Rumor: Overwatch 2 Details Leaked Ahead Of BlizzCon

During Blizzcon last year, Blizzard unveiled Ashe, one of Overwatch’s newer heroes. Twitter user Metro had leaked her existence before she was officially released. This very same user claims to have information on the rumored Overwatch 2.

Rumors of Overwatch 2 started spreading during this past summer. With Metro’s tweets, speculation has been spurred on further. According to their anonymous sources, big changes are coming to the franchise and they’ll be announced at this year’s BlizzCon. This source is the same person that gave him the heads up on Ashe. Metro notes that he was on Twitch talking about Ashe’s abilities a week before BlizzCon and has no reason to doubt his source.

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Apparently, the news will be dropped via a cinematic where Mei is injured and Genji comes in to save the day. It’ll have other characters as well like Tracer and Winston. The Overwatch logo will come up shortly followed by the number "2." It’s possible that Jeff Kaplan will then get on stage to speak further about the game.

The first major change Metro mentioned is that the game will be PvP and PvE. There will also be a new leveling system that will actually affect how heroes are played and can change their abilities. For example, there will be an upgrade to Tracer’s Pulse Bomb. If it gets stuck to an enemy, all opponents close to the target will also be stuck with the bomb. He’s unsure if this will apply to the PvP mode, PvE mode or both. However, this ability sounds incredibly unbalanced so it’s easier to imagine this will be a feature of the PvE mode.

It’s already been said that BlizzCon was planning a huge announcement by Jason Schreier, a news editor at Kotaku. With the #BoycottBlizzard controversy that has still yet to die down, it’s not hard to imagine the company dropping something this big to take away some heat. On Metro’s Twitch stream, he mentioned that the possibility of Overwatch 2 being free to play is likely. Rightly so, he noted that free games like Epic Games’ Fortnite, EA Games’ Apex Legends, and even Blizzard’s own Hearthstone have been very profitable. Only time will tell if all this information is correct.

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