about a second Keyblade War.

The gameplay is similar to the last couple of games and includes a new attack known as "Attraction Flow" and the possible introduction of another playable character. Expect this to be on many best of game lists come year end.

23 Coming: Ghosts Of Tsushima

via: gamespot.com

Set on Tsushima Island during the first Mongolian invasion of Japan, Ghosts Of Tsushima is an epic samurai action adventure game with a massive open world for players to explore.

Players take control of Jin Sakai, the last remaining last, and must master a new fighting style, the way of the ghost, as they progress through the game and try to defeat the Mongolian forces. To keep the game authentic you can even change the English audio to Japanese, which is a great addition to the game.

22 Rumored: Doom Eternal

via: destructoid.com

Tentatively scheduled for release late this year, Doom Eternal is the much-anticipated sequel to 2016's Doom. Once again taking the role of the Doom Slayer, Doom Eternal finds you back on Earth battling hordes of demons from hell.

There will be twice as many types of demons to confront along with a vast array of new weapons and attacks available.

The multiplayer system is also set to offer players all-new modes, with Invasion mode allowing players to join a random person's single-player campaign as a demon and fight against them.

21 Coming: Skull And Bones

via: polygon.com

Naval games centering on pirates have never quite lived up to expectations but Skull And Bones is trying to change that. This open-world tactical warfare title from Ubisoft allows players to sail the Indian Ocean pillaging towns and taking on other pirate captains.

The graphics look spectacular and a five-player multiplayer mode where you and your mates can ally with each other against other players for some destructive water warfare sounds exciting.

20 Coming: The Surge 2

via: game-insider.com

This first Surge is a grimy futuristic set RPG with an inventive weapons system and some tasty robotic enemies. The follow-up is looking like a bigger and better version, with the action taking place in the abandoned Jericho City.

The game will feature new weapons, gear, and character progression with players able to navigate the sprawling, devastated Jericho City in all its ruined glory. The all-new environments and tweaked gameplay should make Surge 2 a worthy sequel.

19 Rumored: Final Fantasy VII (Remake)

via: trustedreviews.com

Why you need to remake such an amazing game like Final Fantasy VII is beyond me, but that's exactly what Square Enix is doing. A retelling of the originals main plot, concerning Cloud Strife and his eco-group’s battle against the Shinra megacorporation, Final Fantasy VII will have better graphics along with additional content.

There will also be small changes to the storyline to include new plots and extra background information and a much larger world for players to explore.

18 Coming: Judgement

via: trustedreviews.com

Although this one has already been released in Japan, it's not set to hit western shores till the middle of this year. A spin-off of the Yakuza series, Judgement follows private detective Takayuki Yagami who investigates a recent murder.

The game employs a similar fighting system to Yakuza and allows players to explore the red light district of Tokyo as they try and solve the murder. Yagami is based on and voiced by famous Japanese actor Takuya Kimura and should be a challenging title with subtle references to the original Yakuza franchise.

17 Coming: Tom Clancy's: The Division 2

via: cgmagonline.com

Following the success of Tom Clancy's The Division, this online multiplayer sequel is shaping up as another deliriously fun third person shooter. Taking place seven months after the first game, The Division 2 is set in Washington D.C. and revolves around a civil war between survivors and looters in the crumbling city.

There's going to be a lot more downloadable content, adding longevity to the game, while the multiplayer experience has been tweaked to make the mission more action-packed and fulfilling.

16 Rumored: Death Stranding

via: polygon.com

The first game from director Hideo Kojima since he left Konami and started his own development studio, Death Stranding is an action adventure set in a huge and detailed open world.

The plot has something to do with the main character Sam dying and going to another world that is an upside down version of earth underwater. It sounds a little strange but when you consider the cast for the game includes Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo del Toro and comes from the creative mind of Kojima, expect something special.

15 Coming: Far Cry New Dawn

via: stevivor.com

Marketed as a spin-off of the Far Cry series but a continuation of the events that happened in Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn allows players to explore the fictional town of Hope County in Montana after the nuclear war of the previous game has decimated the country.

Unlike most post-apocalyptic games Far Cry New Dawn is set 17 years after the nuclear war, meaning the environment is beginning to regrow and will be full of vegetation and vibrant colors. The game will also reveal what happened to Deputy and Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5 and allow players to control a variety of new vehicles and weapons.

14 Coming: Rage 2

via: trustedreviews.com

After the world's hit by an asteroid and everyone is turned into crazed mutants, the last ranger, Walker, must explore the open world and try his best to survive. Set 30 years after the original, Rage 2 will include characters from the previous game while expanding on the Rage universe.

The graphics look colorful and will continue the zany feel of the previous game.

This one will be an action-packed affair with vehicular combat introduced along with new weapons and power-ups to keep fans keen.

13 Rumored: Wild

via: expertreviews.co.uk

Taking you back to the prehistoric Neolithic period (around 10,000–2,500 BC), Wild finds players taking control of a neanderthal human as you attempt to survive in a world full of animals ready to eat you.

Players can control smaller animals during the game, and when they do, they see things from the animals perspective, be it a fish swimming underwater or a bird flying through the air. Release date wise there hasn't been much information lately, so 2019 might be a little wishful thinking.

