5 Reasons The Outer Worlds Is Better Than Fallout New Vegas (& 5 Why New Vegas Is Better)

Obsidian's two fantastic RPGs share a great deal in common, but in what ways do The Outer Worlds and Fallout: New Vegas surpass each other?

The Outer Worlds is better than anyone could have possibly imagined. What is really great about it is that this is exactly what lapsed Fallout fans have been looking for since New Vegas as some view Fallout 4 as a step back. Let’s not even mention the ongoing disaster that is Fallout 76.

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This made us curious as to which game is actually better. The Outer Worlds improves upon a lot of New Vegas’ downfalls, but it also doesn’t quite hit the same highs. Below we break down what each game did best. At the end of the day, they are both great works from Obsidian Entertainment.

10 Companions: The Outer Worlds

Companions in The Outer Worlds actually feel like real people. It’s not that we didn’t enjoy the company of our compatriots in New Vegas, but they didn’t have the heart that everyone does in The Outer Wilds.

In this sense, it is more along the lines of a Mass Effect than it is a Fallout successor, which is excellent. Furthermore, being able to bring more than one along for a job helps out in combat and in dialogue choices.

9 Surviving The Apocalypse: New Vegas

The companions do have a drawback. They make the game easy no matter the difficulty setting. Sure, one can go at it alone, but that sort of defeats the purpose of what this game is trying to do. One can be a lone gun, star explorer, but it is more fun with companions to flesh out the world.

On the other hand, New Vegas can be really tough for those wanting to really draw on the realism of surviving in the apocalypse. There is literally a hardcore mode to do that and it is indeed extreme.

8 Environmental Variety: The Outer Worlds

Surviving in the wastelands of New Vegas can be fun in its own way, but the environment and the idea of survival are also pretty depressing.

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That’s why we loved the variety in The Outer Worlds. Sure, a lot of the planets and colony houses do tend to look the same, but that aside, what we really value most are the colors. It is a vibrant masterpiece like one of those old pulp novels from the 1950s.

7 An Actual Open World: New Vegas

The many planets and space stations one can explore in The Outer Worlds provide a great variety. However, there isn’t much in the realm of discoverability. That is to say, roaming around the open-world of a desolate New Vegas was a lot more enjoyable. Being able to explore at one’s leisure is freeing. It is the exact reason why Skyrim and the Fallout games are so popular.

Well, one of many reasons. Wanting to find out what’s around that next corner just doesn’t have the same effect in The Outer Worlds.

6 Weapons: The Outer Worlds

Both games have a ton of weapons. That much is true and their variety is also pretty rich. However, we found that The Outer Worlds has a tiny leg up on New Vegas. The biggest reason is science weapons.

We don’t want to spoil them all here, but they are wild, to say the least. One of the earliest that can be obtained is a literal shrink ray. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

5 Factions: New Vegas

One of the biggest things missing in The Outer Worlds is the factions. Technically, they are represented as corporations versus everyone else, but these only play out in small scenarios on each planet. There really isn’t a big group linking everything together like in New Vegas.

They honestly made the world in that game a lot richer. Furthermore, being able to definitively choose a side was a cool process in the story that opened up many proverbial doorways for many alternate playthroughs.

4 Graphics: The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds actually doesn’t look that much different graphically from New Vegas. There is clearly a difference when viewed side by side, but at the same time, The Outer Worlds looks like it could have come from the last generation of consoles like New Vegas.

That is not to say it looks bad because, as previously mentioned, we loved the varied locales and vibrant colors. In this case, the fact The Outer Worlds only wins by a margin is the point.

3 Skills: New Vegas

Leveling up never feels good in The Outer Worlds because, again, it is pretty easy. On top of that, getting a skill every other level isn’t that exciting in terms of what one can choose.

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On the other hand, we had an awful time deciding what to choose in New Vegas, because there were actually too many great choices. Plus, we loved seeing everything represented by a Pip-Boy aesthetically.

2 Comedy: The Outer Worlds

New Vegas isn’t devoid of humor. There are some comical elements like the idea that a gang in the world decided to become all Elvis impersonators. That is rich! That said, on the whole, The Outer Worlds is consistently funnier.

It’s really hard to make a game where humor is a focus and wants to please everyone. Just look at Borderlands 3 as an example of how not to do it. The point is The Outer Worlds has snappy dialogue and in turn, is smartly written.

1 Monsters: New Vegas

This may be because the game is easy, but we never felt threatened in The Outer Worlds by enemies, be they human or supernatural. All of the creatures specifically just feel like knock-off versions from the Fallout universe.

For example, akin to Deathclaws, the Primals are the worst enemy in the game and yet seeing one still isn’t as terrifying. Perhaps aliens just don’t feel that scary compared to giant scorpions in the desert. We know how annoying an actual scorpion can be given its small size already.

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