Overstep Is "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater But As A Third Person Shooter" With Robots

Overstep, a new 3v3 arena shooter from developer Gamecan, may soon become the free-to-play title that you never knew you needed.

As the title of the article suggests, Overstep is essentially a healthy combination of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Sunset Overdrive, and a dash of Jet Set Radio, all set within the action of a fast-paced, third-person arena shooter.

In Overstep, players are part of a 3-robot team, battling out against a rival team for arena supremacy using acrobatic tactics such as jumping, wall-running, and rail-grinding, while taking out opponents with pinpoint shooting mastery.

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This isn’t just a random arena shooter, either, as Overstep even has its own lore as to how the Overstep competition came to be:

“Set in the year 2354, when humanity has spread to the stars, the vast, lawless frontier created by the rapid expansion has become uncontrollable. Civil unrest becomes too widespread for the G.S.O.P (Global Syndicate of Planets) to control. Joining forces with the galaxy's seven largest corporations, they create a new type of game show called Overstep. A fight to the death, league-based system, Overstep is where the corporations battle to become top of the leaderboards.”

Rather than risking human casualties, the combatants are robots called, “Turing Automaton,” and are controlled by pro gamers from across the galaxy (You!). As players progress through their career and gain experience, their league prestige either rises or falls based on their match wins and losses. Players can also take advantage of completing challenges for additional experience points and credits, which are no doubt Overstep’s in-game currency that can be used for skins and acrobatic animations.

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As mentioned, the game will be free-to-play and will feature in-app purchases. In addition to robot skins and acrobatic animations, modular robot parts will eventually be available for players to truly customize their robots to their individual tastes. No word on whether or not these parts will be purely cosmetic, or have some kind of stat-increasing competitive advantage.

In a word, Overstep looks fun. The high-octane chaos showcased in the gameplay trailer looks similar to the fast-paced build-and-shoot strategies of Fortnite, all contained within a single arena. Overstep is not yet available, but is slated to be released on PC sometime this year. For now, interested players can add the game to their Steam wishlist to be notified when it becomes available.

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