25 Out There Versions Of Your Favorite Cartoon Movie Characters

Not For Kids has a couple of interpretations. Whether that is an utterly spooky version of Pikachu or an unexpectedly adult drawing of Marge Simpson, this article has it all. Now, this is a warning to all readers that if you are highly susceptible to having your childhood ruined, then... you should venture forward anyway. It's time to expand your horizons and break out of your comfort zones. We all know those cartoons that have those subtle inappropriate jokes. We all know the episode on Spongebob where everyone's favorite patty flipper inflates a strange rubber balloon with his mouth for some reason... or that Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life worked at an adult phone hotline. I would not think there is much of a market for phone conversations with large-eyed wallabies, but then again, the 90s were a different era. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of "not for kids" deal we have here.

For this, I have plucked several artist renditions of classical cartoon movie characters imagined... in a different light. However, for being in a different light, a lot of these are pretty crazy... Half will leave you going "WHOA!" The other half will leave you going "WHOOOOOA!" If you could intuit my intended inflections on those two written whoas, I applaud you. You seem to be a good candidate to read this article cover to cover!

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25 That's No Dog...

via: pinterest.com

Stitch was so cute and sweet in Lilo & Stitch. So cute, in fact, that people actively ignored his blue fur and staunchly denied the possibility that he was maybe the result of 626 science experiments and not a puppy. However, this rendering shows the much less Disney (but also the much more probable) outcome of what a creature like Stitch would be capable of if it existed in real life. I bet Myrtle regrets messing with Lilo now... Ohana means family, and family means if you are mean to my home girl, I will come for you. Certainly not appropriate for kids and arguably not appropriate for anyone who wants to ever enjoy Lilo & Stitch ever again.

24 Those Pheromones

via: deviantart.com

My mom warned me not to roll in poison ivy as a child. Perhaps I can make an exception just this once. This version was found on Deviantart. A movie with this kind of Poison Ivy in it would definitely not be for kids. As you may know, Poison Ivy's thing is that she not only controls plants, but she is also a bit of a temptress, who uses pheromones to get men to do her bidding. Well, I just gotta say, a Poison Ivy that looks like this definitely would succeed in those endeavors without the use of pheromones. This Poison Ivy has us itching, but not in the way you think. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put I & V next to M & E. Okay that one was a stretch, I'll see myself out.

23 No Wonder He's So Sad...

via: deviantart.com

A Dennis Carlsson original shows us just how talented he is and how weird his imagination is. This one is gross, but it's also insanely impressive and clever. Eeyore has many bulbous pustules that look as if they would spew acid upon the slightest pin prick. The sheer grossness of his eyes is something else. Eeyore has come a long way since The Heffalump Movie. He should probably get that checked out, but I guess it's hard to find a good doctor over in the Hundred Acre Wood. At least, that's what we've heard. We've never actually been there ourselves.

22 Oh, Deer

via: x-zelfa.deviantart.com

What happens when two adult deer get together when they're older? Well, you know. As we saw in the movie, Bambi had to fight off another suitor to win the heart of his beloved. But he did win, and this beautiful girl-deer is all his. So, obviously, the next step is to probably keep the deer population going. Bambi seems to be quite into his wife (do deer get married?) and we're a little worried about what's going to happen in the frame right after this... but yeah. Enjoy this photo of two totally innocent deer hanging out together in a normal way.

21 Tiger Mom

via: deviantart.com

Tony the Tiger's trophy wife perhaps? Nope, this is an article about cartoon movie characters that are not for kids. I was going to do '25 "Not For Kids" Versions of Your Favorite Cereal Mascot's Spouses', but could only find 24 pictures, so my work was all for naught. This is Master Tigress of the Furious Five, the ultimate kung fu team from Dreamworks's Kung Fu Panda, the critically acclaimed animated movie and objectively the best film ever released. This version imagines Tigress with a little more appeal... which is not something you would think a tiger should have, yet, here she is. Perhaps that is why I could not find the artist's name, because they did not want to answer the question, "What inspired you to draw a curvy tiger?"

