Original Stitch Pokémon Shirts Are Coming To North America And Europe

Pokemon Original Stitch Cover

The Pokémon Company recently announced several new smartphone apps and games that will be released in the future, which was topped off with the crucial announcement of the Original Stitch Pokémon shirts receiving a worldwide release.

The Pokémon Company held a press event called the Pokémon Business Strategy Announcement, which was broadcast worldwide on Twitch and YouTube. The conference announced new projects, such as a sequel to the Detective Pikachu video game on Nintendo Switch, a mobile game called Pokémon Sleep that rewards the player for sleeping, a new battle game called Pokémon Masters which uses prominent trainers from throughout the series, and a replacement for Pokémon Bank called Pokémon Home that can be used with a smartphone.

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The last announcement made by The Pokémon Company during their event was that the Pokémon-themed shirt designs made by Original Stitch would be receiving an international release. Original Stitch has a line of casual, formal and Hawaiian shirts for both men and women that are based on the original 151 Pokémon from Pokémon Red & Blue. It's possible to mix and match the designs of each Pokémon to create a custom shirt.


It's possible to import Original Stitch Pokémon Shirt from the online store, but this is an expensive prospect. If the shirts become available from local retailers, then this will hopefully make them cheaper to purchase.

There is currently a nostalgia boom going on for Pokémon Red & Blue and there are people who would gladly pay top dollar for high-quality shirts bearing the original 151 Pokémon. The Pokémon Company has teamed up with other clothes designers in the past to bring unique Pokémon-themed clothes to stores, such as with companies like Uniqlo, but the ones created by Original Stitch offer a range of formal Pokémon shirts. If there ever happens to be a Pokémon-themed wedding going on, then Original Stitch is offering the most appropriate attire than any guest could hope to find.

The Pokémon Shirts by Original Stitch will be available in Europe and North America in the future.

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