12 Coming: The Outer Worlds

via: gameplaying.info

Obsidian Entertainment's latest project is the ambitious open-world game The Outer Worlds. This old school RPG is set in an alternative future where mega-corporations have created two new colonies for humans to live on in a faraway star system.

You awake on board the second ship after a 70-year delay and must choose what to do next. The gameplay has been likened to TellTale's The Walking Dead and should offer science fiction fans an exciting outer space experience.

11 Coming: Metro Exodus

via: polygon.com

The third game in the Metro series based on the popular novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Exodus is set in Russia during 2036. The earth has been devastated by a nuclear war and players take control of 28-year-old Artyom who is attempting to head east to find a better life.

As with previous games you will encounter mutant humans in this survival horror adventure as you make the trek across the country. Players are able to customize weapons from materials they find and the introduction of a dynamic weather system that changes as the story progresses should add to the overall feel of the game.

10 Rumored: Code Vein

via: polygon.com

Post-apocalyptic settings seem to be a standard when it comes to open-world games and Code Vein is another in this mold.

This time it's not zombies or mutants you're up against but vampires.

Inspired by the Dark Souls games, players take control of Veins, vampire-like creatures with superpowers known as the gift. You must fight demonic creatures called the Lost with help from AI-controlled characters in an anime-styled world. Big things expected.

9 Coming: Biomutant

via: youtube.com

The chance to take control of a raccoon creature in a world full of mutated creatures is all I need to know to get excited about Biomutant. This is another open-world game where every decision you make affects the outcome of the game, with players able to upgrade their armour and weaponry by completing various missions and tasks.

There's also a Karma system where how you treat non-playable characters impacts how they react to you. Treat them well, and they will help you along the way, do the opposite and you might find yourself with a few more enemies.

8 Coming: Days Gone

via: pushsquare.com

Another zombie game, Days Gone finds players taking control of biker turned bounty hunter Deacon St. John in another post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies.

Similar to Metro Exodus, Days Gone has a unique weather system where the zombies, known as "Freakers," are weak and slow during the day but fast and aggressive at night. You can use stealth to make your way through the world or draw your weapons and go in all guns blazing, with a plethora of weapons available as you make your way through the decaying world.

7 Rumored: Halo Infinite

via: ign.com

As much as I'd like to see this one get a release this year I'm not holding my breath. This might actually be a good thing after the mixed reception Halo 5 received due to its poor single-player campaign.

Halo Infinite is set to once again focus on Master Chief with another huge world for gamers to explore. It's believed a new game engine is being created for Infinite which could lead to improved gameplay, graphics, and overall gaming experience.

6 Coming: Shenmue 3

via: forbes.com

The Japanese are masters at RPGs and Shenmue 3 is the latest in a long line of awesome games from the home of the rising sun. The game continues teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki's quest to find his father's killer in 1980s China.

This one will no doubt feature a beautifully rendered world with plenty of non-playable characters to interact with as you follow the clues to find your father's murderer. This third game in the series is going to include three new areas to explore as well as plenty of old characters making a return.

5 Coming: Generation Zero

via: store.steampowered.com

With a plot similar to The Terminator franchise, machines have risen up and invaded Sweden during the 1980s. Using guerilla tactics you must fight back against this man-made enemy while trying to discover why this is happening.

You can play by yourself or with three friends as you try and evade the many different machines wreaking havoc in the this wonderfully created open world.

If it's anything like the trailer then Generation Zero could be one of the surprise packets of 2019.

4 Rumored: The Last Of Us 2

via: gamespot.com

This is one game we've been waiting forever, since it was first announced in December of 2016. While there isn't much information about the game we do know Ellie is now the main protagonist and struggling to survive in a world full of zombies.

The footage released so far looks amazing and although there is no sign of Joel, it's believed he will feature in the game in some way. As long as the storyline is as gritty and involving as the original, The Last Of Us 2 is going to be a must play.

3 Coming: Beyond Blue

via: engadget.com

Fans of The Blue Planet will be all over this nature adventure game from E-Line Media.

Taking place deep down in the ocean depths, you must navigate the open waters as you try to discover what's underwater.

This game isn't for those looking for action, with the slow pace and educational elements making it ideal for young gamers and those who want to learn more about the ocean and how we can preserve it.

2 Coming: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

via: polygon.com

A video game where you play as a one-armed shinobi on a revenge mission against the samurai clan who chopped off your arm and took your lord sounds amazing. What's even more outstanding is that the missing arm has been replaced with a prosthetic one which contains various gadgets you can use against your enemies, including a grappling hook.

The game has all this and more, with the action-adventure game featuring elements of stealth and full frontal combat during Japan's Sengoku period.

1 Rumored: Cyberpunk 2077

via: engadget.com

Of all the games with a possible 2019 release, this is the one we want to play the most. Cyberpunk 2077 mixes the aesthetic of Blade Runner with the gameplay of Shadowrun into a massive open-world action-adventure game set in a futuristic American megacity where people modify their bodies with technology and violence is a way of life.

There's not a lot of info surrounding the actual plot, but the footage released so far promises an engaging cyberpunk experience that could do down as one of the greatest gaming experiences of the decade.

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