20 Good Luck Sleeping

via: mw-z.deviantart.com

If this thing was my neighbor, I would move planets. This creepy version of Totoro is brought to us by mw-z. This utterly scary Totoro is etched forever in my mind. It is the first thing I see when I close my eyes at night and is the first thing I see standing at the foot of my bed when I wake up. The memory of that unsettling smile will remain for an eternity. Though it may seem as if Totoro's mouth is larger than life, it is actually an optical illusion. Totoro has no jaw and can thus open its mouth infinitely wide to devour buildings or even universes. Kind of like a fuzzy Galactus. Once his beady eyes are affixed to you, there is nothing you can do to stop him from swallowing you whole.

19 Dude's Got Like 19-Pack Abs

via: deviantart.com

X- Men: Origins should be rated higher for the shots of a more chiseled version of the already impossibly chiseled body of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. This insanely sensual version of Wolverine must never touch the eyes of our youngest and most impressionable. How do you even get abs like that? It has got to be something, right? Along with that stare, I do not think this version of Logan could be released to the public in general, let alone kids. This looks like a character from a different kind of film, if you catch my drift. Skeleton and abs of steel (adamantium to be technically correct) is not something this world is ready for. Steven H. Garcia of Deviantart, what have you done???

18 Snow Wight

via: mind-exchange.com

This evil version of Snow White, which I have so cleverly deemed, Snow Wight, is truly a sight to behold. Even if you ignore the terrifying faces of the dwarves (good luck ignoring them by the way), it's a bit unsettling that the apple seems to be levitating. I have to wonder what's happened to Snow here. Is this new version of her the repercussions of what the Queen has done to her? Is she actually the villain here? Or is she just so done with her life that she's decided to sic her rather large group of small men on other people? I guess there's really no way for us to know.

17 Get Smurf'd

via: champlooremix.deviantart.com

Smurfette has always been a bit of an anomaly. The only girl in the Smurf village, it's got to be a bit weird living your life surrounded by a bunch of guys, especially not when the guys are all a bit strange. That being said, she's somehow done a good job of becoming a well-adjusted person, so it's not surprising that a grown-up version of her would look a bit like this. She's kind of sweet, still, in an alluring way. I'm sure that she's probably fighting all the guy Smurfs off with a stick, since she's got no competition for their affections. Actually, that doesn't sound so bad! She probably gets a lot of special treatment for doing absolutely nothing.

16 If Simba Met Scar's Fate

via: kris9tena.deviantart.com

This comes as no surprise honestly. This is life in the pridelands. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there (lion-eat-lion?) and a lion's gotta do what a lion's gotta do. A hippopotamus could quite easily nibble a wayward lion cub, so it's important to grow up and be careful. Hippos have a bite strength of 2,000 pounds per square inch. Dwight Schrute-esque rant aside, this one is creepy. Simba just looks... evil here. Is this what would happen if he was the villain of the movie, instead of Scar? We definitely wouldn't want to mess with this guy. He can keep the pridelands; we'll just move to the jungle with Timon and Pumbaa instead.

15 I'd Let Her Frame Me

via: deviantart.com

I think Jessica Rabbit might have been the first thing to come to a lot of our minds when we see the title of this article. Jessica Rabbit is easily one of the most not-for-kids kids movie characters in history. So, seeing her on this list should not come as a shock to anyone, and I felt obligated to do so, as she is a prime example of a not for kids cartoon character. Heck, this version of her was not even necessary to make her not for kids; the original version did that pretty well. There was always a very adult feeling associated with her, but to be fair, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? does not seem targeted at kids alone, nor is it fully animated. All that aside, the art of this one is very well done. All credit to Deviantart user shikami.

14 Shrekmare

via: freakingnews.com

While this is certainly a disturbing image of Shrek, it still comes in second place to the events of a certain viral video entitled "Shrek is love. Shrek is life." However, I can't actually show the contents of said video, but ya know... Google exists if you are interested. Getting screamed at by a giant ogre and then having that same ogre's eyes turn into mouths, which also start screaming at you, is just downright scary. That would easily make any kid wet their pants. Or any adult. Fun tip: look at this while imaging him yelling "Get out of mah Swamp!" to enjoy your day ever so slightly more. This is the definition of a Shrekmare.

