Overwatch 2: 5 Things We're Excited To See (& 5 Things The Game Still Needs)

Overwatch 2 sounds more like a beefy Overwatch expansion, but there are still quite a few features we're absolutely giddy about.

Much to both the surprise and delight of many of the millions of fans worldwide, Blizzard recently announced a brand new sequel to their hit hero-based shooter, Overwatch.

This will seemingly reside somewhere in-between a completely new follow-up and an evolutionary "expansion" of the first game, as it'll coincide with the original OW and will actually share a collective PvP pool with that game. The focus this time will be on all-new PvE missions, in addition to some new stages, heroes, and spruced-up visuals.

Still, while details are still sketchy at best - with even a release date yet to be announced - there have already been at least a handful of neat reveals about Overwatch 2 which have us giddy. Yet, there are still many unaddressed elements and things we'd very much like to see in the game, which have yet to be touched on.

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With that said, let's go over 5 announced elements of OW2 we're super excited to see, and 5 things we're still hoping to be revealed at some point.

10 Needs: Battle Royale Mode

Games like Apex Legends and Fortnite have really shown the awesome potential and appeal of an epic, exciting battle-royale. While a hero-based shooter like Overwatch doesn't tend to mesh with this more equalized style of FPS, in which everyone starts at ground level, Blizzard could certainly make it work.

Something reminiscent of the 3v3 elimination mode in Arcade, or a game similar to solo deathmatch, which limits players to a DPS hero to keep things relatively even, should make for a thrilling face-off. It could take place in a vast arena, which could shrink over time, and upgrades could even be implemented to reward better play in-game. The possibilities with this are endless!

9 Excited To See: Hero Upgrades And Customizations

One of the neatest inclusions of Overwatch 2 has to be the new upgrades and customizations to hero abilities. Now, this will - at least initially - be limited to the PvE missions, as they would grant an unfair advantage over Overwatch 1 players. Still, it'll certainly be neat to take out hordes of Omnics with powers like Tracer's new juiced-up Pulse Bomb Ultimate, "Chain Reaction."

The game's initial trailer also revealed the inclusion of customizable abilities, which will likely include tweakable visual flair for hero Ultimates. This array of personalized features should make for an even more chaotic and dynamic experience in OW2.

8 Needs: Cross-Play

Considering the servers of OW2 will be shared with the original game, it would stand to reason that OW2 should contain cross-play among multiple platforms as well. There is, of course, the issue of the PC setup typically offering the superior experience, leading to some player advantages.

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Still, it would at least make sense to allow for cross-play across the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch servers. This would open the doors for an even more vast pool of potential players, essentially ensuring you won't deal with ghost town lobbies. There is a likelihood Blizzard will ultimately implement this, but as of now, it's just a rumor.

7 Excited To See: Sojourn

With over 30 playable heroes already, there is no shortage of unique characters to choose from when readying for a fight. Still, it's always fun to try out a brand new hero, who brings their own dynamic and playstyle. Overwatch 2 will kick things off with Sojourn, who will apparently be the first Canadian hero in the game.

Based on what little we've seen from the trailer reveal anyway, Sojourn seems to sport a loadout and style similar to Lucio, with perhaps some Soldier 76 mixed in as well. The trailer shows her arms laced-up with what appears to be a rifle and a cannon blaster, suggesting that she'll likely be a DPS-focused hero.

6 Needs: More New Heroes

By the merit of the title alone, Overwatch 2 would seem to be an outright sequel, rather than a marginal expansion or batch of DLC packs. Yet, the fact that we currently only have the reveal of a single new heroin Sojourn (with the potential of the robotic Echo as well), it tends to look more like the latter...

To truly make Overwatch 2 shine through as a true, distinct sequel, it would be nice to see an entire batch of new recruits to the Overwatch and/or Blackwatch squad. Perhaps we could at least kick things off with a couple of heroes that cover each of the 3 major categories - DPS, tank, and support.

5 Excited To See: Spruced-Up Visuals

Aside from the PvE mode, one element that will be a notable evolutionary step for Overwatch 2 is the revamped and enhanced graphics, textures, and character designs. While the sequel will still sport that familiar colorful, light-hearted aesthetic, it'll be cool to see a prettied-up version of this now 3-year-old game.

We'll get to see some more detailed character models, in addition to a new HUD and a significant engine upgrade, which should make for some even more dazzling and smoother gameplay. At the very least, it should provide a refreshing experience.

4 Needs: Level Editor

Given Blizzard's history with level editors in the past, it would make sense to see some sort of level creation tool for Overwatch 2 introduced. Of course, it'd be tough to flesh out the details with all of the assets and intricacies involved in building a functional 3D space, but surely some sort of basic toolkit to create smaller battle arenas could be implemented.

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These would likely have to be limited to non-competitive matches, but it would still be neat to allow them to be swapped with buddies and even used for LAN parties or localized online servers amongst friends.

3 Excited To See: Push Mode

Although the focus of the new OW2 reveals has been on co-op romps and PvE story missions, one of the big announcements was the introduction of Push. This is a more traditional PvP mode that seems to resemble Escort in a sense.

Yet, rather than have one team focus on defending an area while another attacks, this mode will present an equal, pendulum-swinging playing field, centered around a large robot that can be moved by teams controlling the zone near it. Each team will also be given a barricade, which the bot will push towards the opponent's side.

Push looks to offer a fun blend of familiarity and innovation with its new twist of team assaults and escort objectives.

2 Needs: In-Game Items/Weapons

While it's been announced that PvE missions will introduce various items that can be picked up - which will grant boosts like healing and shields - some sort of grabbable items and/or weapons for PvP could really make things interesting. Something similar to Smash Bros Ultimate, which tosses a myriad of game-changing items at you, could add an additional element of chaos and fun.

How about a limited-use blaster of some sort that any hero could pick up, or remote mines that could be used to rig a capture point?

Traditionalists who aren't keen on this addition could still be provided a number of old-school modes that exclude these.

1 Excited To See: Co-Op And Story Missions

While Overwatch has made for a truly fun and exhilarating competitive shooter, one key element it's been lacking is PvE. Sure, we've gotten limited-time events like Junkenstein's Revenge but these are few and far between and don't exactly have a ton of substance.

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One element that Overwatch 2 will seemingly have in spades is an abundance of cooperative missions and full-fledged hero missions. Not only will we get to play with newly introduced upgrades, but we'll get to live out cinematic stories that play an important part in the already rich, expansive lore of Overwatch. These will take place following Winston's call to reunite the Overwatch team.

Though there's still no word as to the specifics of these missions or how many heroes will get their own narrative campaigns, the potential of these more nuanced PvE romps is exciting indeed.

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