Epic Wins The Outer Worlds As Its Latest Exclusive

Epic Games has just fired off yet another salvo in its war against Steam -- and if you’ve been following the ongoing battle, then you probably know that means yet another exclusive title.

This time, it’s the game that’s not quite Fallout but was made by the Fallout guys, Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds. The game has been highly anticipated by RPG fans for quite some time, but if you were looking to buy it from Steam, then you’re sadly out of luck.

The game was announced as an exclusive by Epic during its 2019 GDC keynote. The company is joining forces with Private Division, a subsidiary of 2K Games, to release The Outer Worlds on the Epic Games Store. Technically the game will be available elsewhere on PC, as the game will come out on the Microsoft Store. Obsidian is currently owned by Microsoft, so that’s not really a surprise.

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The Outer Worlds isn’t the only new Epic exclusive, however, as it has gobbled up a whole bunch of new games. Control, the latest game from Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy, will also launch on the Epic Games Store. The Sinking City, Industries Of Titan, Afterparty, Ancestors: The Humankind Ancestry, and the lovably insane games of David Cage and Quantum Dream will also all be exclusively available from Epic’s storefront. They join the newly released (and surprisingly quite good) The Division 2 and Metro: Exodusamong others.

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Epic also announced that it will be partnering with Humble Bundle. Keys for Epic Games Store titles and even exclusives can be purchased from Humble for redemption. The two companies will even allow gamers to link their Humble and Epic accounts together as part of their new agreement.

Epic is coming in very strong against Steam. Several of these games were scheduled to come out on Steam, and now will avoid the biggest PC game marketplace in favour of Epic and its more lucrative revenue split. Steam will eventually get these games, but until a full year after their release.

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So far, Valve hasn't reacted much to Epic attempting to steal its business. You have to figure that if the mass exodus of games (including Metro:Exodus) from Steam continues, eventually it is going to have to do something to retaliate. Otherwise, the threat of becoming the #2 games store on PC could become a reality.

The Other Worlds still doesn't have an official release date, although if previous leaks are anything to go by, then sometime around August 6, 2019 seems very plausible. The game is scheduled to release on Ps4, Xbox One, and on PC as long you're buying from Epic or Microsoft.

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