Rumor: Overwatch 2 Has Four More Unannounced Heroes

After the massive announcement of Overwatch 2 was made at Blizzcon, we found out a little more about the highly anticipated sequel. We know that multiple new maps are coming, as well as a co-op story mode, and two new heroes: Echo and Sojourn.

However, Jeff Kaplan, the lead director of the Overwatch franchise, seemed to imply that there would be other heroes that would join the fight alongside this new duo. And, if rumors are true, we may know a little bit about them.

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Game Informer ran a big piece on Overwatch 2 and was shown a PowerPoint presentation with additional details about the title. As mentioned in the article, one of the slides teased the silhouettes of four unrecognizable heroes who may be added in when the game goes live.

Now, these were just the outlines of new characters so there's not much to go on yet. However, Game Informer did have some vague descriptions of the potential new heroes. According to the site, three of the four looked like they could be female. As for the one possible male character, writer Andrew Reiner wrote that it "held a crooked staff, looking somewhat like a wizard, warlock, or voodoo priest." Maybe a Diablo 4 slide got mixed in by accident? There was also a hero who seemed to have an animal companion, and "a giant four-sided weapon" that Reiner described as "similar to the shuriken used by Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII, but much thicker."

When Reiner pressed Kaplan for any more information of this hypothetical future heroes, Kaplan responded with a hilariously abrupt "no." This would seem to indicate that these new members of the Overwatch family may still be early in development and that designs have yet to be finalized. These silhouettes might also not belong to any future heroes and could just be placeholders for now.

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It's interesting that these silhouettes don't resemble any characters who've been introduced in the game's lore and appear to be brand new designs. There are still multiple individuals who have been seen in the various stories in the Overwatch world and have yet to become playable, such as Mauga, the Junker Queen, and the mysterious omnic at the end of this year's Archives event.

We probably won't be getting much more information about these unknown heroes any time soon, as we don't even have a confirmed release date for Overwatch 2 as of yet. Hopefully, some more news will start to trickle out over the upcoming months.

Maybe if we're all super nice to Kaplan, he'll finally cave in and just let us play as the Junker Queen.

Source: Game Informer

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