13 Don't Call Her Cute

via: chill13.deviantart.com

Man, the Zootopia Police Department really needs to screen their employees more effectively. Officer Judy Hopps is clearly a good person at heart, but even she isn't immune from turning "savage" the same way other characters in her movie did. This crazed version of Officer Hopps would certainly not make a great addition to a Zootopia sequel. Well, I guess that is what happens when justice could not be brought to Mayor Lionheart. Judy had to take the law into her own hands... paws? Seems a bit extreme, no? Chill13 brings us this unsettling rendition. We don't need to explain why this isn't good for impressionable kids.

12 The Bunny Kids Shouldn't Look

via: pinterest.com

She's known for shooting hoops on the courts, but today our favorite bunny is taking on a different role. Lola Bunny is another one of those characters like Jessica Rabbit that people were weirdly attracted to for a cartoon. What is it with cartoon rabbits on this list, though? Even in Space Jam, before seeing this version of Lola Bunny, there was still a strange aura about her. The artist exacerbates this strange, unusual fact even more with his very interesting version of Lola Bunny. This would very obviously be an... interesting version to include in a child's cartoon movie, but I would advise it be left for the creeps that dwell in the seedy underbelly of the internet.

11 Turning The Blue Corn Moon Red

via: deviantart.com

The white man came the first time and look what happened then... the second time? Pocahontas says heck no. This summer, Pocahontas is Pocahaunted by her past... and this time, she is upset! They tried to take her culture. They tried to take her land. So she took their skulls! As they begged for mercy, she ignored their cries. As they tried to flee, she sicced her friend Meeko after them. And let us just say, they did not get very far before the rodent did them in, which probably led to a nasty viral infection. Grandmother Willow looked on in a sinister manner. The normally peaceful tree did nothing... just watched with a ghoulish grin. I found this crazy image on Deviantart. Perhaps I should not have ventured there.

10 Let Ya Hair Down

via: feardakez.deviantart.com

Possibly the most famous cartoon mom in America, Marge Simpson, has now been shown in a very different light. This was done by FearDakez, an artist on Deviantart, and it shows Marge in a role that's very different from what we're used to seeing from her. Gone is the housewife, and instead we have this awesome girl who's ready to kick some bottom and get things done! She's done in the style of Lara Croft, and I think that's totally fitting for a character who carries an entire (dysfunctional) family on her back. This is one Marge we don't want to mess with, and we hope that when the time comes, she'd be on our side.

9 The Unhappiest Place On Earth

via: deviantart.com

Alright, okay. Soooo... who wants to eliminate Mickey Mouse with me? I mean, look at this thing! This crusty sewer rat with one and a half shoes (and ears) and cataracts too, I guess, needs to be ended. If you can't get rid of this with fire, which is probably the best course of action, we could maybe just... forget that it exists. Or perhaps a more Disney solution a la Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove would be to turn him into a flea, put the flea in a box, put that box into another box, mail it to myself, and SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER! And who else brings us this scary rat but Dennis Carlsson?

8 With All The Strength Of A Raging Fire

via: deviantart.com

Adult can mean many different things, as you've already seen throughout this crazy list! We've already witnessed a zombie Disney princess, so let's move to the other end of the spectrum and check out a rather hardcore Disney princess instead. This whip-carrying Mulan is certainly interesting, and Mulan does fight in one of the very few times in history where a whip would be a decently effective weapon. You know, maybe this bodes well for Mulan 3. Most of the Mulan fans who were kids when the original film was released are all adults now. I am sure they would definitely enjoy this take. So, there you have it. Bad for kids, but good for adults. Props to IsaiahStephens for this one.

7 Let's See You Mock Minions Now

via: deviantart.com

Perhaps the one, singular thing more polarizing in the world than politics are minions. Some will say they are annoying and should be destroyed in every form they come. Some will say they are cute, funny, and would do anything for these little guys. I usually fall on the pro-minion side. But once I saw this, I had to switch sides, because good god is this just scary. What was once sleek, smooth, indestructible, evolutionarily engineered skin now looks like a wrinkly elbow. And that is the kindest way I could put it. I guess this minion bred with a great white shark too, because those teeth are way too sharp for an organism whose diet consists entirely of bananas. And who else delivered this creepy creation, other than Dennis Carlsson?

