Ori And The Blind Forest Has A Hefty Switch Demo

With four days left until the launch of Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch, fans have the opportunity to take the game for an early spin thanks to a well-made demo that can be downloaded in the eShop right now.

The game looks to be a real treat for all players, veterans of the series and newcomers alike. Ori and the Blind Forest has won several prestigious awards for its gameplay, storytelling, and engaging art style, and is a title that fans have been requesting for quite some time.

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The demo has been available for only a short while now, but so far, the consensus appears to be favorable. This writer has already pre-purchased the game, and the demo soothed any concerns of how the port would translate to the less-powerful hardware of the Nintendo Switch. When in the dock, the game looked fantastic and seemed to offer a smooth 60fps. In handheld mode the game still looked and played great, with no issues standing out. This coincides with the vision outlined by Thomas Mahler, the Game Director for the port, who states that players should expect 1080p and 60fps in docked mode, and 720 and 60fps in handheld mode.

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The graphical performance of the Switch demo feels like a nice jump from only a few years ago, when some PC users reported stuttering and input lag when playing the game on their PCs, or when trying to stream to their Steam Link with a dedicated line. If the final game works as well as the demo, players are in for a real treat.

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For those unfamiliar with this classic title, Ori and the Blind Forest is a challenging platform-adventure, commonly referred to as a Metroidvania, and is developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft Studios.

Players have been looking forward to a release of Ori and the Blind Forest for quite some time, thought some doubted if it would ever see a port over to the Nintendo Switch since it began as a Microsoft exclusive title. When Cuphead, another Xbox and Microsoft exclusive that never received a PlayStation 4 port, suddenly appeared on the Nintendo Switch, it seemed that anything was possible.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition launches on September 27. Be sure to try out the demo, as it is a fantastic trip down memory lane, and might be that final push one needs to make the purchase.

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