Original Xbox Games Come To Xbox One Backward Compatibility

The first original Xbox game to come to Xbox One will be Crimson Skies.

Microsoft has done it again by bringing original Xbox games back to play on Xbox One.

The news broke during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, with Xbox chief Phil Spencer announcing that original Xbox games will be rolled into the Backward Compatibility program.

The program originally began in 2015 with making Xbox 360 games compatible with the Xbox One’s hardware. 385 titles have been made to work, with most games receiving a performance boost when played on the Xbox One’s beefier specs. Over half of Xbox One users have played a previous generation game, making it an extremely popular feature.

"Our team of engineers are working hard to bring us some of your favorite original Xbox games to today's Xbox One library,” Spencer said during the event. By bringing original Xbox games to the latest console, Microsoft hopes to tap into a growing market of nostalgic gamers eager to replay old titles and relive classic gameplay moments.

Much like the Xbox 360, Phil proclaims that original Xbox games will "look better and play better across the Xbox One family."

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So far there’s only been one Xbox game announced that will be brought to the Xbox One, but it’s a classic game beloved by fans: Crimson Skies.

Originally released in the year 2000 for PC, and later ported to Xbox, Crimson Skies takes place in an alternate history where air travel supplanted cars as the defacto method of transportation, and the United States broke into numerous smaller countries. Players become aerial mercenaries as they take jobs for various corporations and heads of state, upgrading their arsenal of aircraft along the way.


Although critically well received, Crimson Skies was never a large commercial success, but it did receive a cult following of those enchanted by its 1930s charm and outlandish use of zeppelins. It was perhaps best remembered for its outstanding voice acting, especially for a game of its era.

The version brought to Xbox One will be the Xbox version, titled Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, which features a slightly different story and additional content over the PC version.

There was no date given on when the program will be launched, but expect to see Xbox games become available on Xbox Arcade later this year.

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