Overcooked 2: 10 Cutest DLC Chefs, Ranked

Overcooked 2 has become a staple party game for a lot of people, and the DLCs have given us downloadable chefs who are just THE cutest.

Overcooked 2 has become a staple party game for a lot of people. Groups everywhere are more than ready to whip out the game and spend several hours yelling at their friends as they try to bake even a single cake correctly. Luckily for its fans, the Overcooked publisher Team17 and the devs at Ghost Town Games have released stacks of DLC that have increased the number of levels and recipes available.

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But who cares about that? What's really important is that these DLC packs contain brand new adorable chefs to play as! There was even a preorder bonus DLC called "Too Many Cooks" that contained five exclusive chefs and nothing more, because Ghost Town Games knows how important those little critters are to us. But which of these downloadable chefs is the cutest? Let's find out!

10 Elf

The Elf Chef appears in the free seasonal DLC "Kevin's Christmas Cracker." The additions include five new levels jam-packed with Christmas cheer as well as three new recipes to scream about: hot chocolate, Christmas pudding, and mince pies. You can unlock this chef by completing the first level of the DLC. There's something cheerfully mischievous about him, with his beady eyes, buck teeth, and pointed ears. We wonder if Santa's workshop is as frantic as these kitchens.

9 Clown

"Carnival of Chaos" is the most recent paid DLC and consists of 15 brand new levels. It also unlocks a variety of new recipes like donuts and hotdogs, pairing them with some new mechanics like combo meals, condiment dispensers and cannons you can shoot yourself out of. In case all that wasn't enough to get your team raring to go, there were also four new chefs released, one of which is the Clown Chef. Maybe we just have a thing for goofy little buck-toothed chefs, but the Clown's freckles and Raggedy-Ann-red hair bring it to a new level.

8 Walrus

The Walrus was one of the chefs released as part of the aforementioned "Too Many Cooks" DLC. There are quite a few aquatic-themed chefs roaming the kitchens of Overcooked 2, but something about the chunky, grandfatherly vibe of the walrus is special. Not only does he have fun tusks, a truly luxurious mustache, and a little pink nose, but the addition of the oversized monocle is inspired. He looks like someone we'd want to read us a bedtime story.

7 Boxhead

The Boxhead Chef is actually a returning character from the original Overcooked and was reintroduced in the paid DLC "Night of the Hangry Horde." It introduced nine new levels, new recipes, and a delightful Halloween vibe, as well as the brand new Horde Mode, where the chefs have to fend off waves of Unbread attacking the castle.

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Boxhead's inclusion alongside chefs like Vampire and Werewolf seems to imply he isn't just a man with a box on his head, but perhaps some kind of box golem, which is extra fun.

6 Year of the Pig

2019 has been the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac, and Overcooked 2 took full advantage of that when releasing their second free update, "Chinese New Year". This lovely little Pig Chef, with her pleasing dark pink color scheme and adorable flower tattoo was one of two new chefs introduced. It also  included seven new kitchens and a couple of recipes, including the hot pot, which forced chefs to move giant pots across the kitchen onto fire pits. It also added a Survival Mode to the game, where every successful dish served adds seconds to a timer.

5 Unicorn

Another addition from the "Too Many Cooks" pack, Unicorn Chef is usually the one you'll see at the front of the DLC's promotional images. And for good reason: she's just so dang cool. Unicorns are pretty cool to begin with, and Overcooked 2 leans into the sparkly appeal by giving her brightly neon striped hair.

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That's to say nothing of her shades, giving her an aloof, untroubled aura. No kitchen is too hot for her to handle. How she holds a knife with those hooves, however, is another question entirely.

4 Beaver

The paid DLC "Campfire Cook Off" is probably the cutest DLC to date, putting all our chefs into the great outdoors and tasking them with cooking recipes like camp breakfasts or delicious s'mores. Even Kevin's dressed for the occasion in his little cap. But it's the Beaver chef we're looking at here and yes, okay, it is another chef with buck teeth. What can we say? It's a choice design decision for making cute critters. However, we think his stand-out feature is his perfectly groomed handlebar mustache he can apparently maintain even out in the wilderness.

3 Stunt

Stunt Chef is the second character we're highlighting from the "Carnival of Chaos" DLC and her design is really fun. She's a disabled stuntwoman zipping around the kitchen in her apparently rocket-powered wheelchair. She's probably the only member of the carnival who's actually qualified to use the cannons everyone keeps launching themselves out of. We particularly like the cute little bandage on her cheek and the way she somberly frown during levels like she's concentrating.

2 Ghost

Another member of the "Night of the Hangry Horde" DLC, the Ghost Chef must have some unfinished business to take care of in the kitchen. Part of the appeal of all the Overcooked characters is their charming round simplicity, but the Ghost takes it a step farther by have almost no facial features whatsoever.

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She's left with just an impenetrable set of glowing yellow eyes, which are spooky and cute in equal measure. We also like the soft blue glow she exudes. Why not give this little specter a chance to haunt your kitchen?

1 Owl

Oh gosh... The Owl Chef just absolutely knocks it out of the park. You unlock him after completing the first level of "Campfire Cook Off" and anyone who doesn't immediately pause the game to switch their chef to him is a monster. His design really gives off a youthful air, like he really is just a scout trying to earn a merit badge in this hectic kitchen. His tiny little beak is perfectly offset by the comically huge glasses he's wearing. And the bit of tape holding the frames together? We have to protect him.

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