6 No Clever Title, Just Pure... Whatever This Is

via: pinterest.com

Out of the entire list, this is one of the scariest and least-for-kids items because it looks so realistic. This is easily what a cursed, possessed, and demonic 15th-century puppet that is stored in your parents' attic would look like. What passed as acceptable for some reason in the 1600s is absolutely unsettling and the starring role of every modern child's nightmares. Older things are always creepy, man, I don't know. I found this on Knott's Scary Farm's Wiki page. I did not get much more information on what it is there for, but I did, however, confirm that I will never ever be going there, as this is easily the most terrifying thing I have seen in my life. And that's including Rebecca Black's song, Friday.

5 Childhood Ruined... Or Made?

via: deviantart.com

I am torn about this one. On the one hand, I admire Elastigirl and seeing her portrayed and arguably demeaned like this when she is so much more makes me facepalm a little (a lot). On the other hand, you all have seen The Incredibles. You all have seen those hips. It is not much of a surprise that this Deviantart user went for this kind of a shot with this kind of backward-facing pose. If you have not heard, after 15 years of waiting, we are finally getting Incredibles 2. What would you say is the likelihood of Elastigirl being like this in the movie? Highly unlikely? Yes, probably not going to happen, but we can all still dream. Either way, I think this one is incredible.

4 That Bear Is Not Googly At All

via: twitter.com

This version of Mike Wasowski is what I would imagine the real inhabitants of Monsters Inc. would look like if not animated for kids. In the movie, Mike is notoriously not scary, and serves more as the comic relief of the film. But seeing him in this light makes it hard to see how he does blow Randall and Sully out of the water for the top scare record. If you saw this foggy eyed, decrepit mawed, glaucoma having, eye-drop-needing monster come out of your closet with that look on his face, you would be Usain Bolting out of that house without a doubt. Though, we do kind of feel bad for him, if he's actually blind like he says he is...

3 Pikachu Used Dream Eater!

via: benhickling.deviantart.com

I promise everyone this is the last zombie on this list, but it's too good not to include. So here it is, what I can only imagine is a Mike Wazowski/Pikachu hybrid that is certainly never going to see screen time in a Pokémon movie as long as we live. The detail in this is uncanny. There's just something inherently unsettling here, and I think it lies in that darn eyeball and the way it's staring at us. Perhaps even more disturbing would be the creepy nails he gave Pikachu. Everything here is just so antithetical to the cute little electric mouse we all grew up with. Thankfully, this isn't how he was actually designed!

2 Goofy Flexin' On The Gram

via: jonnygallo.deviantart.com

No, YOU googled "Adult Goofy" today! It was only for research purposes, I promise. I definitely did not have this picture before writing this. For a moment, I would like everyone to stop anything they are multi-tasking with and sit back, close your eyes, and imagine this. Think Magic Mike, but instead, it is Magic Goof. How many ladies out there would take a dance from buff Goofy? He really is quite the entertainer, and once he hits the stage and gets you feelin' him, he will have you saying, "Garsh, hyuck!" I would like to think that this is not even an altered version of Goofy. I think he has always been packing heat, but we have just never seen him shirtless. Thanks to jonnygallo for providing this penciling of something I never knew I wanted to see so bad.

1 The Batman Who Laughs

via: pinterest.com

This alternate-universe version of Batman is called The Batman Who Laughs. He's from an actual DC comics series titled, you probably guessed it, "The Batman Who Laughs." While the above art does look like professional cover art for a comic book issue, this is actually done by a fan and posted online. This version is really amazing, and I could not tell that it was not from the makers of the actual comic. This psychotic Batman-Joker hybrid is hard enough to look at in the comics, but this version somehow one-ups it. I would like to think he is so crazy that he is about to treat that bat the way Ozzy Osbourne would. Considering he has spikes for eyes, I would think it safe to say that he is indeed that crazy.

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