Overcooked 2: All The Kevin Levels, Ranked

Since is release in 2016, Team17's Overcooked has become one of the most popular co-op party games to spice up your game night. Its sequel, Overcooked 2, adds to and refines what made the first so delicious. Up to four players take control of chefs in a myriad of strange locations and try to serve up some delicious food. Ideally without burning the kitchen to the ground.

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Overcooked 2 doesn't just feature a whole new campaign, full of new recipes and chefs to unlock. It also has new gameplay modes, like survival, plus a whole bunch of great DLC. But even when you think you've bested all the game has to offer, there might still be some hidden bonus stages you've yet to conquer.

These are the Kevin levels, named for the serious little dog that accompanies King Onion. If you complete certain requirements on specific stages (and sometimes they're tough!) then you unlock these new levels where you make what we can only assume is Kevin's favorite food: steamed buns. And we're ranking each hidden stage.

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8 Kevin 3

The layout of Kevin 3 is one of the most irritating in the entire game. The two levels are connected only by a single elevator, which players can't control at all. That means you have to sit and wait for the elevator to move before you can access the upper floor at all, where the steamers and the all-important chopping boards are.

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Unfortunately the two-level floor plan makes one of Overcooked 2's best new mechanics completely useless. You just can't throw. If you're on the bottom level, those chunks of beef are going to bounce right back at your face. Even worse, if you're trying to throw some chopped food down to your buddies, a lot of the time the ingredients land on top of the boundary wall. Not only does this make them completely inaccessible, but it also seems to imply the kitchen canonically has no roof, which is troubling.

7 Kevin 4

At first glance, Kevin 4 doesn't look too bad. The kitchen seems pretty open, with all the ingredients easily accessibly along the bottom of the screen. But look closer. See how the steamers only have a single tile in front of them? See the raging fire in the middle of the room? That's right, this is a fireball level. Hopefully you have someone to man the fire extinguisher at all times, because those steamers are definitely going to be blocked off by mini infernos just constantly. Don't let those buns burn! That's all we need, more fire.

6 Kevin 2

Kevin 2 is, unsurprisingly, pretty basic. It's probably one of the earliest Kevin levels you'll unlock and doesn't present too much challenge. The kitchen is conveniently located right in the middle of the road, but you don't have to worry about becoming roadkill. The only gimmick for this stage is that the four platforms occasionally rotate. This can be kind of annoying when you're doing prolonged tasks, like chopping or washing dishes, but most of the time it isn't a problem. Just go with the flow and you'll have a tip combo going in no time.

5 Kevin 8

Kevin 8 is hectic, primarily because there just isn't a lot of counter space to work with. Or at least, not a lot of non-moving counter space. As you can see, there are conveyor belts galore, constantly bringing you a supply of fresh ingredients. Unfortunately, the conveyor also separates the two sides of the kitchen, meaning it can be difficult to pass prepared food back and forth. And every conveyor belt ends in a trash can, so be careful not to let that plate of hot fresh buns wind up in the garbage.

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This level is a great test of a team's coordination. You have to be ready to grab whatever your buddy puts on the conveyor belt, otherwise it'll go to waste. Communication is key. Remember, you're all in this together, even if you've been trying to chop this carrot for five minutes and a pink alien keeps throwing carrots at you.

4 Kevin 7

This level can be tough to unlock, since you need to string together a whopping combo of 8 in stage 5-5, where you have to use a joystick to control shifting platforms. But as a reward, you get this uniquely challenging Kevin level. Kevin 7 (that's fun to say) almost completely isolates the two sides of the kitchen, with only a little window in the middle to pass ingredients back and forth. Plus, the counters on the left and right will move between the two halves. Everyone needs to stay on their toes and be ready to pick up the slack when the stations switch.

3 Kevin 6

Kevin 6 is probably the most chaotic bonus stage in the game. Really, just look at those conveyor belts. You have to fight tooth and nail to get from one station to another and just putting cooked food out can be a struggle. You'll probably want a full team of four to take this level on, since everyone can focus on one station. The best part of this level is that it's practically made for chucking food across the room at your teammates. Throw a fish to the chopping station! Toss some beef chunks at the mixers! Be sure to aim carefully though, since you'll probably throw some perfectly good food into the trash by accident.

2 Kevin 1

The very first Kevin level is probably one of the best, just because it does a great job of introducing you to the new stages and recipe. The kitchen is neatly divided into a chopping/mixing station and a cooking/plating station. You'll need to pass raw ingredients and dirty plates back and forth, but the flow of action makes perfect sense. It's also a great way to learn to communicate with your team, especially since you unlock this level so early into the game. Just make sure to call out what you leave on the counter, because it's so easy to lose those mixing bowls.

1 Kevin 5

Remember how Kevin 2 was in the middle of the road? Well this time whoever designed this kitchen at least managed to put it on the sidewalk. On opposite sides of a busy street. You're going to need to dash back and forth across the road, sometimes cradling precious fully-cooked meals, and hope you don't get splatted by an oncoming car.

This might sound frustrating, but honestly there's nothing more hilarious than watching your friends get run down in the street. Throwing ingredients alleviates some of the terror, but someone still has to take that plate of steamed fish to the window. Whoever takes on the role of runner is really the bravest of us.

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