Overcooked 2: All The Secret Kevin Levels (And How To Unlock Them)

2016's Overcooked, and its follow-up 2 years later, have fast become known as 2 of the most exciting and deliciously well-crafted co-op party games in recent years. For a party romp that at first resembles a glorified Mario Party minigame, Overcooked 2 has an impressive palette of meaty content. It includes even more chefs and fun recipes, a solid online and survival mode, along with a robust campaign. And it's gotten even richer in flavor with its juicy DLC content, including the recently released Night of the Hangry Horde and the free Kevin's Christmas Cracker.

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Speaking of this adorable little dog, Kevin, he's also got some included extra content on the main campaign. You'll simply need to fulfill specific qualifications of various stages, and an additional 8 "Kevin" bonus levels will be open to you. You'll want to roll up your sleeves for these, because most of them are no cakewalk; and just unlocking them can be tricky too.

So with that said, let's go over each Kevin stage, and what you'll need to do to unlock them.

Note: All pictures here show the Kevin stages, not the stages required to unlock them.

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8 Kevin 1: Get Comfortable Now, It Get's Much Tougher!

Naturally, being the first of the 8 Kevin levels, this is the tamest out of the typically frantic bonus stages. You'll find it by veering off the road to the south in World 1 and driving up a couple of ramps to the bone icon atop a hill with a few buildings. The only real curveball you're thrown here is that both chefs will be split off, which forces you to hand off various items from one side of the kitchen to the other.

This is also rather easy to unlock - all you'll need to do is play World 1-3 and knock out two orders in a row, which will notch you the x2 combo required. Keep in mind - these orders will need to be placed in, well, the "order" they're listed (left to right) to successfully chain together combos.

7 Kevin 2: Carnage On The Streets

Opening up this stage is relatively painless - simply string together a combo of 3 (solo) or a combo of 5 (co-op) in World 2-2. Once you've done this, swoop around to the bone icon directly north and east of that stage.

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You'll quickly find things are a bit tenser in Kevin 2, as you and your buddy are dropped into in the middle of the street. But not to worry - there are no cars driving by (not in this stage, at least!). The occasionally rotating 4 platforms can prove a bit jarring at times. Still, as long as you stay sharp, allocate tasks accordingly, and try to anticipate the rotations, landing a 2 or 3-star rank is no sweat.

6 Kevin 3: Going Up!

The "gimmick" of Kevin 3 is that it contains a moving transport you must work with and wait for, which can present some unwanted delays. Thankfully, the lack of steps with most of the orders - mainly steamed shrimp, fish, and steak - takes some of the load off.

You'll need to play 2-4 to unlock it, which is rather easy in its layout, though the abundance of taco orders can get a bit tricky. The requirement this time is a solo score of 600, or a team score of 1000. You'll usually want to have someone handle the steaming, while another focuses more on sauteeing. And be sure to take extra care in knocking these out in order - as the steak, shrimp, and mushroom varieties change on you quite a bit.

5 Kevin 4: Jump In The Fire

To unlock this, you'll need to get cooking in the Harry Potter-themed wizard kitchen of 3-1. A solo score of 450 or a team score of 1,100 is required. You'll want to be swift and sharp with your tasks and coordinate with your teammate. This is because of 3-1's annoying floating tables and emphasis on lengthy baking. It's fairly moderate in difficulty as long as you account for these elements. But luckily combos - and thus higher scores - are relatively easy because of the repeating pizza orders.

Kevin 4 can be rough on account of having to maneuver around pesky embers spat from a central pyre of flames. You may want to have somebody manning the hydrant as the other player manages most of the cooking.

4 Kevin 5: Road-Thrill

Apparently, these chefs thought it would be a fine idea to split up their kitchen on either side of a busy street with cars whizzing by. But not to worry! Thanks to the game's new throwing mechanic, much of the danger is alleviated, and you'll want to use it frequently! Pay no mind to the sanitary issues of chucking meal ingredients from one side of the road to the other!

To unlock this stage, we're going back to combo thresholds, and you'll need to visit 4-3 and achieve a solo combo of 4, or a team combo of 5. This may sound simple, and indeed, you won't have to worry about being as pressed for time here. Still, the food of choice is burgers; some of which have ingredients, so take extra care to assemble and deliver correctly. And for the love of God, be careful traveling across those treacherous conveyer belts!

3 Kevin 6: Conveyer Belt Chaos

If Kevin 5 didn't make you loathe conveyer belts enough in this game, Kevin sure will! Since you've got these moving platforms rolling every which way, you'll want to be aware which ones are pointing where when moving. You'll typically want to "go with the flow" to take advantage of the quicker movement. As the recipes are pretty simple again, navigation is the tricky part - so if you master this, you're in business.

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To unlock this level, go to 4-5 just to the north of Kevin 5, and get ready to deal with - you guessed it! - more conveyor belts. Luckily the game goes easy on you by requiring a solo score of only 400 or a team score of 500. But it's harder than it sounds, since fulfilling just one order will be a long process involving waiting for the conveyors to slooowly transport your dishes.

2 Kevin 7: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

There's no sugarcoating it - this is a tough one to unlock. You'll need to string together a combo of 5 (solo) or 8 (with a team), but the stage required to play, World 5-5, can be quite the headache. Unlike most of these, which can be knocked out with one, or even two people, you're best served knocking this out with 3 or 4. This will be a race against the clock, as you'll need to synchronize cooking with controlling shifting transports - but just be methodical and don't panic.

Kevin 7 itself is thankfully easier, though that's not saying much. It's a pretty open and obstacle-free kitchen, but you will have to be sharp and account for the moving counters flanking the left and right sides. And since you're split off from your teammate, communication is key here.

1 Kevin 8: Don't Let Good Food Go To Waste!

To land the 8th and final Kevin level, you'll need to knock out 6-4 and achieve a combo of 5 if you're solo, or 7 if playing co-op, before going up the hill just to the west. 6-4 can be rough, as you'll have to make do with limited space/countertops, complex orders, and 2 frequently moving platforms of ingredients. Precision and orderly work are favored over speed here since you're going for combos.

Kevin 8 is yet another struggle against conveyor belts, since food will be rolling down the belt at a pretty rapid pace. You'll basically just need to be alert and swift, snatching food that comes your way before it falls in the trash shoot. You'll often have to stop what you're doing and help out your co-chef.

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