25Honorable Mention — Characters You Kept Hoping For A Chance "With" But Never Got Aboard

Sebastian may have been your Hawke’s true love, but you’re out of luck if you expect things to be consummated. Lace Harding may have charmed your socks off, but the awk-dorable dwarf never gets beyond going on a date with you, which happens only in reference. Did you fall

for Felicia Day’s elven incarnation, Tallis? Well, you can flirt, but don’t expect much else. Vivienne seems to be screaming potential-love-interest, but try and you’ll find out she’s in love with someone else. Maybe you asked Kaitlyn of Redcliffe for a kiss as payment for saving her brother’s life (you’re a bad person and you should feel bad if you did this), but that’s all you’re getting. No matter how you try, you just can't pursue a full romance with these characters. It’s good writing that not every romance is treated the same way, but damn does it suck when you’re gunning for someone and it doesn’t pan out in one of these games.

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